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Classic Type-A vs. Type-B conflict
budikavlan19 July 2003
I honestly can't figure out why the critics are not only disparaging of this show, but actually aggressively hostile toward it. I would be the last person to claim "Yes, Dear" is a classic of television comedy, but it is a consistently funny show, with a very simple, archetypal conflict. I get regular laughs from "Yes, Dear," regularly trashed by critics, while I've never laughed a single time at "Everybody Loves Raymond," which critics slavishly promote. YD is about a pair of couples, two sisters and their husbands, who live together in Los Angeles. The older sister and her husband are lazy, irresponsible slobs who live in the guest house of the younger sister and her husband, who are fastidious to the point of neurosis. Most of the comedy derives from this dichotomy. The husbands work for a movie studio (another source of laughs), and both couples have children. All three sets of grandparents are played by familiar comedic character actors and show up several times each season. Obviously, personal taste governs what one watches on television (something critics have generally forgotten), but if ever a show has gotten a raw deal from the critics, "Yes, Dear" is the one.
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A hidden gem!!
nico0830 September 2010
I just started watching reruns of this show, I never watched it while it was on and to be honest, i don't even remember when or what channel it was on.

I stumbled onto it about 2 years ago and i absolutely love it. Anthony Clark is hilarious as Greg Warner and i always thought his stand-up was really funny. The rest of the cast is spot-on and Jiummys friend Billy is awesome in the episodes hes in.

I personally don't understand how people didn't like it, the writing was really funny. It has risen to one of my top 5 favorite sitcoms of all time.
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It's entertaining
rockford336 June 2003
This show succeeds at what it attempts: mindless comedy. Perhaps if you are "educated" you consider yourself above the humour, but I enjoy watching it. I can think of worse ways to spend half an hour. The premise is unlikely but entertaining. It's certainly better than those "reality" shows that are reproducing madly! Consider me a fan.
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Give it a chance! It's worth a try!
Sylviastel21 July 2003
I just watched a repeat episode of Yes, Dear and I was impressed with the improvement since it's debut. I would have preferred that Anthony Clark have remained on Boston Common which was a better and funnier show on NBC but they canceled it after a few seasons. Yes, Dear has improved over the time and striving to be better. It is one of the few comedies that gets better than worse with time. CBS was unwise to cancel this show for John Goodman, Jean Smart, Ed Asner, and Olympia Dukakis in Center of the Universe. Yes, Dear may not be the greatest sitcom but it is certainly better than Center of the Universe. I could not understand CBS' decision to cancel it in the first place. I love the guest appearances of Vicki Lawrence and Tim Conway as Clark's parents in the series. They are terrific company. Of course, Yes, Dear could better. But for a sitcom to work in television, it needs time to evolve. Yes, Dear may never become Everybody loves Raymond but it is worth a half-hour to watch. These are likable characters and the cast does their best in bringing light-hearted humor to television.
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Well-cast,well-written and not TOO gimicky
KUAlum2622 October 2005
Sitcoms,in my opinion,are pretty easy to mess up,and that's when producers are TRYING to make a good show. With that in mind,one might be fooled into believing a show like "Yes,Dear" would be something akin to,oh,say,"According to Jim","My Wife and Kids" or "Reba"(i.e.bland,uninspired comedies surrounding family units). But then,in my opinion,one would be mistaken. Successful Studio executive Greg Warner(the underrated Anthony Clark) and his lovely wife Kim(Jean-Louisa Kelly) decide to take in Kim's sister Christine(Liza Snyder) and her husband Jimmy(Mike O'Malley),who are strictly working class. The cultural and personality clash becomes the weekly friction that peppers the show's premise. But the writing and the casting of the show is so spot-on that only the most hostile to t.v.sitcoms would not get much enjoyment out of this show. Not a great show,but for network sitcoms,it's plenty watchable.
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What's not to like?
LoyalGrobanite14 March 2005
This sitcom is so great; Anthony Clark's character, Greg Warner, has an amusing sardonic hilarity about him. Greg's wife, Kim (Jean Louisa Kelly) is awfully active and has a "I'm sweet, but don't mess with me" manner about her that makes her family all the more to love. Kim's sister, Christine (Liza Snyder) and her husband Jimmy (Mike O'Malley) have such a happy-go-lucky oar around them that just adds to the humor of most of the time, very real state of affairs that go on around the Warner house-hold.The children on the show also add to the comedy that is in fact, Yes, Dear; they often mirror that of what they see being done by their parents and always ends with great laughs. I don't remember when or how I found this show, but I'm really happy I did. The show has a blend of adult humor and safe humor that would satisfy almost anyone. The show airs on Wednesdays on 9:30 on CBS. Reruns of the show are on Monday through Friday on TBS, channel 247 for satellite viewers, at 4:30 and then a following episode after that. They also show some on UPN 65 at 9:30 and then one following at 10. I recommend this show for anyone to watch.
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One of my favorites
diablocookie9 November 2006
These days it is rare to find a sitcom that is consistently entertaining.I watch this every day in the afternoon. It is very funny, and I have yet to see a mediocre episode. The contrast of the two couples works very well, and the timing is also excellent. In addition, I find that unlike many sitcoms, although it includes a laugh track, they do turn on the laugh track to try to force moments to be "funny," and it does not have 1 minute long laughing that makes the moments awkward (like everybody loves Raymond, which I do not understand.) This show is a gem, but not many people have heard of it. This makes me upset, because I think if more people saw this show, then it would be a larger success. In my area, "Yes Dear" is on T.V on TBS on weekdays starting at 4 o clock.
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Op_Prime2 October 2000
Well, I've seen the Pilot episode and I'm convinced. Yes, Dear is a pretty hilarious show. The cast is great, particularly Anthony Clark and Mike O'Malley. They have a great chemistry together. I hope this show succeeds. I'd like to see more of it.
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Fun show that accomplishes what a sitcom should accomplish: entertain the audience
scs03 August 2006
For some reason this show has a knack for finding those little irrelevant things that personally find funny and uses them on this show. If I have a pet peeve about some bizarre little thing you can be fairly certain that it's been mocked on this show too.

