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Tara Strong: Timmy Turner, Timmy, Poof, Baby Poof, Tad, Computer Voice, Britney Britney, Kid, Baby, Girl #1...



  • Timmy Turner : Hey guys, what's new?

    [Cosmo lights candles under water] 

    Wanda : The laws of physics.

  • Timmy Turner : Dogs have great sense of smell, they can see in black and white, and they can go to the bathroom any where they want.

    Cosmo : So can I, I'm just polite.

  • Timmy Turner : Note to self: Never break up with a girl in the Violent Gardening Tool section.

  • Timmy Turner : I'm big, I'm hurting people, and I'm misunderstood!

    Cosmo : Just like The IRS.

  • Timmy Turner : This is great! A world without girls. I can do whatever I want!

    Timmy Turner : [farts]  I'm free!

    Cosmo : [Cosmo sniffs the air]  Wow, freedom stinks.

  • Timmy Turner : Wow, my mom as a kid.

    Young Dad Turner : Yeah... and she's got a beautiful name. It's...

    [a Mack truck, blowing its horn drives by Timmy and Young Dad] 

    Young Dad Turner : ...but everybody calls her Mom.

  • Denzel Crocker : [shows painting]  And here's another painting... The Scream.

    Timmy Turner : Why is he screaming?

    Denzel Crocker : Because he was wrong! And he got an F!

    [unrolls bottom of painting to reveal a table next to the screaming person, with an F on it] 

    Denzel Crocker : Like you!

    [sticks a paper marked F on Timmy's hair] 

  • Timmy Turner : I wish I could leave this room inconspicuously.

    [Cosmo turns his desk legs into rockets. Timmy blasts through the ceiling] 

    Timmy Turner : Aaaagggghhh!

    Wanda : [to Cosmo]  It means without being noticed.

    Cosmo : Well, if he wasn't screaming, he wouldn've been noticed.

  • Timmy Turner : This may sound cliche, but you've gotta throw my severed head into the clearance bin!

  • Cosmo : If Wanda sees this, she's gonna think I'm an idiot.

    Timmy Turner : And this would be news to her *how*?

  • Vicky : All right twerp, time for bed!

    Timmy Turner : But it's only six-o-four!

    Vicky : Well, it's nine-o-four on the East Coast. BED!

    [one moment later, in Timmy's bedroom, Timmy's clock changes to six-o-five] 

    Cosmo : Now it's nine-o-five on the East Coast!

  • Dad : [sees Timmy looking at Mr. Crocker in a dress on his computer] 

    Dad : Egad! You know you're not supposed to be on those kinds of websites!

    Timmy Turner : But that's my teacher.

    Dad : Well it does make him look pretty...

  • Timmy Turner : Boring conversation. Can't focus.

  • Wanda : Look at our chart. 99.9% Timmy. 0.01% Other.

    Timmy Turner : What's the other?

    Wanda , Cosmo : Timmy!

  • Cosmo : The good news is I found my spleen!

    Timmy Turner : That's a rare steak.

    Cosmo : In that case, I'm taking it back. I ordered my spleen medium rare.

  • Mom Turner : [Timmy is eating ceral like a dog]  He sure is hungry.

    Dad Turner : No, no, that's just the way all kids eat cereal now; face first. I'm hip!

    [Starts to eat his cereal like Timmy] 

    Timmy Turner : [School bus arrives]  School bus! School bus! Chase! Chase! Chase! Chase!

    Dad Turner : Wow, does Timmy love school or what?

    [Sticks face into cup of hot coffee] 

    Dad Turner : Oww, hot! It doesn't work with hot!

  • Principal Waxelplax : [after Timmy has won the election and the kids have come back from getting food poisoning from cake]  So, Timmy, what do you say to having all the responsibilities of president?

    Timmy Turner : Piece of cake!

    [all kids get sick and their faces turn green] 

  • Timmy Turner : May I *please* have my ball back?

    Dr. Bender : What's the word I'm looking for? Uh... NO! HAHAHA

  • Timmy Turner : Awesome- boys fighting over me!

