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The last"true" final fantasy on cd system
earthborn4418 July 2004
This one takes us back to what we loved from the earlier final fantasy games, before cyberpunk influence & darkness came along. Small cute characters with more facial expression (tho i never liked polygon graphics really) & a more colorful world makes this one closer to the original idea. (i always think that the creators also took in mind the "never ending story" at least in musical aspects (like ff4 which sounds a lot like it)

& i celebrate i was able to play a final fantasy with better graphics than the old ones. Very nice CG cinematic sequences too. Nice colors everywhere, not the best final fantasy, but very amazing to play. A must if someone asked me!

The battle system improved over FF7 a lot. Now you can choose more characters & overall faster loading.

Overall this game is a nice way to go back when ff was more underground & there wasn't posts to put opinions about games, just time to enter a nice imaginary world & have fun until u ended it (& having nothing to do with your life after since the game took so much of your free time!)
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My Favorite Final Fantasy For a Number of Reasons
Cheesedemon285 June 2004
I love this game. Every second of it is filled with character, great gameplay, and graphics. Call me a traditionalist, but I think this was the last great Final Fantasy before Square went off the deep end (X, X-2). Three fourths of the cast is lovable, and that's good considering the dismal showings of boy-band rejects in the previous two installments. Quina, Zidane, Vivi, and Freya are my favorite characters, all with their own personalities and traits. That brings up another point that has been lacking in recent FF's. In this game, all the characters have their own traits, which is am perfect return to the roots of FF3. In 7 and 8, you could have pretty much the same three characters the whole game as long as you built them up the right way. But in 9, every character can (and in some cases, must) be raised in their own unique way and can be switched around to make a versatile party. Most people will go with a party of Zidane, Vivi, Steiner, and Dagger the whole way through, but it's definitely a fun challenge to throw in a complex character like Quina or Amarant into the mix. FFIX also boasts the biggest, most involving sidequests in the series. From the first world in the game on, you can collect little items that have no use, but instead, have tons of references to past FF's. I can't tell you how much fun I had collecting items like the Mini-Cid, the Rat Tail, or even little model airships. It's like Tarantino or Godard found their way into Final Fantasy! Most of all, this has the best chocobo sidequest of any FF so far. It's involving, deep, and very complex Everything else you come to expect from FF is here... great music, graphics, story, and challenge. What can you lose?

Er... I have to adjust my scale for a second.

Final Fantasy IX Final Cut: A+

Story/Characters: A+ Music: A- Graphics: A- Gameplay: A Sidequests: A+

It's near perfection... pick it up!
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oscarxp2519 October 2003
Final Fantasy VII and VIII were big hyped games that succeeded in giving us what we wanted. In 2000, a year later after FF8 was released FF9 had already come to the states. Less then two years? Was it rushed or does the great trend continue?.....

I am happy to report that FF9 is just as worthy as it's two older counterparts, what is better, I had a smile on my face playing this game. FF7 I had a state of shock cause of what I was experiencing was amazing, FF8 tugged at my romantic side FF9 is a game that makes you smile. The game is not as dark as the last two but still has its villians. FF9 returns to its roots in this one, knights and kingdoms instead of futurastic worlds. But there is some still signs of te future, even in the Renassance like setting. What makes me smile are the characters, all are cute and have such a cool presence about them. Vivi was the cutest and best magic caster I have ever played with. Zidane was a hero who enjoyed life (unlike Cloud and Squall) and wasn't annoying (like Tidus). The battle system and up grade system was a improvement over the tiring DRAW system of 8. Here the powers are taken from the weapons and equipment you get. The story was not as deep as the other two but the mood of the story was certainly happier and more upbeat. Kids could play this game and not be depressed at all, unlike the depressing themes in 7 and 8. 8 was very serious, 9 has its comical characters (Oafy Steiner, weird Quina and Bratty eiku), they never push their limits though. Once again Dagger is a female character with pride and independance. This time Square let us fight with 4 characters at once which was a nice change. The music is just as beautiful and the games graphics are like 8' but the look in more cartoony. This isn't the most popular FF game out of the 4 but it is one of my favorites. it never takes it self too seriously and the images have a child like imagination to them. This game was labaled as 'The Crystal Returns" FF game. I do not know what the means only it has some reference back to the old FF games. Forget X and pick up 9, it is Square's Hidden treasure, pure joy.