Another thing I like about this show is how it pokes fun at the entire concept of the TV sitcom. For example: 1) Nearly every sitcom has the exact same set. In one episode Greg rearranges the living room so that it's laid out in the way that makes sense: with the couch facing the staircase. He points out why it makes so much sense, but everyone else thinks that "something's just not right".

2) It's common knowledge that sitcoms uses twins to play the role of small children, so why not exploit it? In one episode Jimmy and Christine are convinced that they damaged Kim and Greg's kid and the entire episode revolves around stories of this kid getting hit on the head. During the closing tag scene, Jimmy walks into the kitchen with one of the twins and replaces the kid. That was hysterical.

3) I think every sitcom has had the scene where a pair of characters need to speak in private so they move 5 feet away from a third character and start speaking normally. In TV land sound can apparently only travel about 4 feet. In one episode Greg was complaining to Kim about the difficulty in having Jimmy around, then after the conversation the camera cuts to the kitchen where Jimmy's friend asks "Do they know you can hear them?" and Jimmy says "Yea. They do this all the time".

So what if the critics don't like this show. One of the things I've noticed is that the only critics that seem to have integrity are the ones who review video games. With video games it seems like you can still get an honest review but movies, TV, and music? Forget it! Those reviews are obviously based on whether or not the content complies with one of the reviewer's personal agendas or whether or not the content came along with a nice, ahem, "goodie bag".
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It takes brains to get the laughs...
celbopgirl25 October 2004
I love this show.. Its well written.. smart and so funny. There are laughs that most get but as I stated in the title.. it takes brains to get the laughs. With most TV shows that have the cast HYPED up as gods and goddesses ( friends, sex and the city).. sometimes its nice to sit back and watch a show that is going to give you laughs and entertain you for 30 minutes, and we don't have to hear about what they ate and wore every stinkin' day.

Maybe some viewers that don't have a positive word about the show are not parents or in a relationship such as marriage, because the writers are RIGHT ON with the portrayal of the family life/marriage situation and all that is funny about it. and from what I have heard, a few of the story lines are based on real life experiences. The jokes may be crude.. but compared to most of the things on television today ( NYPD Blue... any show on MTV.. Jerry Springer) this is something that you could actually watch with the family. Its a funny show.. and if you don't care for it.. go watch something else.
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Yes Dear is Amazing.
legallyblondee21 June 2009
Yes Dear is easily one of the funniest shows on television. Anyone who thinks differently, has NO sense of humor. The character of Greg has some absolutely hilarious moments that you would have to be heartless not to laugh at. Jimmy and Christine are adorable, and Kim is annoyingly hysterical. They have a perfect blend of comedic and heart-warming moments, along with situations that any parent experiences at one point or another. How can you not laugh at Greg shoving his mouth full of caviar and getting stabbed with an epi-pen in the middle of a high class restaurant with his pants down? Comedy gold. I enjoy the witty lines that they come up with, as well as the "character habits" that they develop, such as Greg using dusting to get what he wants from Kim. My whole family enjoys this show, and we DVR the episodes every day.
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A truly feel good comedy with non stop laughs
hvnieuwkoop26 April 2018
Greg Warner is a successful executive at a well known movie studio in LA married to dedicated stay at home mom Kim who takes care of their baby, Sam. When Kim's sarcastically funny sister Christine, sloppy but lovable husband Jimmy and two trouble making infant sons move in to their guest house it's a recipe for a truly hilarious feel good classic, american sitcom.

