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an adorable movie with a great show from Reese Witherspoon
The_Amazing_Spy_Rises6 April 2006
My rule when rating movies is to review it all by itself....don't compare it to something else that's completely different from itself. That's the mindset you have to have when watching Legally Blonde, the movie that Reese Witherspoon managed to get a Golden Globe nomination out of. No kidding here. It's really an adorable movie that is appropriate for any age....a very light PG-13.

Elle Woods (2006 Oscar Winner Reese Witherspoon) has it all....the perfect boyfriend, Warner, who is handsome, charming, and driven, the perfect life, awesome friends, and a really cute dog. But all of this seems minuscule to the fact that her boyfriend has just dumped her because she is not serious enough, and he wants a girl that is well received by the public when he begins his political career. So, Warner enrolls at Harvard University, leaving Elle (it sounds like the letter 'L') disheveled and sad. Then, 'going where no blonde has gone before' (good use of tagline, right?), Elle decides to work extra hard to enroll at Harvard to win her man back. Well, Elle (funny rhyming there) achieves the requirements in tests and community service, and sends in a very interesting video essay, and gains entrance to the prestigious university. She quickly finds out that not only is her dream man already engaged to another woman (Selma Blair), but Elle is not widely liked around campus. She finds her calling in law, and with the guidance of a friend (the likable and funny Luke Wilson), proves to be a talented prospect in the field.

The film is a very watchable film from start to finish, as the movie's opening theme song (Hoku's hit song "Perfect Day") is catchy and likable. Reese Witherspoon's performance is so great and hilarious, yet so true to herself as a person. She shines like the sun in this movie. It can be a little silly at times, not to mention a tad unrealistic and dragging, but Witherspoon's ability overshadows those unfortunate facts. The supporting cast is also good, with Selma Blair and Luke Wilson leading the bunch. Also in there is 'Waiting...' star Alanna Ubach, Matthew Davis, Jennifer Coolidge (NBC's 'Joey'), Ali Larter, Victor Garber as Elle's law professor, and 'Scooby-Doo' star Linda Cardellini.

This is the ultimate 'girl power' movie that every person without a Y chromosome will love. Not all men will like it, but I enjoy it whenever it's on television. It's not something I'd buy, but one that is a great rent for the whole family. Also, a word to the wise: watch this one, and this one only, for the sequel is probably the most disappointing sequel in history.

7/10 --spy
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Good Movie
tomrito12 July 2001
Saying this is a good movie may not sound like much, but after watching all the other summer movies, this is a breath of fresh air. Reese Witherspoon is proving to be one of the best young actors of our time and she makes this movie something fun to see. Other than "The Sexy Beast", this was one movie that was any good so far this summer.
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Avoids the Stereotypical and Worn Roots of Previous Girl-Power Comedies...
MovieAddict201611 April 2003
I didn't go into "Legally Blonde" expecting too much. I rarely go to actual movie theaters to see a film (I usually rent videos/DVDs), but I got an advance on this one, and I was kind of sad it had to be this film I was going to see, but I had been invited along with two other people to see it and I wasn't going to say "no" for no reason. So I went.

One of the persons I went with just wanted to see Reese Witherspoon in a Playboy bunny costume, so I figured I was in for another average run-'o-the-mill sex comedy. But I was very surprised with the outcome.

So many girl-power comedies these days are made just for the sake of trying to prove a point that women are equals to men (I suppose that's the message behind it--what else was "Now and Then" made for?) and/or support for women. Fortunately, the 2001 hit "Legally Blonde" is not only a pleasant surprise, but an intelligent film, as well. (Sorry, that was my main "gripper" for this review and I had to leave it in.)

Reese Witherspoon plays California sorority girl Elle Woods. Unlike other people her age that are worrying about grades in school, Elle only worries about what toilet paper is the softest. But after her boyfriend dumps her and goes off to Harvard Law School, Elle is determined to go to Harvard and get her man back. So after putting together a very shallow video for the chairmen of Harvard, they accept her into the prestige college (because of her innocent sexuality, no doubt, as we see them gaping at Elle in a bathing suit on the video), and she packs her bags and heads off to Harvard with her little dog Bruiser; as the ads say, "Boldly Going Where No Blonde Has Gone."

"Legally Blonde" doesn't give up on the plot and completely divulge into dumb blonde/sex jokes. This film not only has a funny--if ridiculous--plot, but the jokes are, surprisingly, NOT crude sexual jokes. This film is not another "Scary Movie" made for teens: It has divinely orchestrated comic timing.

Sometimes the plot gets a bit too heavy--the whole teacher-hitting-on-Elle thing is a bit stereotypical for a film like this--but in the long run it seems to break away from the typical girl-power comedy.

