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Sex & Nudity

  • Lois is seen walking around topless, in the pilot episode, although her back is only shown.
  • A woman is seen in a towel through an entire episode.
  • In a talent show the some of the girls are wearing very small clothing and 1 is seen the the background doing a very sexual dance.
  • A girl wearing a short skirt is asking about her legs, the follows up by lifting them one at a time high in the air showing him her vagina. though you don't see it from the front you can still see part of her butt for a view moments.
  • Girls sometimes wear very skimpy clothing.
  • A girl is seen talking off her cloths in front of a guy. where she is left wearing just her bra and underwear the part last for a view minutes then ending with a zoom in on a girls butt at he sprays something on it.
  • A women is seen getting a massage with no shirt on. It last for about 3 minutes.
  • The mother is seen taking a bath.
  • In one episode a young girl is seen taking off her cloths leaving her in her bra and underwear. This scene last for a while then ends with a young boy spraying something on another young girls butt.
  • There are occasional sexual innuendoes and references in this show. Usually from mild to moderately inappropriate. But all played for laughs. In the first episode, you see Lois and Hal naked but cleverly covered while Lois is shaving Hal's disturbingly hairy back. Nothing shown and completely played for laughs. In one episode, Lois takes Malcolm on a drive to further his knowledge of human sexuality and puberty. Nothing is completely said, just Malcolm's face of shock and you hear Lois in the background.
  • Lois and Hal periodically have suggestive encounters. Usually just shown in double-entendres, but once in a while you do see passionate kissing then the shot ends with sex implied.

Violence & Gore

  • Reese crashes a mini-bike in one episode, he comes home with a bloody lump on his leg.
  • In the same episode, Jamie, the youngest brother, makes a shelf fall on Lois, getting her in massive pain areas
  • Mostly slapstick violence that's played for laughs. Note that most violence is between the brothers in the show and not ever brutal in anyway.
  • Any violence that is more than just slapstick (very rare) isn't shown. It shows from the person getting hit's perspective. Note that this is very rare.
  • A bridge explodes in one episode.
  • A live grenade blows up the refrigerator in one episode.


  • The profanity is occasional and very mild. D***, A**, Crap, Hell, nothing over the top. There is mild bullying in the show, and in one episode, a main character stands up to him by calling him a "butt-wipe." Lots of other name calling but all played for laughs. In the episode "Long Drive," you hear the word Uterus in a non-sexual educational context.
  • In "Rollerskates", Malcolm says f*** you to Hal, but it was blocked out by car brakes and a baby monitor.
  • Bleeped out swear words are occasionally used, but it's apparent to what words their using.
  • In one episode Kurtwood Smith's character frequently quotes "suck my c-ck" from a high school literary magazine but it is fully censored.
  • B****ing is used occasionally.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • In one episode, Dewey is addicted to smoking in a deal to also have Hal quitting coffee
  • In one episode, Dewey starts smoking, no visual smoking is shown
  • The parents smoke and the kids sometimes. Drinking. Very little drug references, although the subplot of one episode tells of Reese trying to pick up a pretty narcotics addict, played for laughs.
  • Malcolm comes home drunk in one episode, played for laughs.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • In one episode, Reese crashes a mini-bike and breaks his leg. It looks pretty gross, possibly disturbing for some.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • In one episode, Reese jumps off a diving board covered in dynamite, and a roof lands on him, however, he is covered in wood & bricks, so no visual violence, but you can certainly tell, he was in pain
  • Reese gets absolutely beat up by Stevie in episode s7e3, no blood is shown though
  • In the episode "Malcolm Holds His Tongue." To the end of the episode, he gets a peptic ulcer and it bleeds all over his and a man's shirt.

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