To the people who say this show is terrible, you're crazy, Im always laughing watching this, the dynamic between the characters are slow to begin with as is the case for most tv shows starting out, but then the chemistry between the actors is amazing and gets the laughs! Clearly, its not a show that is extremely mentally stimulating but that's sort of why I watch this show, the mindless comedy you cant help but find funny.

Due to copyright issues the series is nowhere to be found, however, all 122 episodes are uploaded on YouTube (not the best quality) but you can catch Yes, Dear on there.
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just sort of there
thedon197715 March 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I work for a local TV station, which airs this show in syndication. Two times a day, actually. Needless to say, I've seen just about every episode of this sitcom, most of them 3 or more times. When you say that you're confused as to why this show has remained in a primetime slot for 6 years running, well, I'm right there with you. There's just practically nothing in this show that hasn't been done somewhere before, with better actors. Think about it in this sense. We all knew it was Courtney Cox's name on the bank account at home, but she convinced us she was "Monica." Do you watch "24" and think "Looks like David from 'the Lost Boys' is gonna save the day!" No. Why? Because Kiefer Sutherland is able to convince his audience that he is, indeed, "Federal Agent: Jack Baur." I could go on forever here. Ted Danson as "Sam Malone." Michael Richards as "Kramer"… heck, even the Cosby kids were convincing.

The cast of "Yes, Dear" are just that... cast members reading cue-cards. And boy, can you tell. Next time you watch it, take note of the fact that (unless it's a guest like Tim Conway) the actor is almost never looking at the person they're speaking to. Nope. They're looking down at their shoes. Especially Anthony Clark. But a lot of it has to do with the writing. In a lot of cases, the lines are just too darn long. I mean, you can actually hear the actors get winded as they struggle to push out these 40-word sentences hoping that the audience will get this incredibly unoriginal joke that could have been funnier and easier to get out if the writers had taken the time to sit down and edit a few needless words out of a line that's so excessively long that you've forgotten just what in the heck I was talking about anyway. Another post mentioned that the children are poorly coached as well. You got it. A 3 year old may struggle a bit, but these kids are like 8 years old now. I know they're just kids, but after they look at the camera 3 or 4 times during a single line, I lose my patience. They're just plain awful.