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The best of the original Playstation era
Ftaren12 May 2002
Blessed with an innate sense of history, and tinged with a touch of melancholy, this title provides a fond FAREWELL to the OLD style of Final Fantasy. I will miss it, but that is NOT what impressed me the most about this game. It was the nicely wrought story, the most fully fleshed charachters of ANY 32-bit game, the AMAZING artwork, and the way they wove pieces of the series past into the story and environment. The gameplay is the most addictive in the series since 6, which came out here as 3, but was recently re-released as part of Final Fantasy ANTHOLOGY. I enjoyed the VERY SOUL of this game, an aspect that seemed minor in the previous two entries. This game reminds players WHY they loved the series in the first place.....STORY AND PERSONA. The best music and cinematics EVER to Grace ANY 32 or 64 bit system.
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Yet another videogame masterpeice!
Go_rated_R24 July 2001
This, like Final Fantasy 7 and 8, was a masterpeice, it was a game like no other. The characters, each one of them, were worth the effort.

Zidane and his crew of theives attempt to save the princess Garnet, leading to a great adventure. This game, unlike any Final Fantasy, was so fun to play that you must restart it everytime. It wasn't just the game or the fantastic graphics, but the characters and their traits. For example, Zidane's constant womanizing, Vivi wants to fit in with the crowd, Princess Garnet wants to act like normal people, Steiner's stuberness, Freya's go-getting attitude, Quina's unstopable hunger, Amarant's arrogance, and Eiko's little crush on Zidane. Final Fantasy 9 was similar to every other Final Fantasy because every character had their own personalities.

The storyline was amazing, and so was the graphics. The Final Fantasies are my favorite games, and I am waiting for 10. Final Fantasy 9 was a fantastic was of Squaresoft saying: "The game MUST GO ON!"

This is a fantastic game, rent or buy today.
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More fantasy a person can handle
hellrider31 May 2001
WOW!!! this games rocks! although plot wise it's not as strong as seven, it more than makes up for this with (in my opinion) far superior gameplay. the magic and physical attacks are equally useful, and the introduction of character classes (white mage, black mage, thief, glutton, knight) is drastic improvement over the other playstation exclusive fantasy's. The final fantasy's are my favourite games on the playstation, and this did not disappoint. The ending has to be seen to do it justice (the same for the last two games for that matter). In one word: Brilliant!
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An Epic Masterpiece.
JackBauerPowerHour19 March 2004
When this first came out I didn't think about buying it but seeing it was a Final Fantasy game. I had to. Let me describe how incredible this game is.

The Gameplay: Like all the FF games the control scheme is not hard to learn. Is just awesome, One of the finest RPG gameplay I have ever had the chance to experience. 10/10

Story: Amazing. The plot starts out good in the beginning but the more you progress through the game the better story gets with wonderful characters that you get attach to deeply, nice character development, a lot of humor, drama and self discovery elements thrown in there too. 10/10

Graphics: Beautiful and Outstanding. Clearly the greatest to ever grace the PSX. It truly captures your attention and imagination. Is just Breathtaking to look at. 10/10

Music: Squaresoft truly knows how to put magnificent music in there games. This soundtrack gives this game more of a epic feel to it. Thats why FFIX is a work of art. 10/10

Replay Value: (Depends on what you like to do) If you love RPG games you will definiteley like to go through that experience all over again especially with everything I mention above. 8/10

