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Season 2

28 Sep. 2001
A sprained thumb motivates Lydia to choose a major and inspire others. Jackie is faced with an unexpected pregnancy and a marriage proposal.
5 Oct. 2001
Something Battered, Something Blue
Lydia learns that a physical-therapy aid is assisting the football coach in getting an edge over the competition. Jackie has an unpleasant encounter with Victor's mother. Paulie and Plum elope when Dolly won't accept their engagement.
12 Oct. 2001
The Devil and Miss DeLucca
Lydia dates a hockey player and gets a false impression about him as well as Eric. A new employee starts working at the restaurant and jealousy gets the better of Paulie.
19 Oct. 2001
Lydia discovers that Eric's wife is having an affair. Fed up with municipal bureaucracy, Dolly takes matters into her own hands.
26 Oct. 2001
Bad Chemistry
Secrets continue to weigh down Lydia, who continues to keep mum about Paulie's marriage and Karen's affair. Dolly gets depressed when she learns a sordid secret about her father's past.
2 Nov. 2001
Paulie is frantic when Plum is reported missing on Halloween. Dolly is forced to entertain Plum's neurotic mother. Jackie receives a lesson in parenting from a lost trick or treater.
9 Nov. 2001
Plus One
Lydia's romantic advances toward Eric fall on deaf ears. Paulie is worried by the arrival of Plum's old boyfriend. Jackie gets in touch with Ray's sensitive side.
16 Nov. 2001
Days before their official church wedding, Plum and Paulie reconsider the wisdom of being married. Lydia asks a hockey player to be her date for the wedding.
7 Dec. 2001
Oh, Baby!
Scandal rocks Dolly's campaign thanks to a protest striptease by Lydia and Paulie's decision to have sex with Plum in the park.
21 Dec. 2001
Sex in the Suburbs
Lydia reconsiders a romance with Eric, who begins to rethink his relationship with Samantha. Dolly tends to the needs of a lonely voter.
11 Jan. 2002
All About Lydia
Lydia helps an actor bring authenticity to the role of an Italian-American from New Jersey. Jackie's romance with Ray is threatened when his past catches up with him. Lydia has her own share of drama in keeping her new beau a secret from Dolly.
12 Jan. 2002
What's Family Got to Do with It?
Jackie's conflict over leaving for Mexico with Ray or staying in New Jersey with a visiting Abigail puts a strain on her friendship with Lydia. Frank has difficulty in accepting a generous gift from Plum. Lydia is charmed into getting Mack's irresponsible brother a job at the sports clinic.
26 Jan. 2002
Cucina DeLucca silent partner Paulie doesn't stay quiet for very long after distant cousin Lorenzo arrives from Italy to help in the kitchen and ends up making drastic changes to the restaurant's menu and ambiance; a laid-up Jackie thinks that she's witnessed a murder.
Behind Closed Doors
As Paulie's birthday approaches, he discovers that Jimmy is gay. Lydia finds a new apartment right above the Cucina and reunites with Mack. Frank and Dolly get an unpleasant surprise when they enter Lydia's new place without knocking. Lydia discovers that Jackie and Mack had a brief affair fourteen years ago.
Love's Labor
Lydia and Mack decide to move in together. Dolly and Frank are unhappy and decide to use reverse psychology on their daughter by pretending to like Mack. Jackie worries that Adele won't be able to cope with running the salon in her absence. Lydia begins to lose interest in Mack when she learns that he doesn't want children. Adele throws Jackie a surprise baby shower. Mack moves out of Lydia's apartment; Jackie goes into labor at the salon and Eric delivers her baby with the help of Dolly and Lydia.
Baum's Thesis
Lydia advises a jock to pursue his dreams, encouraging him not to drop out of college. Jules returns for her grandson's christening; Jackie begins a quest to find her father. Paulie and Plum talk about having children. Jackie asks Frank to be Victor Francis' godfather.
Plum discovers that Gavin is the new teaching assistant assigned to her class. Valerie comes to the rescue when an attractive divorced friend tries to seduce Frank. Plum convinces Paulie to sit for the sergeant's exam, despite his lack of confidence. Lydia meets Gavin in the library and, unaware that he's Plum's ex-boyfriend, invites him to be her "non-date" for Plum's birthday party.

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