Reese Witherspoon tends to play the same characters a lot, but hey, if she can pull them off, good for her. I don't mind if all her characters tend to be the same (to a certain extent) because they tend to be quite funny and cute--who can't laugh at her Elle Woods persona?

The film has a very nice co-star cast: Victor Garber ("Titanic," "Sleepless in Seattle"), Luke Wilson ("Blue Streak," "Charlie's Angels"), and Selma Blair ("The Sweetest Thing," A Guy Thing"--pretty much anyTHING).

In the end, not only does "Legally Blonde" come off very funny, but also very witty, good-natured and sweet: One of the most pleasant surprises of 2001, indeed.

4/5 stars -

John Ulmer
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Reese Witherspoon's Best Performance
jhclues11 November 2001
Don't judge a book by it's cover. An old saying we've all heard so many times it doesn't seem to mean anything anymore. But it does mean something, and it's important; and, before we proceed, go back and read it again. In fact, let me help you: Don't judge a book by it's cover. There. Now take a moment to think, really think about it. And if it still doesn't mean anything, take a couple of hours and check out `Legally Blonde,' a comedy with some real teeth in it, directed by Robert Luketic and starring Reese Witherspoon. The premise of the story has to do with upscale sorority girl Elle Woods (Witherspoon), who instead of getting the long awaited, much anticipated marriage proposal from her boyfriend, Warner (Matthew Davis), finds herself jilted as he prepares to leave for Harvard Law School. Elle, it seems, just doesn't fit the oh-so-serious, somber profile that the wife of a future Senator must have. It's all about image, and Elle's own 4.0 grade average earned in her `frivolous' curriculum apparently doesn't carry any weight. Being outgoing, positive, beautiful AND intelligent just won't do among the `serious' of the `upper crust' elite. So, because she looks good and enjoys her life, Elle is given the gate, and she just can't understand why. She's devastated. But she's also smart. Smart enough to pick herself up and make a decision that stands them all on their ears. With the grades and the wherewithal to swing it, she enters Harvard Law herself, initially with the intent of winning back Warner. But along the way she learns something important-- about the way things really are, about people and about herself, as well. And she sets out to prove that if there is any `shallowness' around, it's only in the minds of those who perceive her as something and someone other than what she really is. And, for the viewer, right out of the gate this is someone you want to see succeed in her quest, because her triumph-- whatever it may be or however it comes out-- is going to be one you share right along with her.

Make no mistake, this is one funny movie-- in fact, it's downright hilarious at times. But beyond the laughter it evokes, there's a flip side to the same coin. Because beyond all of the comedy there is some serious issues at the heart of this film, and anyone who's ever been subjected to trials and tribulations simply because they didn't happen to fit a certain `mold,' or coincide with someone else's `opinions' of the way things should be, will be able to identify with Elle's situation. And it's something you have to be aware of, because even while you're laughing at the funny stuff, at the same time it's almost painful to watch Elle endure the senseless, heartless, unnecessary and unwarranted acts that are perpetrated upon her. At the core of the matter is not only the need for tolerance and understanding, but the necessity and importance of keeping an open mind about everything that transpires around you. Who knows what monumental contributions an individual is capable of making in this imperfect machinery we call society if they are prejudged into oblivion? So there's a lot more to this film than meets the eye; `dumb blonde' jokes get nipped in the bud, and by using a comedy format, the filmmakers here have produced a film that is not only entertaining, but thoroughly thought-provoking, as well.

Reese Witherspoon opens herself up and gives a dynamic performance here as Elle; she conveys such a full-of-life spirit that it is easy to empathize with her, and when the hurt comes, you feel it with her. And through it all, the way she takes it on the chin then moves on with her life makes her a role model for those who may find themselves in a similar situation. On one hand, when Elle finds solace by getting a manicure at the local beauty shop, it makes for a falling-on-the-floor moment of hilarity, and yet you're always aware of that other side of the coin, as well. And it makes you root for her all the more. Witherspoon has a perky, vibrant screen presence that makes her perfect for this part, and she makes Elle a flawed and therefore very real person. When she gets knocked down, you feel for her; and then there's that feeling of triumph when she gets back up and stands her ground. There's no question that this is Witherspoon's movie, and it's one of the best performances of her career.

