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Double Image
Trina connects with a old college lover. When she blows him off the next day, he hooks up with Kim.
Forbidden Lust
Tom is feeling like crap because he slept with his best friends wife. He explains the situation to Nikki who tells him to get past it. Unbeknownst to any of them, Tom is set up on a date with Kim.
His Little Games
Kim was feeling smothered by boyfriend Simon a year ago. A year later, she tells Trina that it is okay for her to go after Simon. Will there be any regrets for anyone involved?
One Night Affair
Mimi and Ray are getting married. They agree on one last fling with no question, recriminations, or hurt feelings. Mimi is unsure of what she wants to do. Nikki and Kim tell her stories of their fantasies.
Making Believe
Nikki is not having the most fulfilling sex with her current boyfriend. She meets a gigolo who promises satisfaction.
Sexual Competitors
Madison has an adventurous spirit. He wants to take part in a competition for the most interesting sex video, but he needs a partner. The ladies from Quench have the perfect partner for him.
A married couple on their 10th anniversary come into the bar. They tell Kim their story and offer her some suggestions on keeping a relationship fresh and new.
Physical Desire
Brad's curious, sexy cousin Mary comes west for new experiences at the bar and enjoys a very sexy summer.

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