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MPAA Rated PG-13 for violence, sexual content, language and brief drug references

Sex & Nudity

  • Some sexual innuendo (including a mild reference to masturbation) and a kiss.
  • A boy and girl jokingly embrace and kiss each other to annoy a woman who's staring at them in disapproval.
  • A girl tells a boy that her father will be gone all night and then they kiss as they take off each other's jackets; before the scene ends, we see their bare shoulders as they stand and kiss.
  • In a few scenes that take place in a dance club/bar, we see many girls wearing skimpy shirts and also see some boys and girls dancing suggestively with each other; in one scene, a girl bends over while dancing in front of a boy (she slaps her butt) and briefly runs her hands up her torso.
  • A boy and girl dance somewhat suggestively together a few times. A boy grabs a girl's clothed butt, then she aggressively grabs his crotch. We see many girls wearing midriff-revealing tops.

Violence & Gore

  • A fatal car accident is shown in glimpses: we see cars swerving, a driver's frightened expression, a car about to skid underneath a truck, then the driver's face with a little blood on the forehead (seen through the cracked windshield of the driver's overturned car). A few people in a car open fire on a group standing on the sidewalk (at least one person appears to have been shot, though no blood is visible); when shots are fired back at the car, it catches on fire and runs into a few parked cars. In a later scene, we see one of the passengers with a slightly bloody bandage wrapped around his head as he's being wheeled into an ambulance, and we see another passenger (also with a small, slightly bloody bandage on his forehead) being thrown to his knees by some police officers and then handcuffed. In another scene, a few people in a car open fire on boys playing basketball (one of the players shoots back at the car while the others fall to the ground); no one is injured, but all seem pretty shaken afterwards. In a dance club, a boy slaps something out of another's hand, throws him into a chair and a wall, and then punches and kicks him repeatedly, with great force; two other boys get involved, also punching and kicking each other. A girl is hit in the head with a basketball when another girl blocks a shot during a game; one of the girls pushes the other into a wall, one tackles the other from behind, then they roll around while slapping and scratching each other (one has a scratch on her cheek and an abrasion on her eyebrow, which is seen in several scenes afterwards). A boy holds a crying girl's face, verbally threatens her and forcefully slaps her face; he lets her go after she scratches his jacket. A boy grabs a girl's arm, pushes her against a wall and verbally threatens her. A boy kicks another in the back and knocks him to the ground, a boy punches another in the face (some blood is visible on his mouth), boys push each other a few times, a girl squeezes a boy's crotch for several seconds (in a violent rather than sexual way) after he grabs her buttocks. A boy lifts up his shirt to reveal the handle of a gun that's sticking out of his waistband; he talks to his friends about "getting even" with someone.


  • Nearly all spoken by teenagers. One F-word, lots of anatomical references (several heard in background music), some anatomical slang terms, lots of scatological references, lots of mild obscenities, lots of insults, and many racial slurs (mostly heard in background music)

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • During the movie there is teen smoking and underage drinking. One part where a girl has to get in so she pays a guy to get her a fake ID.
  • One of the characters sells drugs in the club and confronts a girl in a bathroom, saying that he owes her money for drugs he sold her.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

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