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Sex & Nudity

  • Contains strong sex and sex references
  • Some episodes contain scenes of sex, some strong, sexual threat and sex references including discussion of topics including sexual sadism, rape, fetish sex, sexual violence, obsession, and child sexual abuse. Notable scenes include a couple having sex on a bed (with some brief female nudity), a man thrusting on top of a woman who he has kidnapped whilst another man watches (it is suggested both are naked), a teenage boy receiving oral sex from another young man, a young man masterbates while watching a woman in a shower (he is shot from the waist up) and photographs used within an interrogation that depict sex acts. A strong scene of sexual violence depicts a group of men raping a young woman while they force her partner to watch; the scene is brief but it shows men holding her down whilst one kneels behind her and thrusts into her, with focus on their facial expressions rather than explicit detail. There is also a scene where a cellar is shown to contain numerous tools, including sex toys and other such implements, that have apparently been used on children.

Violence & Gore

  • Contains strong violence and gore
  • Episodes frequently contain scenes of violence, some sexual, including references to murder scenes. There is also a large amount of crime scene detail and forensic gore. Notable scenes include a storyline involving a killer who penetrates their victim's skulls using large nails. There is also a sequence where a people are shot in the head in close-up, with bloody detail of the bullet impact. In a very gory scene of drug-fuelled hallucination, a character imagines tearing into the flesh and pulling out the internal organs of a young woman.


  • Contains infrequent strong language
  • There are occasional instances of strong language, some used in anger or within an aggressive context. Frequent uses of milder language. Occasionally there are uses of racist or homophobic language, though such uses are always clearly narratively justified and the programme as a whole does not promote or encourage such attitudes.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Contains scenes of hard drug use
  • Some episode feature the use of drugs and references to drugs, however they are often used the dangerous nature of drug taking and are regularly tied-up with a murder investigation.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Contains strong bloody crime-scene horror and disturbing scenes
  • There are many scenes of crime-scene detail involving decomposing corpses and grisly autopsy images. There are a number of moments of intense threat, including a scene where a young woman is about to be raped.

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