Overall: What more can I say. This was the game that made love RPG's all over again, not since Chrono Trigger was I blown away by a RPG game. This game clearly is better than FFVII and FFVIII, also the second greatest PSX game ever made. If you haven't had the chance to experience this wonderful gem, go out right now to your nearest videogame store and buy this because this is definiteley a keeper for any true gamer. (10/10 and A+)
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My favorite FF game and the end of an era.
Aaron137524 April 2007
By end of an era, I not only mean the end of the first Sony Playstation's run, but also an era where Squaresoft releases were consistently incredible games. Let's face it; one of the first games they released on the then new Playstation 2 was The Bouncer which was mediocre. There would be only two Final Fantasy games that were not online or direct sequels on the PS2 and while Final Fantasy X was good in its own right it still was not quite up to this delightful and my personal favorite Final Fantasy game. Then XII would come out (I did not bother with XI as I do not like online RPG games) and it still ranks as my least favorite FF. I even liked X-2 better than that one. Not a huge fan of XIII either as the cut scenes at XIII are pretty much what the game's focus is. No, this for my money was the best FF game; then again I enjoyed all three released on the first Playstation unit a good deal. Even VIII which I initially was not crazy about has grown on me. I also enjoyed the ones released for the SNES too, as part II (IV in Japan) is what made me seek out RPG games! The first game itself was pretty good too for the first Nintendo. I often wonder why they skipped so many FF games as the original part II and III and V all would be released, but much later than when they were initially brought out. This one is a bit more like the original games as the previous two were a bit more futuristic, while this one returned to steam powered airships, dragoon knights and kingdoms in peril and that is why I enjoy it so. It also has a vast array of characters, because while I liked the ones from VIII, they just were not varied at all. All teens, all the same age and all the same race and species too. Here we have only one true human character that is a regular in your party in the knight, Steiner.

The story has a theater group coming to the kingdom of Alexandria to perform a show for the queen and her daughter, Princess Garnet. A small black mage named Vivi is also planning on attending this performance; however, the theater group has an alternative motive as they are also planning on kidnapping the princess during the show! Zidane is charged with this class and amid the chaos he finds that the princess is more than willing to go along. Soon they find themselves caught within a forest and Zidane must join up with Vivi and the knight charged with protecting the princess, Steiner to rescue the princess from a monster. As they travel the world, they learn that Queen Brahne (Garnet's mother) has plans to use black mages for war. A weapons dealer named Kuja seems to be prodding her along and helping with these efforts. Soon the group must split as part of the group must help a character named Freya help her kingdom of Burmecia while Garnet and Steiner try to make it back to Alexandria to try desperately to convince the queen to stop her foolish quest. This is only the beginning as there are new continents to find as well as a summoner girl named Eiko and bounty hunters to avoid such as Aramant.

The combat is much more typical of the Final Fantasy series as you battle with a group of four instead of the three you used in the previous two games. It is turn based and basic, though they do a thing called trance here which is pretty much the same concept of the limit attacks from the previous two games, just not as effective or awesome as the limit break from the previous game. The story progression is also a very strong point for me in the this one as there are multiple times throughout the game where you play the game on different fronts as the party splits up. I love this feature in an RPG as it gives you a chance to plays as more characters and it's fun as you get more story too. You did this in the previous one too when Selphie wanted to head to the rocket base, but it is just done a bit better here. I also like the occasional guest party member they use here too.

So yes, this is my favorite Final Fantasy game. Granted there is not one I totally dislike. The graphics here are the best of the three games released on the Playstation as the characters look good and the backgrounds look nice as well. Just not a huge graphics fan, I think SNES graphics look good when applied right and for RPG games I do not think it is all that necessary to make the most realistic looking characters ever. It certainly didn't enhance anything in XII or XIII. Just a shame that this FF game seems almost forgotten. When FF VII came out there were advertisements everywhere. FF VIII would also see its fair number of commercials. This one, I do not recall seeing all that much on it as I just happened to see it at a store. They were too busy propping up the PS2 at the time as this game marked the end of an era.
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Fave game ever
Bungle-910 August 2002
I haven't even finished this game yet and I already know it's my favourite. What I love most is the great relationships between the characters, especially Garnet/Dagger and Zidane. I got really attached to the good guy characters, and I know that I'll be sad when the whole thing is finished.

The tale of good vs. evil is so gripping here I can't express how exciting and wonderful it is. I absolutely love the music, especially Garnet/Dagger's beautifully melancholy vocal theme - it's enough to make you cry if you get too attached (like me).