  • Timmy Turner : It's fun and destructive. It's funstructive.

  • Timmy Turner : Man, that was one tough montage.

  • Timmy Turner : [being embraced by Vicky]  Urk... Oxygen... Darkness...

  • Timmy Turner : Feel better now?

    Chip Skylark : Yeah. I didn't have to go to the bathroom, but the sound of flushing calms me down.

  • Timmy Turner : [reading the title of a book that Dad Turner has just handed him]  The Stupid Dad's Guide For Teaching His Weak and Defenseless Son Kung Fu?

  • [theme song] 

    Chorus : Timmy is an average kid that no one understands / Mom and Dad and Vicky always giving him commands!

    Vicky : BED, TWERP!

    Chorus : The doom and gloom, up in his room / is broken instantly / by his magic little fish, who grant his every wish / Cause in reality, they are his... OddParents, Fairly OddParents!

    Wanda : Wands and wings!

    Cosmo : Floaty crowny things!

    Chorus : OddParents, Fairly OddParents! Really mod, pea pod, buff bod, hot rod!

    Timmy Turner : Obtuse, rubber goose, green moose, guava juice! Giant snake, birthday cake, large fries, chocolate shake!

    Chorus : OddParents, Fairy OddParents! It flips your lid, when you are the kid with Fairly OddParents!

    Vicky : Yeah, right!

    [Vicky gets zapped] 

  • Dad : My dreams were shattered many years ago.

    Timmy Turner : How many years ago?

    Dad : How old are you?

  • Wanda : Won't your parents worry about where you are?

    Timmy Turner : We've only been gone 15 seconds.

    Dad : Where were you! There was a 15 second period where I had no idea where you were!

    Timmy Turner : Geez dad, chill out! Would mom get this upset?

    Dad : Eh, I don't know. Let's ask her while I'm drinking a glass of water.

    [pulls out a puppet of Timmy's mom] 

    Mom puppet : I think you're being too hard on Timmy.

    Dad : [spits out water]  Oh sure, take his side!

    Timmy Turner : No amount of therapy will ever make this moment ok.

  • Timmy Turner : Don't you understand? He could turn gravity into gravy! He could turn the planets into plants!

    Wanda : He could turn Uranus into... Oh my gosh! We have to stop him!

  • [flying in a space ship and getting ready to crash] 

    Dad : We need to let off some weight!

    [looks around in panic] 

    Dad : hmm, bowling balls, barbells, a suit of armor... Timmy's fish!

    [throws Timmy's fish out the airlock] 

    Timmy Turner : Ahhh! You couldn't of thrown out the barbells?

    Dad : Eh, they're your mothers. I can't lift them!

  • Dad : And that's where babies come from.

    Timmy Turner : But what's the machine for?

    Dad : I'll tell you when you're older.

  • [the people of Atlantis have summoned a kraken to eat Cosmo for sinking their city] 

    Timmy Turner : Woah, that's pretty harsh for sinking Atlantis one time.

    Cosmo : Uh, actually I sank it nine times...

    Wanda : You sank Atlantis nine times! Where was I when this happened?

    Cosmo : Oh, please! I have a whole secret life you know nothing about!

  • Dr. Bill : Is your child despondent a lot? Well don't blame them, blame yourselves! Take the bad parent test!

    Dad Turner : Oh, I love Dr. Bill's parenting tests! They help us realize what great parents we are!

    Dr. Bill : Does your child say I'm busy a lot?

    Mom Turner : [Timmy runs by]  Hey, Timmy, we're watching Dr. Bill...

    Timmy Turner : [interrupts and runs off]  I'm busy!

    Dr. Bill : Do they use a lot of paper towels, spend too much time in their rooms and say don't bother me?

    Timmy Turner : [Timmy runs by again]  I'm just gonna take these paper towels up to my room so don't bother me!

    Mom Turner : Oh no! We're bad parents!

    Dr. Bill : But it's not too late to be great parents! Rebuild and reconnect your family with a family play date! Get the whole family together and bake brownies, get crazy and jump on the couch or go outside and play croquet.

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