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  • It is believed that all of the Judas bugs -- genetically-engineered insects capable of killing the cockroaches that were transmitting Strickler's Disease to New York City's children -- have been wiped out. However, at least one bug who is able to mimic a human is still alive, and he wants to mate with entomologist Remi Panos (Alix Koromzay), a teacher at an inner-city school. Edit

  • Mimic 2 is a sequel to Mimic (1997) (1997), which was inspired by a short story written by American scifi writer Donald A.Wollheim [1914-1990]. Mimic 2 was based on a screenplay by American screenwriter Joel Soisson. It was followed by Mimic: Sentinel (2003) (2003). Edit

  • Detective Klaski (Bruno Campos) returns inside the school to help Remi just as the Department of Defense agents begin to fumigate. Remy breaks the glass in a trophy case and cuts open the plastic curtain so that she and Klaski can get outside. She is immediately taken to a hospital where doctors remove the Judas larvae from her abdomen. Sal (Gaven E. Lucas) comes to visit her, and she realizes that he made up the story about an aunt caring for him. Meanwhile, as the local cops investigate the mess at the school, they discover Klaski's body. 'If that's Klaski,' one of them says, 'then who the hell carried that girl out of here?' Weeks later, when Remy is released from the hospital, she takes temporary custody of Sal, and they return to her apartment where the landlord has installed a three inch thick reinforced steel door to replace the one that Jason Lundy (Brian Leckner) busted in. Once inside the apartment, Remy notices one of Trahn's suitcases lying on her bed with a hole in the side and several bugs running across the floor. She attempts to phone the Center for Disease Ccontrol, but her phone has been turned off due to lack of payment. She notices the front door being opened and gives a sigh of relief when she sees it is Klaski bearing flowers -- until she realizes it is a Judas mimicking Klaski. She slashes at him several times with a heavy scissors, finally managing to behead him. He falls in front of the front door, blocking it. When Remi attempts to move him away and open the door, his appendages make a grab for her. In the final scene, Remy slowly backs away and collapses on the floor next to Sal. 'Nine days?' he asks. Edit

  • Remy had previously explained to her class that cockroaches, the same bugs from which the Judas breed were fashioned, can live for nine days after being beheaded. Sal's question was meant to confirm that he and Remy would be unable to get out of her apartment until the Judas mimic finally dies -- in nine days. Edit



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