In my humble opinion, so long as the writing and music of these games keeps up a standard such as this then the series will live for a long time. I reckon they should remake the first few of the series as well, so that todays gamers can see what it was like in the early days but with better graphics etc.....
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Under-appreciated Classic
HtchikdNowhere7 April 2008
I'll be frank.. I LOVE this game. I love it just as much as Final Fantasy VIII despite the fact that there are clear differences between the two. This may in fact be the best game I've ever played, and it will always be a close favorite. Unlike VII and VIII, IX is a more upbeat, comical tale that doesn't exhaust its theme. Yes, there are dark parts and several enemies along the way. However, I felt myself grinning from ear to ear with the characters and feeling their pain when something terrible happened. I laughed my arse off with the dialogue and fell in love with each and every single character all over again every time I played through the game.

I like to think the main male/female protagonists in IX have reversed roles from VII and VIII's main male/female protagonists. The game's male protagonist Zidane is completely different from Cloud and Squall. He's comical, laid back and a bit of a womanizer, but is also deep and righteous at heart. Meanwhile Garnet/Dagger, the game's female protagonist, is naive and sometimes serious to a fault, suffering from massive amounts of internal conflict on numerous occasions.

The other playable characters have their own unique personalities that contribute humorously and emotionally to the story as well, but of course that's Final Fantasy for you.

The only complaint I've heard about this game is that it's "easier" than its predecessors. And while that may be true to a certain extent, it's totally worth playing through. The battle system is also very nicely set up with four characters on the battlefield instead of three. As for mastering new abilities, your characters rely on weapons and accessories that they must equip for a certain period of time before the ability can be permanently added to their list of abilities. For example, if you wield a staff that comes with the Cure spell, you're allowed to use the Cure spell as long as you wield that staff until you've earned enough points in battle to learn the move permanently. This sometimes means that you may have to equip weaker items in order to learn a new ability, but that adds to the challenge of the game. (I personally like this much better than the Materia and Draw/Junction systems.)

This is a game you don't want to miss out on. It's an under-appreciated classic that will leave you with a smile on your face, but not to a corny extent. I highly recommend it to any RPG/FF fan.
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BEST Final Fantasy game EVER!!!
Carvey23 August 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Without a doubt this was definitely one of the very BEST games I've ever played, because even though it's just a game, it was truly a great and beautiful story, going from continent to continent, meeting new people and helping them with their problems, fighting and beating the bad guys. The AMV'S were cool and with great quality picture and sound and the music was very Suspenseful, scary, hypnotic, funny, sad and breathtaking-- depending on what was happening of course, and the graphics were amazing.

And I love how each of the main characters tells their own story in their own different way because each of them have all lived different lives and have come from different places, so that makes each one of them unique and lovable-- including Kuja. And at the end of the game were Zidane and Garnet hug each other because Garnet thought he was probably dead and then the the game ended with an overview of the whole cast and Alexandria, and then the screen changed black and we saw Zidane's and Garnet's final lines, that was a great moment in the game and the entire game was great.

This game was incredible, I have never played anything with this much emotion and heart. I'd rate this game an A+++, 5 stars and 2 thumbs up, I hope the game wins an award-- no make that 10 awards one day in the near future because we all know it deserves them and more. I mean it's been almost a year since I finished the game and I still miss it a lot, sure I could just play it again from the start but I already did so well, I don't know how I could top myself.
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Excellent but flawed part in the Final Fantasy series
chrichtonsworld11 April 2008
First off, the graphics are amazing for a PSX game. Especially when you use summons or one of the strongest magic powers like Flare. The FMV sequences are as always impressive and beautiful.

The cartoony almost kiddy look suits the game and the world you play in. Compared to FF8 it certainly is a step up visually. The musical score is good. I do however wished that they would have made more variations of the tune used in the random battles. Because that theme really got on my nerves after a while. But I was glad that they still used the old victory theme when you win a battle. The gameplay is the best you can get. The battle system is easy and doesn't require much thinking. Just equip an item, learn the ability that comes with it and it is ready for use. It definitely is a major improvement on the junction system from FFVIII. (If you made wrong choices you would get punished and had to start all over again.) In FFIX you can't go wrong. And this could be seen as a flaw. For advanced players it is too easy. The challenge comes from other elements that made no sense to me. For instance at a crucial moment in the game (CD 3) you have to win a Tetra Master tournament in order to advance. And believe me that it is one annoying game. If you have no interest in card games, than this will be a very frustrating experience. Winning the tournament requires the best cards that are available in the game. So it actually demands of you to gather these special cards even if you don't want to.