The supporting cast includes Luke Wilson (Emmett), Selma Blair (Vivian), Victor Garber (Professor Callahan), Jennifer Coolidge (Paulette), Holland Taylor (Professor Stromwell), Ali Larter (Brooke Taylor-Windham), Jessica Cauffiel (Margot), Linda Cardellini (Chutney), Alanna Ubach (Serena) and Oz Perkins (Dorky David), with a special appearance by Raquel Welch as Mrs. Windham-Vandermark. An entertaining, accessible film that should be embraced by a wide audience because of the clever way in which it gets across it's message, `Legally Blonde' can be enjoyed by just taking it at face value and soaking up the jokes, but offers even greater rewards to those who really delve into it and see it as an examination of human nature. Not always, but occasionally, a movie is so much more than what it appears to be on the surface, and this is one of them. What makes it so good is the fact that it can really make you laugh, while at the same time it's subtly telling you that there is no place for cruelty within the realm of human relationships. It's a film that's worth seeing many times over, and that's the magic of the movies. I rate this one 9/10.
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Reese Goes To Hah-Vard
bkoganbing14 July 2008
Legally Blonde finds Reese Witherspoon in one of her breakthrough roles as sorority queen Elle Woods who is dumped by her preppy boyfriend Matthew Davis. He's moving on to Harvard Law School where he will get his law degree, marry a woman of good background in Selma Blair and claim the family legacy of public office. So there's no time for his homecoming queen Reese although I'm sure he'd arrange something on the side later.

She's totally floored by this, but our intrepid girl vows to fight fire with fire. If he can go be a Hah-Vard Law School Graduate so can she. I mean she's got a 4.0 GPA even if it is in fashion design.

But beneath her Barbie Doll personality, she actually does have a brain. She aces the law boards and sends a unique video essay that is something different for the admission committee to ponder. She gets to Harvard to be with Davis, who's unfortunately there with Blair.

At this point the charm of Reese Witherspoon really takes over and dominates the film. I'm not sure anyone else could have pulled off the part of Elle Woods. With that wonderful combination of charm and guilelessness, Reese Witherspoon has created an endearing character, one she's already done a sequel film with.

She's nicely aided by Luke Wilson as an attorney and crony of one of her law professors. Another performance that I liked was that of Holland Taylor as a feminist law professor who's initially put off by Witherspoon, but gradually comes to appreciate her worth.

In fact in the end just about everyone in the film comes to appreciate her worth, some to their regret.

I don't know about you, but I'd like to see a Legally Blonde 3.
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Ditzy blonde makes good!
tim-764-29185612 May 2012
As a middle-aged bloke, a ditzy, frothy blonde who dresses in designer pink and who has as a pet a Chihuahua, who also dressed in pink would have me running for the hills, screaming and violently pulling out my own fingernails.

Unless it's Reese Witherspoon, for whom I do have a soft spot for especially when she's exactly like Miss Elle Woods here. The story itself is really rather far-fetched but even this aspect is sort of sorted by some generous bending of unwritten rules and smart legal jargon.

Legally Blonde will always work better for me, when Miss Woods is gaily arranging sorority parties and being just ridiculously OTT about fashion choices and tartly responding when others try and make her look ridiculous. This comic timing is perfectly suited to the bubbly and vibrant Witherspoon and she remains a tonic throughout.

The court case that she falls into defending might be essential to the story of how she gets her legal qualifications and to prove all her doubters totally wrong, but for me, this plays second fiddle to the comedy I mention. The romance angle, an essential premise, as at the start, her boyfriend Warner, who she was absolutely sure was going to propose to her, dumps her, essentially because she's a 'dumb' blonde.

He's off to Harvard and so, naturally, Elle scrapes through the preliminaries with the skimpiest of appropriate qualifications (majoring in obscure fashion, for example) so that he could no longer hold that reason against her. He, though, is already dating the surly Selma Blair.

I've probably seen Legally... three times now. The sequel/s don't command any great affection for me but this original is one that is both a great comedy and has a real feel-good factor too, without resorting to the gross-out and toilet humour that's unfortunately seen as an essential ingredient in today's US comedies.
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Feel-good in pink
Cedric_Catsuits28 April 2006
From the opening credits and Hoku's superb 'Perfect Day' (even had me dancing) to the very last shot, this film never disappoints. It may be totally fantastic, slushy nonsense but the 'feel-good' factor is high and once again, Witherspoon gives a flawless performance. As my other reviews will show, I do have a bit of a thing for Ms W. - and Selma Blair - partly because I know any movie with which they're involved will be worthy viewing. They have very different qualities and this is exploited to the full in their on-screen rivalry.

Once again the teen movie scores a hit, and once again the supporting cast excels - not a poor performance in sight. Although fairly superficial the plot hangs together well, and benefits from some beautifully crafted characters. Even the dog never puts a paw wrong.

