The Kid (2000) Poster


Emily Mortimer: Amy



  • Russ Duritz : [looking at Rusty]  Doesn't the fact that I'm a pathetic dweeb make you despise me?

    Amy : No. Why? Do you despise you?

  • [Seeing that Russ and Rusty are the same person] 

    Amy : I wish I was standing on a carpet.


  • Russ Duritz : Look at him. It's so embarrassing.

    Amy : You're not embarrassing. You're adorable... then. You're adorable then.

  • Russ Duritz : Stop biting your nails.

    Amy : *Nail.* I only bite one. What's it to you, anyway?

    Russ Duritz : It matters because you work for me. When you bite your nails, you're advertising nervousness and insecurity.

    Amy : Really? Advertising all that with one little nail?

    [pushes up her nose at him] 

    Amy : What's this advertise?

  • Russ Duritz : Stop biting.

    Amy : Leave me alone. I'm advertising terror and bewilderment.

  • [on their way to a meeting] 

    Amy : Wait a minute, wait a minute... Hello.

    Russ Duritz : Hello...

    Amy : I haven't seen you in a couple of days, how've you been?

    Russ Duritz : Fine. Now can we go in?

    Amy : No. This is the bit where you ask me.

    Russ Duritz : Amy, we're really late. We don't have time to...

    Amy : Come on, give it a whirl.

    Russ Duritz : [bored, condescending]  Hi, Amy. How are you doing?

    Amy : [shrugs]  Fine. We're really late.

  • Russ Duritz : Toshiya, let me ask you something. If you get called a jerk four times in a single day, does that make it true?

    Amy : What, only four? Did you get up late?

    Russ Duritz : Excuse me, I'm asking Toshiya.

    Toshia : Four times is a pattern. It have to be five times to be a fact.

    Russ Duritz : Thank you. See? There's hope after all.

    Amy : Jerk.

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