To me one of the major flaws of this game was the character building. With the characters that are made available there was a lot of potential for interesting events. Not much background is given on them only when it was needed to explain a certain element in the plot. For example we know that Vivi is a Black Mage and that he has a genuine motive in finding out what is going on concerning the Black Mages that are controlled by Kuja. But we never find out why his grandpa chose to raise him (since he wasn't a black mage himself) and if the grandpa knew that he was a Black Mage. Not knowing enough made it impossible for me to root for the characters like I did for the characters in FFX. Also this lack of depth has his impact on the main plot which doesn't offer anything new or original. The love angle between Zidane and Garnet (Dagger) is obvious. But wasn't as strong as the connection between Squall and Rinou from FF8 or Tidus and Yuna. Also Zidane doesn't really change. His character is the same throughout the game. Squall (FF8) and Cloud (FF7) were more reluctant and did develop during the game into heroes. Which made it far more interesting to follow the story and play the game. But in the end the one thing that kept me playing the game was it's addictive gameplay. Battling foes is so much fun especially once you gain all those super abilities and skills.

I can say without a doubt that this is one of the best games that the PSX has to offer and that it has to be played at least once.
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Good, but short
cheeseboy8017 February 2001
This is a pretty good final fantasy game, but the game is pretty short compare to the other final fantasy games for the Playstation. I mean I beaten disc 1 & 2 by one week. On Final Fantasy VII & VIII, it took me weeks to finish the first disc.

I wasn't very interesting in the plot until disc 3. Princess Garnet is pretty cute for an CGI character and Kuja is as bad as any other Final Fantasy bad guy. Overall this game is a must-have for all Final Fantasy fans.

I can't wait for Final Fantasy X, XI, and XII for the PSX 2 (or X-box?)
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Nearly perfect.
kakeavril15 April 2006
First off, Final Fantasy IX is a great game, no doubt about it. The story is engaging and keeps you guessing. The score is among the best of any video game and the CG is the best on any PSone title. The game play is easy to pick up and story progression isn't slowed down by pages and pages of tutorials. Whilst i love VII and VIII, i'm still having difficulty working out junctioning and the like. Whereas in IX you'll be an expert in no time, picking off your enemies one by one. Thats not to say that its easy, far from it, but you won't have to worry about not having the right GF or using up all your Curaga spells.

In technical terms, IX is as close to a perfect game as you will find for the PSone. I think one of the biggest reasons for it being overlooked by many gamers however is its characters. FFVII & VIII both had a techy, sci-fi feel with moody lead characters that worked in a time when technology was having its growth spurt. IX however, went back to FF's grass roots and opted to use cartoony, whimsical characters that work well in eastern gaming/cinema but over here in the west? I get it, and so do many others i'm sure, but for the rest of the 'need4speed' boy racers who aren't interested in a game that doesn't say 'underground' or 'redux' after the title... i think you see where i'm going. Cool it ain't, but it is beautiful and magical and other words to that effect. You could even say it led the way for a fantasy revival with Rings and Potter just around the corner. But i feel that may be giving it a little too much credit. I am here however, to be critical, and my critical eye falls sharpest on the games characters. The world they inhabit is wonderful to me and i would go for the scenery but i'm afraid i wouldn't be staying for the company. Zidane and Garnet are a fantastic leading pair and Kuja is a deliciously evil villain. But thats it. Vivi, whilst essential to the plot is unbelievably annoying. In fact, annoying is a word that could be used for most of the principal characters. There are great characters in there, but you can't use them! Beatrix? Marcus? Blanc? Yes please. Steiner? Amarant? Bloody Quina? (What is it?!!!) No thank you. The lack of decent characters is, thankfully, it's only major flaw. Just ignore everyone except for Zidane and the Princess and you'll be fine, because these are the characters that you will care for. And the ending cinematic could well have you tears (Just me? OK).

