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28 Feb. 2002
A Walking Miracle?
A report on advances in stem cell research in the USA and reaction to the approval of stem cell research in the UK using human embryos. Includes an interview with Christopher Reeve discussing living with paralysis and his campaign for the approval of stem cell treatment in the USA and hopes that it will lead to a treatment to repair his damaged spine. Also interviews Dr Jeffery Rothstein (University of Baltimore) and Mary Tyler Moore [long term diabetic who would benefit from stem cell treatment and a supporter of Christopher Reeve's campaign], Paul Tully (Society for...
21 Mar. 2003
MRSA the SuperBug
An expose into the deadly super bug MRSA and its even deadlier USA counterpart VRSA through eyes of top American surgeon Dr Guy Pupp. An investigation into the transmission and specialized handling of such biological viruses within hospitals and restrictions necessary to deal with such cases.
22 Nov. 2004
Fear and Loathing
Sensationalist documentary looking at the campaigns against Huntingdon Life Sciences and Newchurch Guinea pig farm.
8 Dec. 2006
Consenting Adults?
An investigation into the laws surrounding rape allegations.
15 Jan. 2007
Ann v the Hoodies: Part 1
Ann Widdecombe lives on the Andover estate in Islington to report on the reality of anti-social behavior in Britain and to discover whether enough is being done to improve the living conditions for the residents.
19 Jan. 2007
Ann v the Hoodies: Part 2
Ann Widdecombe moves on to the Myatt's Field estate in Lambeth to continue her report on anti-social behavior in Britain.
19 Feb. 2007
Highway robbery?
As drivers in London negotiate the doubling in size of the city's congestion charge zone, Prime Minister Tony Blair calls for a national debate on road pricing.
9 Apr. 2007
The Faye Turney interview
In early 2007, Iranian military arrested 15 Royal Navy personnel and held them captive for 13 days. This is the exclusive interview with Faye Turney, the only woman among them.
2 Jul. 2007
Immigration Housing Row
Should British families get priority for council homes over economic migrants as raised by government minister Margaret Hodge? Mike Nicholson goes behind-the-scenes at a council housing department to see what pressures they face to accommodate immigrants and British families and speaks to those who will never be able to afford their own homes.
9 Jul. 2007
Teen Party Hell
A worrying trend of family homes being trashed has resulted in parties being advertised on the MySpace website.
24 Sep. 2007
The Poison on Your Plate
A Tonight with Trevor McDonald investigation is to reveal that a new antibiotic-resistant superbug is now causing infections in an estimated 30,000 people in England and Wales a year. A Tonight source, a senior scientist, says that the superbug, mutant cousin to the E.coli bacteria that naturally resides in our guts, is fatal in 10% of cases suggesting that it could be killing up to 3,000 men, women and children. This 10% death rate is also backed by a research paper that was presented at a major conference in Chicago last week. MRSA deaths number 2500 people a year. ...
5 Nov. 2007
McCanns - the witch hunt
Since Madeleine McCann disappeared, the reporting has become a mixture of personal criticism of her parents and contradictory speculation. Tonight asks have the commentators gone too far?
8 Feb. 2008
Can Tesco Conquer America?
This episode, entitled 'Can Tesco's Conquer America,' discusses the efforts of the world's third-largest grocery chain, the English firm Tesco's, to enter the American market. Their first efforts are directed towards the California market, where the company is branding itself for the American market as Fresh & Easy.
22 Feb. 2008
Hunting serial killers
On the day the "Suffolk Strangler" Steve Wright is convicted, Michael Nicholson asks if there could be more serial killers operating in Britain and looks at how police are trying to be pro-active.
16 Jun. 2008
Beat the slump: Part 1
Reporter Mark Jordan buys a house to do it up, sell it on and make a profit. But the recession hits and property prices go into free-fall. This immersive documentary shows the emotional roller coaster that Mark experiences as he tries to do the work himself to save money. During the five-month process, he meets the academic who believes property programmes have fuelled the property bubble and an exclusive survey of the UK's smartest economists predicts that house prices will bottom out on 2009 before rising slowly.
20 Jun. 2008
Beat the slump: Part 2
Mark Jordan finishes the work needed on the house he is renovating. Now he need to present it and sell it. He takes advice from a developer on how to market it, but Mark is becoming more pessimistic as the extent of the property crash becomes obvious. He confronts a representative of the banks and building societies on how they had been so wrong on their predictions and been blind to the failings of the system. He eventually finds a buyer but is gazundered. Finally he sells the house, and he makes money on it. But when he calculates how much time and money he spent on...
29 Sep. 2008
The Tax Factor
Documentary on the hidden taxes in every day living. Featured a family called the Chancellors.
23 Jan. 2009
Is TV Too Rude?
In the light of the recent Jonathan Ross/Russell Brand radio controversy, Tonight discusses whether TV and radio have now gone too far.