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Season 1

6 Sep. 1975
Flames of Doom
Three astronauts are catapulted into the future. Soon Judy is swallowed by the Earth and Bill and Jeff wind up in the company of primitive humans who are captured by talking apes.
13 Sep. 1975
Escape from Ape City
When Bill ends up at the laboratory in Ape City, Cornelius and Zira help him escape. Meanwhile Jeff and Nova search for Bill.
20 Sep. 1975
Lagoon of Peril
Dr. Zaius mounts an expedition to the Forbidden Zone to find the astronauts' spaceship, so Bill and Jeff head there first to destroy it.
27 Sep. 1975
Tunnel of Fear
Bill and Jeff plan to relocate the humanoids, so they turn to Zira and Cornelius for help.
4 Oct. 1975
The Unearthly Prophecy
Jeff and Bill discover an entrance to the lair of the Underdwellers, where they discover they've returned to Earth and find a brainwashed Judy in cahoots with the locals.
10 Oct. 1975
Screaming Wings
When General Urko discovers a World War II fighter plane, the astronauts make plans to swipe it.
18 Oct. 1975
Trail to the Unknown
The astronauts lead the humanoids to New Valley and stumble upon fellow astronaut Brent. Meanwhile General Urko tries to find the thief who stole his plane.
25 Oct. 1975
Attack from the Clouds
The astronauts must save the herd from a flying dinosaur and keep the airplane from the Apes.
1 Nov. 1975
Mission of Mercy
Blue eyes and Jeff must bring get fuel for the plane so Judy can get the needed medication to Nova before she dies and the spreads the infection to others.
1 Nov. 1975
Invasion of the Underdwellers
General Urko hatches a scheme to declare war on the Underdwellers. Bill, Jeff, and Judy must find a way to stop him.
8 Nov. 1975
Battle of the Titans
Cornelius and Zira take advantage of Urko's demotion to try and attempt to salvage an old hot-air balloon. Little do they know, the dragon is back, so Bill and Cornelius must team up with an ancient ape god to stop it.
22 Nov. 1975
Terror on Ice Mountain
Cornelius builds a hot air balloon that makes an unscheduled stop on Ice Mountain.
29 Nov. 1975
River of Flames
The Underdwellers enlist help from Jeff and Bill to stop a volcano from destroying their dwellings.

 Season 1 

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