In conclusion, this is a game that you will probably love or hate. It's up to you, stick with it and you'll find a game full of surprises, laughter, sadness, love and inevitably death. Turn off at the first sign of weird and annoying frog things and you'll never know how amazing it could have been.

9/10 Nearly Perfect.
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A game that has touched my heart and will always be a part of me
vivifan16 January 2017
Final Fantasy IX is one of my favorite final fantasy games in the series. I loved the atmosphere, characters, music, setting, mini games, world map, villain, gameplay, visuals(yes I liked the art design since it reminded me a lot of the old games in the NES/SNES days, and it also was original and charming at the same time I know people will disagree with that but each to their own). The battle system is solid since you have four members in your party with their own job class like Zidane being a thief, Vivi being a black mage,Eiko/garnet being white mages/summoners etc.The leveling up works well since it's like most RPG's and it's ability upgrading works well to since you can use the ability when equipped but when it's maxed out you can use whenever you like.The mini games are really fun too and the side quests are enjoyable to tackle like tetra master(Am i the only who enjoys that game and has won and enjoyed matches XD.) Boss fights are fun, the game has a lot of places you can explore once you obtain the airship.The only downside to the gameplay is the loading times for battles and trance bar being a bit flawed, but the game-plays pros far out way the cons IMO.The characters are really likable and funny, The games story is interesting and dark. The music is great and the ending made me satisfied. This game is one of my favorites and I love it to death. It's funny, dramatic, heartwarming, beautiful, likable and it's a game that I think every gamer should try out.
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Garnet/Dagger's real name.
omninexus5 December 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Find it here: Once this I didn't like was how this game was not challenging enough for my taste. It is way too easy. You basically get your task from one of your allies, and go and do it. Unfortunately, when you go perform these tasks, you encounter almost no resistance. It's just way too easy. Granted, there are many side quests that can be challenging to complete. But, when I formulate an opinion on the challenge, I always look over everything, and the challenge of the side quests doesn't even come close to equaling the simplicity of the main quest.

Overall though, I found this to be a very well made game. All of the different areas were well done respectively, and when combined into one game it naturally comes out very well. The best parts would probably be the graphics and sound, followed very closely by the gameplay, story, and replay value. The only area with major flaws would be the challenge, but with the other good areas, this game evens out nicely. Overall, very well done, another Final Fantasy destined to be a legendary game, Kudos Square, you did it again.
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In my opinion? Classic.
mellovesgary13 December 2004
When I was younger my elder brother bought Final Fantasy IX that was preowned. I had no idea what it was but watched him play it anyway. I saw the theatre and thought it was a little game about a play. How wrong I was, when, a while ago, he started playing it again, so, as I like copying him sometimes, I played it also. I was blown away by it all. The graphics, the music, the characters, I was lost in a world of moogles and chocobos. For the next few days I spoke of nothing but that game, and sometimes still do. I have completed it before my brother, which is my biggest accomplishment, as usually it is the other way round. And he STILL hasn't completed it. The graphics are slightly better than in VIII, and the FMV's are incredible. Square really did well to make this game a hit. The music is composed excellently, with some memorable tracks such as, from my own favourites, "A Face Unforgotten" and "You're Not Alone" and care-free tunes such as "Aloha De Chocobo". The mini-games are also challenging but addictive - spending a whole day searching for that all important Chocograph and that hidden moogle to deliver Mognet.

All in all, I would like to give this game a 1000000 out of 10 even though I can't. Although others may think VII or VIII is better, I still think IX is the greatest Square could do on Playstation before moving on to PS2 with X. I recommend it to all FF fans everywhere. Now go buy it. Trust me!
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Good game with well animated cut scenes.
johnsteede24 March 2001
While not a movie, the cutscenes were very well done animation. The faces actually showed emotion, and the backgrounds looked photo realistic. As for the game, it was good too. The characters were all interesting with real development. They were all unique and supported the story line, each in their own way.
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100/101% Perfect.
piercedinsmore3 March 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Ok, so this game itself play-wise was really fun. The way you could have Zidane or Cid move, and playing in classic game mode was cool. I took away 1 percent because I felt like some of the male characters looked like girls. The game itself is sweet, short, easy, and fun.

