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Season 1

12 Sep. 1992
Fievel, the Lonesome Ranger
All mouses of the village are going to The Cheese Festival but Fievel misses the trip. Cats come to town are searching mouses but they capture Tiger. Fievel starts to think like The Lonesome Ranger and cats will be in trouble.
19 Sep. 1992
Law & Disorder
Papa briefly bans Fievel from playing with Tiger after they saved ingrate classmate Johnny from Cat R. Whaul and Chula by bombarding them with apples, one of which damages the grumpy shopkeeper's window. Tiger is in desperate need of his friend's help when he gets a replay from his girl-friend Kitty she's visiting, as he wrote to her to be Green Rivers's sheriff, so he must pose as such seeming in control over everyone, even Sweet William...
26 Sep. 1992
Little Mouse on the Prairie
Fievel plays with his friend Jack's boomerang, which lands near Cat R.Waul's bad cats and Chula the Tarantula in a barn; there he overhears they have plans by the river. So Fievel makes an appointment with his feline simpleton friend Tiger to get the boomerang back, but his parents only allow him to go to the river -ignoring why- if he takes his stupid sisters along. As if that weren't troublesome enough, there's a hungry cougar around and the boomerang accidentally awakes a nest of rattle-snakes. When they're all late, papa and ma Mousekiwitz go looking for their ...
3 Oct. 1992
The Gift
As Fievel enjoys playing in a friend's tree house, he hoped to get one for his birthday, so papa's new violin is a wretched disappointment. After it gets broken with Tiger's accidental help, mama works on papa to make him see a concert instrument is his dream, a tree house the kids. As the only suitable wood, from the diablo tree, must be brought over by train, papa sets out, but Fievel didn't know so he takes Tiger, whom they try to pass off for a dig like the suspicious conductor, the hobo way...
10 Oct. 1992
A Case of the Hiccups
Fievel is trough his allowance and even an advance, so to buy his favorite 'Montana Mouse' hero adventures he eagerly accepts to distribute free candy from the stranger Dr. Travis T. Hippocrates to all mice. Those who ate some get the hiccups, very long and badly, school and businesses have to close down. Now the peddler announces he'll prepare and sell a hiccups cure. Fievel finds out it's a scam, but is locked up when he refuses to keep the secret and his own winnings. At the sale Cat R.Waul and Chula capture most mice; Dr. T. releases Fievel and has a plan for the ...
17 Oct. 1992
The Legend of Mouse Hollow
While Fievel is embarrassed he has to play a mushroom in the Green River school play Legend of Mouse Hollow, Chula has constructed a parceling machine for the mail-order business Cat R.Waul hopes to make a fortune with, if they can trick mice to pack and send to hungry felines nation-wide. Therefore Cat pretends to be a theater impresario, when that fails to lure anyone from the school cast he stages a 'real' headless monster attack to catch teacher Ironside first. Fievel and Tiger accidentally find out, free Ironside and plan to turn the tables...
24 Oct. 1992
Babysitting Blues
When the Mousekewitz parents learn the photographer is coming to town, they rush off to prepare, leaving Fievel to care for his baby sister, Yasha. He hopes a game of hide (him) and seek would keep her occupied, but she gets out of the house, so he and Tiger must save her from all kinds of real dangers all over town, she wouldn't survive without lots of luck and Sweet William, who somehow considers her a neat cuddly pet...
31 Oct. 1992
The Lost Mother Lode
The whole town gets gold-fever and everyone closes down, even papa Mousekiwitz, to go prospecting after someone finds a lump of gold; an old mouse remembers the only real deposit was found long ago by Jeremiah, who was scared away by ghosts. Cat R. Waul and Chula the Tarantula hope to lure all gullible mice to an abandoned mine by printing fake treasure maps. When Fievel is caught, the ghost legend proves handy as Tiger -accidentally- looks like one, but the hunt isn't nearly over...
7 Nov. 1992
A Mouse Known as Zorrowitz
Fievel is grounded two days for being too late for dinner again playing Zorro with Tiger. Both Mousekiwitz parents are among the 'special mice' selected to handle the secret shipment of a winter's supply of cheese awaited by stagecoach, but Chula has found out, so Cat R. Waul can set a trap, from which 'Zorrowietz' saves the adult mice. The master cat doesn't give up, nor the masked mouse -still secretly dodging chores- and his side-kick Tiger...
14 Nov. 1992
Mail Order Mayhem
The mail order catalog offers something to every mouse's taste in Green River; alas also to Sweet William's: a 'mouse slapper', which mechanically shoots nets to pin a mouse down, ready to be picked. However there's also a remedy to order: the 'law mouse' Clint Mousewood, a Wild West hero to Fievel's liking who rides a prairie-dog and wields a whip, so Fievel decides to act as his uninvited deputy, riding (Tonto?) Tiger...
21 Nov. 1992
Aunt Sophie's Visit
Fievel was looking forward to Green River's rodeo, training with Tiger for catching prairie-dogs, but his parents expect the kids to be on European best behavior for papa's younger sister from Russia who will be visiting a week, so fancy clothes and no rodeo, nor cat friend Tiger. Fortunately aunt Sophie Mousekiwitz proves far more modern and understanding of the way of the West then her brother Bernard 'Bernie' believed possible: she actually encourages Fievel to return to the cowboy-look and enter the rodeo, even shows him how to handle a lasso like she learned from...
28 Nov. 1992
That's What Friends Are For
When Fievel gets a bicycle, he and Tiger use it to scare and chase Chula for a change, but cause havoc. Tiger overhears papa considering to separate two friends, and decides to hide from Fievel rather then see him sent away. While his master Cat R. Waul is away for a few days, Chula becomes playmates with Tiger, and when he runs away gets Fievel to teach him riding the bike. When Cat returns he seizes the unexpected opportunity...
5 Dec. 1992
Bell the Cats
Fievel notices how effective the bells on the trash-can are at alerting the mice, and decides to turn them into individual danger alarms by tying one to each cat's tail, a perilous job he pulls off with Tiger, who naive feels left out and fixes himself. Sweet William is out on revenge, but soon gets a nasty canine surprise; yet the mice find all the bell-noise an incessant nuisance too...

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