Pay It Forward (2000) Poster

David Ramsey: Sidney Parker



  • Sidney : [Staring at Thorsen's Daughter]  No! No, wait!

    [Gets up in front of Thorsen, faces the Nurse, and starts shouting] 

    Sidney : No! Hey! Wait! Enough bullshit! You need to help her right now!

    Nurse : Excuse me...?

    Sidney : Man, why you giving me all this shit? Ain't you got some oxygen or something you can give her?

    Nurse : All right. Let me get a supervisor.

    [Attempts to leave] 

    Sidney : [Blocks her way]  No, no, no, no! You don't need to get no supervisor! You the supervisor today! Huh? You are the supervisor today! You feel me on that? Now I want you to get your skinny ass down the hall, put the little girl on a tray and supervise her, and I want you to get her some goddamn air!

    [Patting Thorsen's Daughter's shoulder] 

    Sidney : I got your back, sis!

    [Notices the Nurse hasn't left yet] 

    Sidney : Aw, bitch you still here?

    [Gets out a gun and shoots the floor. The nurse hurries out] 

    Sidney : Shit! Shit ain't funny now!

    [Thorsen's Daughter is put on a stretcher] 

    Sidney : Aw! Aw come on, man! Come on! Come on, man! Damn! Aw!

    [Sidney is arrested and put in handcuffs] 

  • Sidney : The world is a shithole, pardon my French an' shit.

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