If people judge this game because of graphics, and because it is old, then they are probably your average 11 or 10 year old who expects every FF to be like XV. This one is definitely in my top 3 favorite Final Fantasy's.

So try it, that's all I gotta say. Mobile is the best way to play it though, just my opinion. Also, JSYM Square Enix Quina is a girl. Why do you put he/she and don't give the poor thing a gender.
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A Very Solid Entry
chronosquall1430 November 2003
Although not wholly original, especially when compared with its predecessors on the PSOne, FFIX is still a very enjoyable game that integreates FMV well with stunning pre-rendered environs for a compelling, lengthy, sidequest-filled. The cast isn't the greatest, but the return of set job types, acquiring abilities, and forging weapons all add to the fun. The battle system has a few hiccups in pacing and overall the plot isn't as strong as previous FF games, but the cast is endearing, the game well-paced, and the art direction wonderful. It's not the best Final Fantasy game of all time, but it's easily one of the best RPG's the PlayStation has seen.
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a game so could even the STUPIDEST of people would enjoy it
Nicholas_Coleman9 July 2003
This game is good, so good in fact that you could brush your teeth with it. The characters are INSTANTLY lovable, when i say LOVABLE, I actually mean annoying until about disk 3, where they start to shine through. The exception is Vivi, the LITTLE mage with a BIG heart, who you can easily warm to. So easy in fact, that even a REALLY cold polar bear would feel like shedding a few layers of skin in order to cool down after being so made warm by Vivi.

So buy this game, good plot, good (tolerable) characters, and amazing psx graphics pushed to their very limits by a game you'd like to take home to your mother, if thats what you do with your computer games, and a sexy crystal on its cover.

Peace out. Love to you all
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Amazing Game!
viviornitier25 June 2002
I have beaten this game and it was worth every penny and minute. This game is riveting and is probably the best Final Fantasy there is so far. This game is a dream. It couldn't have been put together any better. The story is astonishing! The characters make the story even better with there unique personalities.
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newbies, steer clear!
original_nuttah225 May 2002
The 9th installment for the final fantasy series brings on a new meaning to the word "final". the continuity in the game is as ever present, using the various characters and props seen in the ones before. for hardcore "FF'ers", this will be a walk in the park. for those who have not played any others, there is a very steep learning curve.

The magic system is completely different from those before, using a system where each weapon has abilities. possessing this weapon allows you to use these abilities, temporarily. winning battles earn you points towards this ability, and upon completing the points for the ability, it becomes permanent. different form the materia system, the junction system and all those before, and hard to get used to, but when done correctly, is a formidable system to use.

the characters have gone back to the primitive, the old cartoon style used in 7 and previous installments. our main character, zidane, somehow reminds me of cloud, yet is compelling in his own way.

spanning 4 discs, it will take a bit longer than 8, in fact a lot longer than 8, but the cinematics, the rendered backgrounds, and general graphics are something to be reckoned with (although if they waited a bit longer, the PS2 would have made this game almost perfect).

so overall, it's a must-have for resident FF gamers. but for newbies, i would suggest buying 7 first. them you can learn almost everything you need to know for this outing.
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One last hurrah.
JG200124 April 2001
Final Fantasy IX brings a welcome change from all of the overly techoncratic Final Fantasy games recently. The characters are made more cartoonish. The game references various things from the games of the past. And like the tagline says, the crystal comes back. In short, this is Final Fantasy's last hurrah of the old school. The game goes back to the style of the earlier games for one last time before Final Fantasy X returns the series to the format it's taken in the past few.
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ant2knee7726 February 2001
This is the final fantasy on the playstation one, and they have pulled out all the stops for this one, ODIN and BAHAMUT are still goin strong. but best of all the plot seems grab then loose grip of you then grab you again but with more power. Although the first two discs are short lived it is still consider the best of the lot by my point of view. The one thing strikes me is the ability to control different players, but what gives this game 'come back and play me quality' is the suspense of waiting for summons and the rare FMV. That is perhaps the biggest problem, the lack of FMV'. but overall 10/10 nothing can top it (for the moment, FFX, FFXI, and so on)
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