The Sky at Night Poster

(1957– )

Episode List


Season 1

22 May 1957
Episode #1.2
Discussion of the photography of the Comet Arend Roland with William A. Granger.
17 Sep. 1958
Episode #1.19
Our galaxy, globular clusters and the possibility of life on other planets
17 Nov. 1958
Episode #1.20
Mars is better seen now than it will be for next 10 years. Patrick Moore discusses the chances of life on Mars.
15 Dec. 1958
Episode #1.21
Patrick Moore and Dr. Gilbert Fielder discuss the recent report by a Russian astronomer of an eruption on the Moon, and what it reveals about the Moon's origin and its current state.
12 Jan. 1959
Episode #1.22
A change to the scheduled programme. Discussion of the latest Russian Rocket success (Lunik 1) and lunar volcanoes with H. Percy Wilkins and George Hole.
6 Apr. 1959
Twin Stars
Patrick Moore and Roger Griffin discuss how pairs of suns revolving around each other help astronomers to measure the mass of stars.
4 May 1959
The Shape of Our Galaxy
Patrick Moore discusses with Harlow Shapley the shape of our galaxy and the possibility of extraterrestrial life.
26 Oct. 1959
The Front and Back of the Moon
Patrick Moore and Colin Ronan discuss the far side of the Moon and the Russian Lunik III and the possible information it has brought back.
8 Jan. 2007
Sir Patrick interviews British astronaut Dr. Piers Sellers about his life, why he wanted to be an astronaut and his recent experiences aboard the International Space Station. Dr. Piers also speculates on where space exploration will be in the next twenty years! Dr. Chris Lintott reports the latest discovers from the red planet, Mars.
1 Apr. 2007
Time Lord
Patrick Moore commemorates the show's 50th anniversary by traveling back in time to the filming of the first episode in April 1957, then goes forward to 2057 to witness the 100th anniversary.
6 May 2007
50th Anniversary Celebration
Moore interviews a number of people who have made significant input to astronomy over the last 50 years since the show started.