Very easy on the eye and the ear, and one of my most-watched DVDs because no matter what mood I start with, I always feel better after a dose of legal pink. Buy the DVD and get the gorgeous and talented Hoku too. Highly recommended.
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Blond Ambitions
zardoz-1329 March 2012
Warning: Spoilers
"Legally Blonde" rates as one of the best 'chick flicks.' This clever,sophisticated, but above all hilarious, fish-out-of-water comedy concerns a shunned sorority doll who refuses to take "no" from her boyfriend after he dumps her. Elle (Reese Witherspoon) is the smartest Delta Nu Sorority sister and she decides to follow her ex-boyfriend Warner Huntington,III to Harvard Law School. No sooner has Elle arrived than she is made the butt of jokes. Warner's fiancée Vivian invites Elle to a party and lies that it is a costume party. Appropriately, Elle shows up as a Playboy Bunny and realizes that she has made a complete fool of herself. Eventually, Elle meets to kindred souls, a sympathetic law student Emit (Luke Wilson of "Home Fries") and Paulette, a manicurist. A stuffy Harvard professor Callahan (Victor Garber)assigns Elle to be a part of the defense team with Brooke Taylor Windham (Ali Larter of "Final Destination") who is charged with killing her wealthy husband Heyworth. Eventually, Callahan makes a pass at Elle and she quits. Brooke fires Callahan and has Elle takes over the case. She uses her knowledge of fashion and hair care to exonerate her client. As it turns out, Heyworth's jealous daughter shot him because she found it disgusting that Brooke was her age. Elle graduates with top honors while Warner gets by without honors. The romance between Paulette and the UPS delivery man is amusing. Reese Witherspoon bares wattage with a winning smile.

Don't take "Legally Blonde" seriously because it isn't serious. Nevertheless, the leads are cute and the comedy is crisp enough. Nobody is miscast in this memorable chick flick."Legally Blond" proves that you should never judge a book by its cover.
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I Love Reese
donwc19968 August 2011
How can a man of seventy fall in love with a movie star? Well, I did and it's easy when it's Reese Witherspoon. Legally Blond is not a perfect film - the script has more holes than Swiss cheese and the sub-plot is as old as the hills - but who cares when you are looking at Reese Witherspoon who lights up every scene as though she were Times Square personified! What a doll! Of all the current stars she is the ONLY one who really hearkens back to the Golden Age of Cinema and she especially reminds me of Carole Lombard who was the ultimate funny lady who was a knock-out too! As far as I am concerned, Reese can do no wrong - she obviously has brains besides beauty and the two are a lethal combination.
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Carried by a performance, and we're left with a subtle yet favorable impact
StevePulaski31 July 2012
It is very rare that films are carried almost solely by one character's charisma, but Reese Witherspoon throws herself into the role of Elle Woods in Legally Blonde, one of the most genial and unoffensive comedies I've seen in a while. Elle is a goofy, girly woman who enrolls into Harvard Law School after her boyfriend (Matthew Davis) breaks up with her at an attempt to lead a life of utter seriousness. Elle is a shamelessly blonde California girl, used to having others think for her, but she is not witless and without a brain in her head. She just prefers not to work it too hard.

After breaking her back to become accepted to the school, she quickly becomes exiled by her peers because of her bubbly nature and transparent naivete. She too notices her boyfriend's new stuck-up fiancée, Vivian, played by Selma Blair, as always, doing some fine work. Meanwhile, she also becomes acquainted with fellow law student, Emit (Luke Wilson), and her connections with him and her teacher will eventually land her a spot defending her former fitness instructor, who is on trial for allegedly murdering her husband.

One must be careful as accepting Legally Blonde as a film trying to motivate blondes, and not ostracize or provoke them. They are often labeled as slow, incompetent, and unable to perform simple tasks, but Elle puts many redheads and brunettes to shame with her quick-witted nature, her lovable quirkiness, and her beautiful and expressive smile. Witherspoon was born to play this role, and after seeing her as a venomous bitch in Alexander Payne's wonderful Election, it seems we needed her to appear in a film like this just to remind audiences of the good-natured woman she can be.

Legally Blonde, which would later spawn a sequel, a spin-off, and a Broadway musical, may become overbearing for some, because so much of the film is weighed on Witherspoon's shoulders and if one tires from her fast, the experience could very well be a tedious one. I was left fulfilled and never bored from this, and can always respect a film that is able to shred my cynicism and offer compelling insight that could definitely prove factual in today's society. What can I say? It did the job, in more ways than one. But then again, why trust me? I'm a blonde.

Starring: Reese Witherspoon, Luke Wilson, Selma Blair, Matthew Davis, Victor Garber, and Jennifer Coolidge. Directed by: Robert Luketic.
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Believing In Yourself NEVER Goes Out Of Style!
Lady_Targaryen5 February 2006
Warning: Spoilers
'Legally Blonde'is one of my favorite movies, and I watched it for countless times.(and no, I am not a rich platinum blonde girl) The story itself is very silly,but I really don't care about the bad reviews and I found it very delightful to watch.