I will say that the show is good at laughing at itself, in other words, it doesn't take itself very seriously. So it's pretty hard to hate it. But it's just a generally boring show, with tired comedy and uninteresting characters. And why are they uninteresting? Because unlike the Friends, the Cheers gang, the Huxtables and others… these characters don't evolve whatsoever. Their lives don't really change. I mean, say I watch some random episode of "Friends," for instance. Even if I'm only kinda familiar with the show, I'll have an idea what season I'm in, based on what's happening to any given character. If I see Monica and Chandler sharing a bed, for instance, I know I'm 5 or so seasons into the plot. If I see that Theo still lives in his room upstairs, I know I'm in the early seasons of Cosby. But with Yes, Dear, it doesn't seem to matter. Again, nothing really happens to any of these people. And no, adding another kid to the mix doesn't change anything. It's just another 4 year old reading a cue-card. Sometimes that worked in sitcoms, but not here. There's PLENTY of rugrats in this show, and they all may as well be wearing bags over their heads, because they're all the same uninteresting kid. Again, just like the other entries, I'm amazed this show hasn't been given the axe yet.
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This is one of the best shows ...we love it!!
theformicolas26 February 2005
My husband & I LOVE this show. Every episode has made us laugh. It is the ONLY show I've watched that I know I'll laugh for 30 minutes! Every character is so good. Greg Warner is outstanding!I don't understand why critics are smashing the show. It is so much better than Everybody Loves Raymond & King of Queens. The "Boys"(JImmy & Greg) are hysterical! I haven't laughed this much in a long time!! I hope the show stays! The writing is well done. We used to be fans of Friends . I don't think Friends was as funny as YES,DEAR.Were getting all our friends hooked.Keep it up!!LOL, LOL thats what we want!The only disappointment...they changed the introduction, I liked the old one better.Great Show, Guys!
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Great show!
LoFaroNYG274 June 2012
Man, I knew that the world was filled with stupid people; but after visiting this page it is even more evident. Yes, Dear was a great show. It was funny, it was interesting, it was entertaining and Jean Louisa Kelly was hotter than hell in this show. Anybody who has said that this show is terrible and even said that dental surgery would be more bearable is a moron. You're probably the type of people who find that shitting show The Office funny and should do the world a favor and never breed. And, if you've already bred please do as the hamster does and eat your young. The world already has enough dumb people, we don't need more. Yes, Dear was a great show and I was shocked when it was taken off the air. I believe that the best shows are often cancelled while mindless drivel like The Office tend to last a long time. Look at MASH, such a shitty show and yet it had a crap load of seasons. Just goes to show how stupid many people truly are.
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Great show
Kristinartist7918 August 2005
This is a great show! I have been catching up on the reruns I have missed and they were great! I do not watch much television but I started watching this show like last year, but did not really have the time to keep up with it. The characters in this show are so funny and the episodes are so funny. I don't know if I have mention spoilers for a show, but just is case, here are some spoilers. This show has changed which makes it more interesting. For instance, in the beginning, Jimmy was unemployed. That was how they moved into Kristine's sister, Kim's home, in their guest house. Later in the show, Greg gets Jimmy a job as a security guard at his place. Christina goes for her college degree, and I believe she graduates. Later in the show, she enters the work force again after being home with her children. She also gets a job at Gregs place. I guess that is a little unrealistic but there are some funny scenarios with them working at the same place. Kimmy, a stay at home mom, who was a very uptight overprotective mom in the beginning, lightens up and becomes more laid back. Although it was comical to see Kristine and Kimmy's different parenting styles, it was interesting to see how Kristine rubbed off on her. Although this may not be the most realistic show, it does show real problems such as personality conflicts, in a humorous way! Spoiler: I love the episode where Kimmy, (Jean Loise Kelly) learns to be more fun! She is such a good singer and she is so pretty! Gregs boss is so goofy and funny! This is definitely a 10 out of 10!
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Great show, a modern classic... sets a BIG standard!
suburbanite4530 May 2005
This show has characters that interact very well with one another. In terms of how funny it is, I rate it higher than Cheers and Frasier, and I also rate it on the same level as Three's Company. I rated Yes Dear this way because it makes me laugh just as much as Three's Company does... and Three's Company had a big advantage with John Ritter on the show. So, in my opinion, any show that I rate as equal with Three's Company is a show that I will like for life! My favorite thing about the show is the interactions between all the characters. Christine and Jimmy Hughes have great traits that Greg and Kim Warner don't have, and the same is true in reverse.

It is the kind of show where you can really lose yourself... you know, forget about the day's worries.
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Another stupid male/smart female
PeteRoy30 March 2004
This show stinks. It has the theme of a stupid/childish husband with a smart/adult wife. It reminds me of Everybody loves Raymond and King of Queens.

It's really annoying to see an episode after an episode how the husband is scared from his wife and he has to ask her permission for anything he wants to do.

This show is also very limited in space, all you see is their house and their garden, that gets too old when that's all you see.

I advise to stay away from this show.

I think a tv shows should represent both genders as equals and loving instead of insulting each other.
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Below Average
adham-khairy4 September 2006
Warning: Spoilers
This is yet another sitcom that is trying to play on the "family problems" string. Well, people, its enough. We have already had a lot of sitcoms like this and nothing is going to beat stuff like "everbody loves Raymond" or "Malcolm in the middle".

Grig and Kim who are supposed to be the center of this show are the most boring thing in it. Grig enjoys humiliating his brother-in-law in every possible chance and sometimes for no reason at all that the whole situation loses its comedy. Kim is not at all funny and is trying to look neurotic, something like "monica" in "friends" bus she fails miserably. Atually, if it wasn't for Jimie and Christine the show would've been a complete failure. Jimie is the really funny guy in the whole show and his son too. Christine is just hot! and she's one of the few women on TV who are truly funny! Its a nice show to see between to other sitcoms to fill up a half an hour gap in your life. But would I stay at home to see it? Absolutely not.

