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Season 23

13 Mar. 2020
Folge 949
Three new students arrive at Einstein and Ms. Schiller prepares a big surprise to make them feel at home, but it is not well-received.
14 Mar. 2020
Folge 950
It's the first day of school and in Orientation the students are given a survey to find out which profession suits them better. Moritz is desperate to find a good story for the school paper. Cäcilia reluctantly agrees to show Leni around.
14 Mar. 2020
Folge 951
After having found out which profession suits them better, the Einsteiners have to be trainees for a day and no one's day goes quite as planned.
14 Mar. 2020
Folge 952
Hermann and Jona set out to prank their favourite target. Will they manage to get away with it?
19 Mar. 2020
Folge 953
Hauser's sport module is starting and he puts the Einsteiners' skills to the test. Meanwhile, Martha is determined to find out what's going on with Till and Flora's attitude begins to wear her sisters down.
20 Mar. 2020
Folge 954
Jona has a new experience to navigate through and doesn't know who to turn to for advice.
23 Mar. 2020
Folge 955
It's Mortiz's birthday, Viktor has a date and Hermann is still self-conscious after his chat with Jona.
24 Mar. 2020
Folge 956
Flora is more set than ever on leaving Einstein, whatever it takes, whether her sisters come along or not.
25 Mar. 2020
Folge 957
Rosa and Sibel try to convince Carolin to go to the final dance selection. Leni and Finja try to get ahold of Flora.
26 Mar. 2020
Folge 958
Viktor is still taking Badu's dating tips. Flora struggles to regain trust at Einstein.
27 Mar. 2020
Folge 959
Everyone's talking about Cäcilia and Viktor's date. Badu has decided all Viktor needs is some kissing practice and is willing to help him. Cäcilia is fed up with all the rumours and decides to open up to Leni about what really happened.
30 Mar. 2020
Folge 960
Hermann asks Pit for help with a new prank. Carolin faces a difficult decision.
31 Mar. 2020
Folge 961
Hermann is feeling guilty and tries to redeem himself. Rike and Anton start an investigation on Hauser's behalf and come close to uncovering some Einsteiners' secrets, though not the one they were meant to.
1 Apr. 2020
Folge 962
Everyone comes together to help Mr. Zech upon his return. Berger hands Moritz a new job, which he sees as an opportunity to finally expose whom he suspects to be an impostor.
2 Apr. 2020
Folge 963
Ms. Miesbach assigns a new art project, #NoFake, which leads to a couple of unexpected revelations.
3 Apr. 2020
Folge 964
Moritz is still hunting down all the information he can on the suspected impostor. Flora helps Rosa overcome a great fear.
6 Apr. 2020
Folge 965
Rike is uneasy about the last tarot card she pulled. Viktor's priorities seem to have shifted and Badu tries to bring him to his senses. Cäcilia prepares a surprise for Leni.
7 Apr. 2020
Folge 966
Rike and Badu meddle in Viktor's love life. Moritz finally has the big story he's been after since the school year started, but it threatens to expose an Einsteiner's secret.
8 Apr. 2020
Folge 967
Jona and Hermann make a bet. Viktor is distraught after how his "date" turned out. Moritz's article is out, how will everyone react?
9 Apr. 2020
Folge 968
Finja shows Pit a new magic trick she's been practising. Rosa and Flora make an unsettling discovery at their forest retreat. Martha's having doubts about her camping trip with Kasimir, Sibel tries to help her sort them out.
14 Apr. 2020
Folge 969
It's a big date for Pawel and Sibel. Flora calls upon Einsteiners for a big cause. Rosa sets off on a courageous endeavor.
15 Apr. 2020
Folge 970
Mid-terms are just around the corner, but a more weighty event calls for the Einsteiners' participation. Pawel tries acting tougher. Anton does his best to stay at Einstein.
16 Apr. 2020
Folge 971
The big campaign is over and while some think this calls for a celebration, others think they should instead focus on how to keep this changes and make some more. Rosa faces the aftermath of her decision. A newcomer struggles on their first day at Einstein.
17 Apr. 2020
Folge 972
Mid-terms are finally taking place, much to Finja's dismay, who keeps trying to get out of taking them. Will Flora finally get her to open up about what's going on? Pawel seeks Till's advice, but this just further complicates things with Sibel. Martha makes a big decision.
20 Apr. 2020
Folge 973
Rosa has a change of heart. Anton tries to come clean about why he came to Einstein, but is faced with disbelief. Hermann and Jona are back at it again with their pranks, but have they lost their touch?
21 Apr. 2020
Folge 974
Amidst a huge celebration, individual Einsteiners face great predicaments, but they soon learn there's always someone who has their back. After all: "one for all, all for Einstein".

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