Elle Woods is a beautiful blonde woman who has as a boyfriend called ''Warner Huntington III'', a guy who is so popular,beautiful and rich as her. She has a great life, she is the queen and the president of her sorority called Delta Nu, and she does not have to worry about anything. Her big dream is to marry her boyfriend, and one day, when they are having dinner, Warners tells her something important: He is going to Harvard to be a Law school student,but he foes not need a Marilyn....he wants a Jackie! Or in a easy way: He will not date Elle anymore, because he wants someone who is more serious and less futile.

Elle stays angry and devastate,but during her depression, she had the idea about studying and going to Harvard to be 'more serious'. There, she finds out that Warner is engaged to Vivian Kensington, a brunette girl who starts to become Elle's rival,and she also meets Emmett, one of the professor who work in Harvard. With the help of Paulette(the manicure) and Emmett, she will show the real power and the things she is capable to do,since people always think that she get things only because of her looks.

One of the things I love in this movie,is Elle's change for a new girl with new purpose in her life, and even her personality's transformation without loosing her charisma. One of the coolest messages about this movie is: with your internal power, you can always be much more of what other people think.

aka "Legalmente Loira" - Brazil
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Clueless Goes to Harvard
Buddy-5129 December 2001
In `Legally Blonde,' – which could well be re-titled `Clueless Goes to Harvard' - the delightful Reese Witherspoon stars as a ditzy, fashion-obsessed airhead who winds up (through plot complications too elaborate to go through) taking that Ivy League law school by storm. Needless to say, there is not a single believable moment in the film, but that is generally the case with most fish-out-of-water scenarios anyway. What `Legally Blonde' does have is a warm spirit, a bubbly demeanor and a breezy charm that reflect to a tee the personality of its main character.

Although the film does not exhibit the same level of comic genius we found in `Clueless,' Witherspoon's letter-perfect rendition of the bubblehead stereotype earns the film a great deal of audience goodwill, a factor that helps us to get over some of the movie's flatter moments. For indeed, throughout the course of this tale, we do hit a number of arid stretches where we feel that we should be laughing an awful lot more than we are. In fact, `Legally Blonde' occasionally feels more like a concept in search of a movie than a full-fledged work in its own right. But, just as you are about to give up on it, the filmmakers hit upon a hilarious concept, sight gag or line of dialogue, which help to set the movie back on track.

Clearly, Witherspoon is the big selling point of this film. As an actress, she exudes such an air of intelligence, confidence and compassionate goodwill that she invests even her dumb blonde character with those seemingly paradoxical traits. `Legally Blonde' isn't always at the top of its form, but Witherspoon wins the case for the film hands down anyway.
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An enjoyable girl power flick with a mainstream message.
=G=6 November 2001
"Legally Blonde" is all about Witherspoon as a totally val blonde from Beverly Hills who goes to Harvard and makes good. Predictable formula fun, "LB" gets off to a good start with the freshness of "Clueless", pushes its own envelope of believability in the middle, and ends with a major feel good moment. Along the way, this fun family flick makes some good points about life's priorities. Enjoyable stuff for 13 and up.
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Only In Hollywood!
ccthemovieman-114 May 2006
Warning: Spoilers
A bimbo becoming a top lawyer: only in Hollywood!! That's the premise here and a winsome Reese Witherspoon pulls it off in a charming way, which she would have to do to make this ludicrous story watchable. It's a bit on the feminist side with most men pictured as shallow but there are women pictured the same, too. In an era PC baloney, at least this film pokes fun at everyone, not just select groups.

Witherspoon and Luke Wilson both play good, nice people and it's nice to see a Wilson brother NOT playing someone stupid. There are stupid parts in here, but you get that in any comedy. There are also some very clever lines in there, too, but overall it's pretty low-brained material.....just played for fun. It would have been more innocent without a needless off-key or profane remark here and there.
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Deep down, it's shallow
JamesHitchcock16 April 2007
Warning: Spoilers
The heroine of this film is Elle Woods, an undergraduate studying fashion design at a Californian university. Elle is rather cruelly dumped by her ruthlessly ambitious upper-class boyfriend, Warner Huntington III, who has just been accepted by Harvard Law School and intends to be a Senator by the time he is 30. Warner considers that Elle is insufficiently serious and intellectual to marry a man like himself; as he puts it "I need a Jackie, not a Marilyn". (What Warner fails to consider is that, with Marilyn Monroe as a potential First Lady, JFK might have been elected by a landslide instead of having to rely on highly contentious results in Illinois and Texas to put him in the White House).

