Ghosts of Mars (2001) Poster

Jason Statham: Sgt Jericho Butler



  • Melanie Ballard : Look, if we even get back to Chryse, those things will just keep coming. We've got a chance here. We got a chance to stop this thing before it goes any further. This is about one thing: dominion. It's not their planet anymore.

    Bashira Kincaid : What about him? Isn't it our job to take him back?

    Jericho Butler : Is he still a prisoner, or is he one of us?

    Desolation Williams : I can give a damn about saving this planet. Seems like it was after me since the day I was born. If I'm gonna die, I'm gonna die fighting, not running.

  • Jericho Butler : Eutopia, the ass end of the universe. A penal camp for thieving cutthroats.

    Melanie Ballard : Sounds nasty. But you seem to be holding up pretty well.

    Jericho Butler : Yeah, well, I have many hidden talents.

  • Jericho Butler : It's pretty solid. One way in, back door out, leading to rear entrance.

    [shuts door] 

    Jericho Butler : A good, sturdy door.

    Melanie Ballard : So, what's your point?

    Jericho Butler : It's rather cozy. Don't you think?

    Melanie Ballard : I don't believe this. You lured me back here to seduce me?

    Jericho Butler : Yeah, well, the way things are going, I thought this might be our last chance to, uh, to dance.

    Melanie Ballard : Yeah.

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