For more comments on sitcoms and for my opinion on what makes a great sitcom, visit my website:
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This show is almost as dumb as 7th Heaven
leo-8209021 July 2006
My God, what an idiot sitcom! This show is filled with pointless dialog, dull played-out situations and actors who don't take themselves very seriously. While watching this show I could see faint resemblances to Everybody Loves Raymond, but this is nowhere near as entertaining. I first saw this show a couple months ago when I stayed home from school because I was sick. Five minutes into it, I realized why it was on so early in the day. The show was so boring that instead of numbing my mind to its stupid cracks and childish plots, I decided to do my homework. The show should just do everybody a favor and get canceled. The writers should hide in shame, and the actors should either hire a coach, or never work again.

P.S. when will IMDb put in a 0 out of 10 setting, 'cause this deserves it.
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A must-see CBS hit!
Catherine_Grace_Zeh14 August 2008
"YES, DEAR," in my opinion, is a must-see CBS hit! Despite the fact that I've never seen every episode, I still enjoy it. It's hard to say which one is my favorite. Also, I really love the theme song. If you ask me, it was nice that everyone stayed on the show throughout its entire run. It seems like nobody does that anymore. Everyone always gave a good performance, the production design was spectacular, the costumes were well-designed, and the writing was always very strong. In conclusion, even though it can also be seen in syndication now, I strongly recommend you catch it just in case it goes off the air for good.
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Never even watched it until TBS picked up reruns....
swat6112 February 2005
I dismissed this show when it first went on the air in 2000, never even watched due to the fact that it looked horrible and got really bad reviews. TBS recently picked the show up in reruns and i've started watching it. It isn't always funny, sometimes its annoying, but for the most part its an OK show. Nothing outstanding or anything. Good cast though. This is for sure not a classic or anything, but very simple easy to follow, and some good jokes at times. Its not as bad as it was made out to be thats for sure. Overall i'd say if you never watched the show before, for whatever reason, give it a chance. Its not the best no, but there have been plenty worse.
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If "Bad" Were "GDP", This Show Would End the Global Recession
rwalker-219 May 2009
Given a choice between this abysmal sitcom and wisdom teeth removal, my advice is: Take the oral surgery; the suffering during both is about equal, but the dentist gives you GREAT drugs after he's done. All "Yes, Dear" gives you afterward is nausea, and the sick feeling that your IQ has dropped 35 points.

The premise was unoriginal-- no surprise, we're talking TV here--: Two couples related by marriage, one led by a fussy tight-ass, the other led by a slob. The wives are the source of normality, the slob gets the tight-ass involved in multiple madcap situations, and hilarity is supposed to ensue. But with "Yes, Dear", the hilarity never ensues. The cast has the electric chemistry of sand mixed with dirty water, and the comic timing of the Nuremberg Trials. And let's face it: Mike O'Malley's name on any project is a guarantee that it will be punishingly bad.

The high caliber of the guest actors that got roped into this abortion of a sitcom (Tim Conway, Vicki Lawrence, Beth Grant and others) is shocking, given the horrible writing, clumsy direction and appalling level of acting from the regulars. The only participant that seemed to enjoy this train wreck was the hyperactive laugh-track machine, which would bust a chip over the lamest one-liner (and oh, there are so many lame one-liners in this show).

If this is showing on a channel you watch, change it as fast as you can. If someone gives you "Yes, Dear" DVDs, beat him or her about the face and head with the box, burn the DVDs and cross him or her off your Christmas card list. If this is showing in a Best Buy, run for the nearest exit. Anyone with an IQ above that of a houseplant will be racing you for the door.
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Funny show that grows on you
MN_Movie_Critic15 April 2004
No offense to anyone who can't follow the plot - but give me a break.

This is an easy show to follow and can be easy to predict.

However, it has good lines and is funnier then most garbage on TV. It doesn't have the most talented cast, but they this CBS show is part of the reason they are kicking butt on the other networks - it is better then most shows currently on TV.

The show is best when Jimmy & Greg are at odds over something. Some of Greg's day-dreaming scenes are hilarious (that his son still wore a diaper as a teenager, needing help with girls, etc..) The kids they have on the show should get less lines - as they are weak.
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Surprisingly good
Derrado183 January 2004
They've recently put this on one of the cable channels here lately and it's not that bad. Jean Louisa Kelly and Mike O'Malley are definately the funniest. This show was originally thought to be another one-season wonder, but look how long it's lasted.... with good reason, too. I've seen a few episodes and it seems to be getting better all the time. I'm not a big fan of Anthony Clark and I don't particuarly like his character, but the show is still watchable.

Overall Summary: Not my favourite, but still a good show. 7 out of 10
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