Actually, Warner's misgivings about Elle seem to have some foundation in reality, as she gives the impression of being a shallow, superficial airhead, concerned about little except her appearance and her clothes. (Elle appears to be from a wealthy family; I found myself wondering whether her character was modelled on Paris Hilton, especially as, like Paris, she has a pet Chihuahua). Elle, however, is determined to win Warner back and applies to Harvard Law School herself. Surprisingly, she is accepted, largely because she impresses the male admissions tutors by wearing a skimpy bikini while making her admission video. Once at Harvard, Elle discovers that Warner has now got engaged to Vivian, a snobbish upper-class brunette. After a difficult start, however, she finds herself coping surprisingly well with her academic work, wins an internship with a prestigious Boston law firm and even helps to defend Brooke, an old college friend charged with murdering her elderly husband.

James Berardinelli said of "Legally Blonde" that it takes a talented performer to make a dumb character likable as opposed to irritating, an opinion from which I would not dissent. Reese Witherspoon is, of course, a very talented performer, as evidenced by her well-deserved Oscar for "Walk the Line". Even she, however, (and here I would dissent from Mr Berardinelli's view) is unable to make Elle a character one can warm to. The script might tell us that beneath Elle's shallow exterior there is a highly intelligent and resourceful individual. Ms Wetherspoon, however, seemed unable to show us this; her demeanour, her ridiculously overdone dress-sense, her constant changes of hairstyle and (worst of all) her irritatingly high-pitched voice only served to reinforce the impression that beneath Elle's shallow exterior was an equally shallow interior.

Elle is the sort of character who in the eighties or nineties would have been played by Melanie Griffith- the film, indeed, has certain similarities with Griffith's "Born Yesterday", another film about a seemingly-dumb blonde with hidden depths. Griffith has always struck me as a much less versatile actress than Witherspoon, but in "Born Yesterday" she succeeded where Witherspoon failed, making her character Billie Dawn surprisingly likable.

Moreover, for a film which ostensibly has a "don't judge a book by its cover" message, there was a surprising amount of sexual stereotyping going on. According to this film, lesbians are all plain, dowdy and politically radical; gay men are all camp, narcissistic and hysterically over-emotional. They also, apparently, know everything there is to know about fashion designers, a subject about which straight men are woefully ignorant. Indeed, with the exception of the token "good guy" who becomes Elle's new boyfriend, straight men do not come out of this film any better than gays. Apart from the arrogant and self-obsessed Warner, there is a male law professor who turns out to be a creepy sexual predator, an unattractive nerd who cannot get a date without Elle's assistance and a poor-white-trash deadbeat living in (of course) a run-down old trailer. With the exception of Brooke's oddly-named stepdaughter Chutney, all the female characters are portrayed sympathetically. The formidable-seeming female professor turns out to be more decent than her male colleague, and even Vivian, who is initially portrayed as a social and intellectual snob and a prize bitch, goes through a change of heart and becomes Elle's best friend.

"Legally Blonde" is essentially a one-joke film, the joke being that although Elle might look, dress and behave like a dumb blonde bimbo, the sort of girl who (as Pamela Stephenson said about Kate Bush) needs an intellect like she needs a hole in the head, underneath the surface she has hidden qualities- not only academic intelligence but also kindness and strength of character. The problem with the film is that, unlike its heroine, it has no hidden depths. The dialogue is flat, the humour is forced and the characters are all stereotypes with whom I could not sympathise. Deep down, it's shallow.
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You go, Reese!
Catherine_Grace_Zeh17 November 2005
Wow! The main thing I can say about it is, "You go, Reese!" There was only one person that I hated throughout most of the film, and that was Vivian (Selma Blair). The reason I hated her throughout most of the film was because she was really snobby! Even though I had that negative thought about her throughout most of the film, I thought this film was really funny, charming, witty, and sweet. It was especially funny during the trial of Brooke Taylor-Windham (Ali Larter). Also, even though Elle (Reese Witherspoon) acted a little crazy at times, I thought she did, indeed, have a lot more legal savvy than she thought she did. In conclusion, if you're a fan of Reese Witherspoon, I highly recommend LEGALLY BLONDE! You're in for a good time and a lot of laughs, so go to the video store, rent it or buy it, and see it today.
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Clueless, without the story or intellect.
HoraceBury6 October 2002
This movie is one of the most shallow and crass films I've ever seen. The lead character expects everything to go her way, so following crass Hollywood tradition, it does. This is the basic premise for everything in the plot (which is is extremely thin).

The film would have you believe that if you are of the insignificantly small percentage of people to be voted "best looker of the class" that you somehow also are awarded the ability to make the clever people stupid, stupid people clever, right all wrongs and adjust nature to your way of thinking - all because of looks (and daddies money, if you want to put some depth into it).

