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Sex & Nudity

  • Many sexual references. The main theme of this show is sex. Even the title of a few episodes is sex related.
  • Constant talks about sex and other related stuff. Talk about porn, masturbation, orgasm, breasts etc. A lot of such talk is done in this show.
  • A man's bare butt is seen in one episode or two.
  • The main characters are presumably nude, each in one or two scenes in 6-7 episodes while nothing much is shown. Bare back and nothing below the waist. No frontal nudity.
  • The main characters also lay in bed in many scenes presumably after sex. Some of them talk about sex they just had.
  • A few kisses between couples. One lesbian kiss.
  • But nothing very explicit. The nudity and the kisses are many-a-times just used for humour.

Violence & Gore

  • Some scenes may be a little violent but they are just used for humour. For example - hitting the other person


  • Mild curses like bitch, bastard, arse, dick, shit etc. are use many times. Several other explicit words referring to body parts are used.
  • Strong profanity like the F-words are used a little less. Series 1 and 2 do not include F-word. Series 3 includes 2 F-words in 2 different episodes (one in each). And the series finale in Series 4 includes 5 F-bombs and their derivatives.
  • But in many cases these words are used just for humour.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • The main characters are seen in a bar a lot of times drinking alcohol. Drinking at home is also seen.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Not many instances which the kids may find frightening. There might be few which they do but all of them are just for humour.

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