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4 Oct. 1999
Pet Peeves/Rat Heroes
When the school trip vote between Nanette's suggestion of Ballet Russe or Angela's suggestion of "Monster Truck Rally" becomes a tie, Nanette proposes that they set up fund-raisers so whoever raises the most money gets to go on their suggestion.
5 Oct. 1999
Ice Breakers/You're So Vain
Angela and her friends join a beginner's ice skating class only to find that not only has Nanette joined as well, but she already knows how to skate; and her show-off moves cause Angela to fall and break her arm.
6 Oct. 1999
The Substitute/Model Behaviour
Angela is worried because she did not come up with a topic for her rainforest project, until Mrs. Brinks falls ill, and is replaced by a substitute teacher named Ms. Geraldine "Gerry" Klump. Fortunately for Angela, Ms. Klump is shown to take a liking to her over Nanette.
8 Jan. 2002
Touched By an Angel-a/Puppy Love
Angela accompanies Bill to work./Angela beats Jimmy's high score.
7 Jun. 2002
Saving Private Gordy/Who's Sari Now?
When Gordy expresses an interest in football, through horticulture, Coach Rhinehart looks for a "few good men" to teach his boy the finer points of the game. Angela's brothers, Derek and Mark, are recruited for the mission. Angela fears that Gordy will never make it through the day and takes it upon herself to save Gordy from sure death. Angela ends up taking the fall while Gordy ends up teaching her brothers how to make chocolate soufflé.
Fairweather Friends/Turtle Confessions
When Nanette is bedridden with the flu January and Karlene latch onto Angela who is given the job of leader of the spring fling contest and try to bribe her into picking them as her two helpers in order to remain "somebodies" rather than "nobodies".
Cloak and Dagger/The Dog Ate It
Angela and Nanette each get new and nearly identical trench coats (Nanette's coat being designer version). When Angela gets Nanette's coat by mistake, she also finds herself in possession of Nanette's personal diary.
Hot Bob and Chocolate/Pizza Wars
When Angela makes a mistake in a grammar game, saying I love Bob and Hot Chocolate instead of Bob and I love Hot Chocolate, Nanette immediately spreads a rumor that Angela likes 'Bob' (Episode is sometimes alternatively referred to as "About What Bob?").
Stuck on You/Hard to Swallow
Angela and Nanette become stuck together by bubble gum by their hair. When Nanette bitterly rejects the idea of having the gum hacked out of her perfectly curled hair, she and Angela have to put up with being stuck together.
Gone Fishing/100 Yard Lash
Angela has been looking forward to joining her father and brothers on their annual fishing trip. However, when a new invention causes him injuries, Angela is stuck going on the trip with Mark and Derek who force her to do all of the dirty work and won't even let her fish.
My Fair Lulu/Johnny Doesn't Live Here Anymore
Because of Baby Lulu, Angela gets poison ivy, scares off her friends, and misses "All-Creatures-Great-and-Small-Week" at school. The final straw comes when Lulu releases Angela's butterfly from captivity.
Bathroom Blues/Garbage Swingers
Angela finds herself trapped in the boys' bathroom. Can she get herself free before getting caught.
Mapperson's Daughter/Big Ho-Down
Mr. Mapperson holds a contest to find a new face for his company's delivery truck.
Rough Times Tables/Works of Art
Mrs. Brinks' class is learning multiplication. While Angela, with help from Gina, breezes through the lessons, Nanette struggles much to everyone's surprise, and Angela's delight.
Angela Who?/Rockabye Abatti
Angela has many qualities that none of her family members do, causing her to feel alienated from the Anaconda family, so she sets out to find who she really is related to.
Green with Envy?/Two Can Play
Angela is so excited about wearing her new 'highway-worker-orange' windbreaker to school she completely forgets that it is St. Patrick's Day.
7 Jan. 2000
Dirty Work/Cut to the Chase
Angela barters with friends to keep from being grounded. When Mrs. Brinks assigns Nanette to be the manager of the school store, Angela has to do everything she tells her.
Super Mom/Skipping Lessons
Geneva's creative block is taking a toll on her skills as a mom.
View to a Brinks/Injury to Insult
Looking to confirm once and for all that Mr. and Mrs. Brinks are weekend nudists, Angela and her friends attempt to rebuild their treehouse higher and higher until it surpasses the fence and Gordy's topiary, thus assuring them the best seats in the house.
The Martyrdom of Saint Nanette/The Crossing
After Josephine teaches the class about Ash Wednesday, Nanette, wanting her memory to live on for eternity, suggests that the entire class participate in sacrificing something for forty days.
Labor Pains/Cyrano d'Angela
Angela goes on a chore strike when she realizes that her allowance is the lowest in town.
Crazed and Confused/Strange Bedfellows
Babble Balls were all the rage in Tapwater Springs-until Angela had enough money buy one. Now she comes to learn from Nanette and the other kids that it's "Bug Thugs" which are currently 'da bomb'.
Everybody Loves Gina/Halls of Justice
Gina Lash comes to Angela's house for a sleepover. However, things go out of plan when Angela's family starts paying more attention and idolism to Gina rather than Angela herself.
Cabin Fever/Don't Over-Due It
Josephine Praline reveals that her mother has agoraphobia. Angela tries to use this as an excuse to avoid not only school, but Mrs Brinks's chalk erasers.
Kar-Lean on Me/Slice of Life
After Karlene fails to buy a hat made of real fur, January and Nanette instantly break off their friendship with her. A shocked Karlene then starts constantly leaning on Angela and co.
The Nanette Lock/Gordy Floats
Angela accidentally invents a new swinging craze. However, Nanette takes credit for it and names it the "Nanette Lock".

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