Don't try to dissect this movie to find a deeper meaning; there isn't one. Maybe watch it if you are female, have been dumped recently and are very stoned.
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TheLittleSongbird21 June 2010
As several reviewers have said already, I wasn't expecting too much when I saw Legally Blonde, but it was for me surprisingly good. The plot may be a little predictable and heavy-handed, but everything else was nicely handled.

The film does move quite quickly, the script is nice and fluffy like a soufflé, the soundtrack is authentic, the pacing is efficient as is the direction, and the scenery and costumes are lovely. And I enjoyed the acting, Reese Witherspoon is really beautiful and charming, not to mention funny, in the title role, while the supporting cast especially Victor Garber and Selma Blair is very nice.

Overall, this was a surprising film in a good way too. 8/10 Bethany Cox
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How sweet movie "Legally Blonde" is!!
mari_jmjn_072827 November 2006
I love this everything about this movie including its storyline, actors, actresses and so on. I think this movie is very sweet. Why do I think so? There are some reasons.

First of all, Reese Witherspoon who is acting the heroine "Elle Woods" is very cute, not only cute but also her fashions are so charming. Secondly, I like Elle's character. She is always positive with everything, even if she faces serious or difficult situations. My favorite scene is that where Law School students including Elle, Elle's old boyfriend, Warner and his girlfriend Vivian are taking a class. As Elle's opinion is praised by professor, and her opinion is better than Warner's, Warner and Vivian look each other with chagrined face. When I saw the scene, I felt refreshed, and I wanted to say to Elle that "You did it, Elle!"

I really like this movie! The storyline, all of fashions are cute, and actors as well as actresses are suitable for their characters. This movie is not only sweet, charming and delightful, but also Elle Woods told us that a lot of important things for human's beings. In particular I want many ladies to see this movie, but I recommend this movie to to everyone including young boys!!
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a women empowerment movie without even trying
sherlynlavenia10 May 2019
This movie was listed as one of the most iconic teenager/chick flick movies, and after watching Mean Girls (which I hated and I didn't understand how this movie became an icon), I didn't expect a lot from Legally Blonde. Probably a movie about some shallow, upper class, white teen girl getting into law school because of "connections" and realizing it's actually hard, right?

Big wrong.

I did cringe at the intro of the movie, because it seems like Elle's motivation to get into law school was simply to get closer to her ex and trying to win him back. But after some realizations, she didn't care about her ex nor some romantic relationship anymore and did her best to keep up with the workload, getting internships, be responsible, proving people that she's not a "basic white girl" who probably graduates from Harvard with "special treatments"

I love this movie because they didn't emphasize the importance of having a boyfriend/fiancé/romantic relationship (which is what usually happen to women characters in movies) and instead showed Elle's hard work whilst being underestimated. Elle still has stress and frustration, and she solved it by visiting the salon and make friends along the way. On top of that, the movie created a pretty realistic university scenes, from work stress, bullying, underestimating, to sexual favors--of which Elle handled them gracefully and responsibly.

While all of this is happening, Elle also managed to still stay stylish! Which also breaks the stereotype of "fashionable, pretty girls are empty-headed"

10/10. A must watch for everyone, especially teenage girls.
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A Movie That Catapulted Witherspoon Into Stardom
Desertman8428 February 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Legally Blonde is comedy that stars Reese Witherspoon as a sorority girl who struggles to win back her ex-boyfriend by earning a law degree.This film is an adaptation of novel by Amanda Brown.Luke Wilson,Selma Blair,Matthew Davis,Victor Garber and Jennifer Coolidge co-stars with Witherspoon in this film directed by Robert Luketic.

Elle Woods is the president of her sorority and a Hawaiian Tropic girl.And above all, a natural blonde. She dates the cutest fraternity boy on campus and wants nothing more than to be Mrs. Warner Huntington III. But is Elle is too blonde? So, when Warner packs up for Harvard Law and reunites with an old sweetheart from prep school, Elle rallies all her resources and gets into Harvard, determined to win him back. In her journey,she must wage the battle of her life, for her guy, for herself and for all the blondes in the world out there.

