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Season 21

2 Jan. 2018
The A-mazing Maze
Bob puts Leo in charge of overseeing the building of a maze on the grounds of Fixham Castle while he and Wendy refurbish the interior. Scoop encourages Leo to make the maze more difficult and to add mirrors to it, but when the vehicles test it out they all get lost.
3 Jan. 2018
Grand Marshall Bob
When Mayor Madison announces that Bob will be the Grand Marshall of the annual town parade, Scoop, Muck and Lofty compete to create the best float for him.
4 Jan. 2018
Fess Up or Mess Up
When Muck secretly takes Leo's newly built robo-racing vehicle with him on a build, the toy goes haywire and he tries to solve the problem on his own.
5 Jan. 2018
Bob's First Build
When Muck feels bad for collapsing Bob's first build - his old shed, Scoop tells him the story of how the young Bob built it and all the mistakes he made along the way.
8 Jan. 2018
Grid Block
Dizzy is fascinated by the way that the new traffic lights direct the movement of cars. But when she tries directing the team instead of doing her job, all the traffic-light poles fall down, causing the biggest traffic jam in Spring City history.
9 Jan. 2018
Bobcat Bridge
After Scoop meets a bobcat cub who has become separated from his family by a busy road, Bob and the team build a wildlife corridor so that animals can cross safely.
10 Jan. 2018
Speedway Scoop
The team are building a new spiral ramp for the drive to the bird-watchers' park, but Scoop creates chaos by trying it out before it is completed.
11 Jan. 2018
Parrot Talk
While the team are building an aviary at the zoo, Scoop mistakes a parrot's voice for Bob's and releases the whole flock. Can Bob figure out a way to lure them all back inside?
12 Jan. 2018
Lofty's Playground Problem
Saffi wants to save the elephant ride when the school playground has to be downsized, so Lofty hides it on the roof - but doesn't tell Bob...
15 Jan. 2018
Dog Disaster
Lofty and Leo's overcompetitiveness leads to them accidentally destroying the obstacle training course for rescue dogs they are meant to be building.
16 Jan. 2018
Can't Runaway Runway
Lofty is so excited that Leo is returning from his holiday that he steps onto the newly laid runway at the airport and gets stuck in the cement, just as the plane is ready to land.
19 Jan. 2018
Jet Powered Scoop
Scoop finds himself zooming around the streets on a jet engine, after he messes around at the scientific test facility that the team are building for Mei Moon.
22 Jan. 2018
A Heavy Load
Two-Tonne's desperation to help a pregnant elephant leads him to make a decision that causes a bridge to collapse - and the elephant to escape!
23 Jan. 2018
Canal Chaos
When Lofty is too embarrassed to admit that he doesn't understand Bob's instructions for the new Spring City canal build, he ends up denting Mr Bentley's boat.
24 Jan. 2018
Barn Building Bedlam
Scoop and Ace are put in charge of decorating two barns for Farmer Pickles. Ace's is very impressive, but Scoop will stop at nothing until his barn is the best...
25 Jan. 2018
Aqua Ducks
While Bob and the team are building an aqueduct between Spring City and Fixham, some ducklings mistake Muck for their real mother.
26 Jan. 2018
Talking Loud and Clear
Lofty is keen to impress newcomer Cherry and changes his behaviour, acting on Two-Tonne's advice. But his plans are ruined when Whizzer shows up on the build...
19 Mar. 2018
Tunnel Trouble
Scoop tries to show up Norm, a new mega-machine driller, but causes a cave-in on a tunnel build, trapping himself and Muck underground.
20 Mar. 2018
Bob's Detective Squad
A famous author is opening a new library. When her latest crime novel goes missing, Rocky and Leo try to solve the mystery like the detectives in her books.
21 Mar. 2018
Ace's Dynamite Movie
Ace's mega-machine-sized ego causes big problems for the demolition and rebuild of Roland's rotting grocery store - and a movie director gets it all on film!
23 Mar. 2018
Bridge Over Trouble
Eager to prove he's not the messiest machine on the team, Scoop ruins a demolition job - but they all learn that old things can often be used again.
23 Mar. 2018
What's Opera, Muck?
Wendy is putting on an opera featuring vehicles and people. but Muck's loud singing brings down the ceiling of the old opera house.

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