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Very Funny, Very Clever. Great !
noize_triggering_unit3 August 2004
I've seen every baddiel and skinner unplanned show made, so I thought it would be a good idea for me to comment. If you are a fan of baddiel and/or skinner you should check this out. This is on paramount almost every night in England. The show is mainly based on questions by different members of the audience from ''If I hit your heads together who would be hurt most' to more serious questions about politics, either way every question turns into a laugh.

Another thing about this show is there is a no football rule, so if you're sick of the fantasy football show this one will be for you. And it also ends in a song picked by the audience!
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The TV Bulling Is Over.
ml012a486027 June 2006
Its no wonder that ITV has dropped both David and Frank, I for one am glad about this. This show, when first seen was bright, fresh and most importantly funny. One thing that I notice to make me go off the two is how much they relish their title as celebrity and will bully anyone in the audience if the say something to know them. When some does knock them they really take it to heart that 'A mere mortal has stood up to them' and will quickly ask about their fashion or take a dig at their looks (If they are not very attractive).

Take in to fact the both Frank and David look like tramps and are the ugliest people in to studio I find this ironic. The bulling become more harsh as the gags got weak, which was about half was thought the second series. David I found was the worst for pointing out peoples problems and I found it funny when someone asked him if he thought that he was nothing with Frank. To see this guy who thought that he was a God brought down to his knees by a *Nobody* was kind of nice.

The show is over now and so is David and Franks bulling, The BBC don't want them back, ITV told them to go and now frank is trying to start his stand-up career again where he left off.
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No plan, no holding back
eddie_vega10 May 2005
I always remember a little saying which says, 'If you haven't got anything nice to say, say nothing at all'. Fortunately for this show, neither Frank Skinner or David Baddiel care what they have to say.

The show really proves that people can be just be funny, personally I find the two a lot more funny on this show than they are in their scripted work. They don't hold back on their opinion of class, foreign policy or sex. Even Frank's gentle ribbing of David's religion (Judaism) raise great laughs, yet you never think of Frank as being a racist.

The show is basically two best mates from two entirely different backgrounds who are both funny and incredibly witty and represent a 'man of the people' type persona. Extremely recommended.

Well done lads, I luv ya, clap, clap, clap
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thebigeasy55524 August 2005
Warning: Spoilers
When this show first came out in 2000 it was fresh,original and acceptable you could say.Five years on you can longer say that.Try absolute dire,rubbish which should be axed as soon as possible.Take two men who now resemble tramps,give them a sofa,assemble a studio audience and let verbal excrement take over.Thats basically what the show is.Frank Skinner is a funny man but when paired with Baddiel he just loses any credibility he had as a comedian.Baddiel is just plain unfunny.It's actually painful to watch this what with the terrible gags,irrelevant questions which the two funnymen distort to suit their own personal slant on things.The song at the end which has no meaning anymore and the secretary part.Sure pick someone out of the audience and make them write the crap your talking about.How entertaining NOT.
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Two Blokes . One Sofa . No Script . No Laughs
Theo Robertson28 January 2003
I suppose the idea of sitting David Baddiel and Frank Skinner in front of a studio audience and getting them to ad-lib might be a good idea on paper but on a sofa in front of a studio audience it just seems plain bad . The only good thing about BADDIEL AND SKINNER UNPLANNED is that it shows that Baddiel and Skinner is a comedy double act where one of the comedians is not funny - and it`s not Frank Skinner . David Baddiel does not have anything funny to say . Mind you Skinner was hardly side splitting himself . The only moment of mirth was when a female heckler shouted out to which Skinner retorted : " Slapper " ( A slapper being British slang for a woman of loose morals ) . Another female member of the audience on the other side of the studio decided to add to lend her voice to a heckle . As quick as a flash Skinner replied : " Stereo slappers "

A classic put down in a show light years away from being a comedy classic
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