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  • Welcome to Guest House Paradiso. Guest House Paradiso is a hotel located somewhere in the British countryside. In fact. It is the worst hotel in the United Kingdom. The manager of the hotel is Richie Twat (Rik Mayall) an arrogant sexual predator and his lackey Eddie Ndingombaba (Adrian Edmondson) a drunken idiot. The hotel is heavily understaffed and once the guest check-in, they become desperate to check-out. After Richie abuses Eddie in the kitchen and insults Mr. Johnson (Bill Nighy) and his young mistress Mrs. Hardy (Kate Ashfield). A hapless married couple Mr. and Mrs. Nice (Simon Pegg and Lisa Palfrey) whom are on holiday with their 2 children checks-in and Richie snoops in their suitcases and discovers and tries on Mrs. Nice's rubber bikini and Richie soon targets Gina Carbonara (Helene Mahieu) a beautiful Italian actress whom has checked-in so she can hide away from her abusive husband-to-be Gino Bolognese (Vincent Cassel) whom broke her heart on the night before they were to be wed. But, all hell soon breaks loose when Mr. Nice finds that Mrs. Nice's rubber bikini has been misplaced and he discovers footage of Richie wearing Mrs. Nice's rubber bikini and takes the videotape and threatens to hand it over to the police and have Richie arrested for theft. As Richie and Eddie set out to retrieve the videotape, Gino arrives and angrily confronts Gina about why she ran off and as Richie and Eddie successfully retrieves the videotape. Gino and the guests all fall violently ill with food poisoning and Richie and Eddie both are horrified to learn that the food the guests all ate for supper that has made all the guests sick is radioactive fish and realizing that they unwittingly made all the guests sick, Richie and Eddie panic and they set out to pack their bags and flee from the hotel. Edit



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