The Sky at Night Poster

(1957– )

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27 Sep. 1960
Patrick Moore reviews the historic Soviet mission to launch a manned rocket into space.
24 Apr. 1961
Life on the Moon
Patrick Moore discusses the evidence both for and against the possibility of finding life on the moon.
1 May 1964
Ancient and Modern
The Director of the Armagh Observatory in Northern Ireland, one of the Commonwealth's oldest working observatories, shows Patrick Moore round the historic building and describes the Observatory's activities.
24 Feb. 1969
How Much Can We See?
Pat discuses exactly what we can expect to see in the sky without using a telescope.
3 Aug. 1969
Mariner to Mars
Patrick Moore takes a look at the close up pictures of Mars taken by the American Mars probe, Mariner 6.
24 Dec. 1969
1969 - Year of Space
First transmitted in 1968, Patrick Moore looks back at the year in which mankind (and its artificial satellites) first landed on alien soil. As well as reporting on the famous Apollo 11 and Apollo 12 moon landings, Moore also brings disappointing news about the prospects of life on Mars and Venus.
18 Nov. 1970
Infra-Red Astronomy
Patrick Moore speaks to Apollo 11 astronaut Neil Armstrong and discusses infra-red astronomy, which is used to detect invisible starlight, with Professor James Ring. Dr Michael Selby, Stephen Owen and Mark Doomer demo an infra-red experiment.
15 May 1974
Life in the Universe
Patrick Moore interviews Dr Carl Sagan, astronomer and exobiologist, on the possibility of life forms on other planets.
30 Apr. 1975
The Outer Planets
18th anniversary edition exploring the 3 outermost planets of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.
12 Nov. 1975
The Rocks on Venus
In the wake of a 1975 Russian space probe to Venus which sent back pictures of the planet's surface that surprised astronomers, Patrick Moore discusses the questions that were raised by the landings with Dr Garry Hunt.