This is a fun movie about a bombshell who discovers a brainy aspect of her personality.Witherspoon provides a great performance and catapulted her into stardom in this original and refreshing movie that definitely provides entertainment and excitement from beginning to end.She definitely made Elle an engaging and vivacious personality that one will remember her and guys would not taker their eyes off her.No question that this will be enjoyed endlessly by the viewer.
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A funny, interesting and nice movie
parbatshounak30 June 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I have only 1 word to describe this movie: EXCELLENT!!! Certainly excellent. This movie is comedy-romantic, and it should be watched by those who like funny movies. The movie stars Reese Witherspoon, one of my favorite actresses, as the major character, Elle Woods, who, a fashion-loving girl, after being refused by her ''serious'' boyfriend, decides to be serious too, and then leaves fashion and gets herself admitted to the Law Department of the Harvard University. Selma Blair plays Vivian, a girl who first becomes an enemy of Elle and later becomes her best friend. Selma gave a wonderful performance! As did Luke Wilson, who played Emmett, a boy who likes Elle. Matthew Davis played Warner, the selfish ''boyfriend'' of Elle, and however unpleasant the character of Warner might be, Matthew gave an excellent performance in the movie. Jennifer Coolidge also gave an excellent performance in this movie! Jennifer played Paulette, a middle-aged woman who becomes a good friend of Elle. Jessica Cauffiel and Alana Ubach's funny performances made me laugh. They played Margot and Serena respectively, the two stylish and funny friends of Elle. In short, the casting was excellent! I also liked the music. The story was wonderful. It's one of the best movies I have ever seen.
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Brilliant Movie!!
peachblossom1017 October 2007
Unlike most movies; Legally Blonde is one of the few that makes me want to watch it over and over again. Every time I watch this movie its like I'm watching it for the first time again. This is by far one of my top favourite movies. The power that Elle Woods (Reese Witherspoon) has at the end of this film is intelligent,astonishing, and moving! I love how she solved the case with her own knowledge of her own interests. The story is well thought out; very original. The acting is suited well for the plot. I'm so grateful I got to watch this movie at a young age; so I can learn from the huge mistake that Elle made in the beginning that turned into a huge accuracy! Reese is outstanding in this film. This film covers romance, intelligence, and especially fun comedy.
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Drops her life to spite her ex-boyfriend, how courageous!
hockeyrage8812 August 2005
When my girlfriend finally convinced me to watch this movie, I still had extremely low expectations for it, and I am sad to say that I was still disappointed.

This film is a giant hypocrisy. It tries to claim that women are just as powerful and smart as men, which I really don't need convincing of, but this film actually made me question that idea instead of support it. The only statement that it makes is that women have to manipulate and lie to men in order to succeed. Sure, Elle may have gotten into Harvard without doing so, which, of course is possible, but the film makes it seem impossible, especially with the stereotypical Harvard students that she meets and cannot manage to get along with. The worst part is that she works so hard to get into Harvard for all the wrong reasons. In the end, it tells young women that they can succeed in life even if they live inside of a little bubble that disregards all other life forms, even their own pets.

I almost ripped my own arms off during the 'bend and snap' scene, in which Elle teaches a beauty salon full of women a move that is sure to catch the attention of a nearby man to get him to talk to you. So, in a film that is 'more than just another Girl Power Film', the main character teaches other females how to get a man's attention by showing off her breasts and butt. How innovative.

I live in Southern California, and if I see another dog dressed up and being carried in a purse, I am going to move to Sri Lanka. To anyone who thinks that that is cute, please see South Park episode 812, which features Paris Hilton's dog committing suicide.

In all, this film obviously appeals very well to young women and I can maybe even see why many would like it, but it also contributes to the growing number of messages the mass media is sending to young women that make me worried about the future. I suppose, however, if it does encourage young women to aspire to achieve something or inspires them in any way to better themselves, then it is a good thing, just as long as they aren't going to prove something to their ex-boyfriend. Do it for yourself, what's so hard about that?
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I found it funny (which is fine), but nothing more
think106623 September 2001
Warning: Spoilers
If you are searching for a lightweight comedy with some clever acting (especially Reese Witherspoon) then I can recommend this movie. If you are searching for a film with any insight about overcoming stereotypes (even the usual banal Hollywood offering), then look elsewhere.

Although the plot was predictable, there were some funny moments that I enjoyed. Reese Witherspoon is a talented actress (both comedic and dramatic) and I look forward to seeing her in future roles. But, beyond the level of a predictable comedy, no one should look for any depth in this movie.

SOME SPOILERS FOLLOW. For those of you (and apparently there are a few) who feel a desire to find a message in this movie, I need point out only one fundamentally flawed character (amongst many possible choices) for whom we are apparently supposed to feel compassion (because she is being stereotyped), but who is in fact detestable -- Brooke Taylor-Windham (played by Ali Larter). A woman who marries an older man (apparently because she likes the sex) but feels no compassion for the man's daughter (who is seemingly distraught about having a step-mother of about the same age as she). A woman who deceives her clients in order to make money. A woman who demeans her employees (she makes the pool man wear a thong because she likes the way he looks when he bends over). And yet we are supposed to cheer when she fires her lawyer (played by Victor Garber) because he is a creep (which he is). Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

The movie itself contains so many stereotypes (e.g., Dorky Dave, who can't get a date without Elle's noble intervention, while she herself only dates good-looking guys) that there is no reason to look beyond the comedic element for something deeper (it doesn't exist). Enjoy it for what it is, nothing more.
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