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On Jeff and Susie's daughter Sammi's wedding day, Larry has a scheduling conflict, takes issue with some work associates, and hosts a pair of ungrateful houseguests.


20 Sep. 2009
Funkhouser's Crazy Sister
Larry attempts a preemptive breakup with an ailing Loretta, and learns with Jeff that you can't make an "empty gesture" to a Funkhouser.
27 Sep. 2009
Vehicular Fellatio
Larry deliberately tries to annoy Loretta, against the advice of a renowned doctor. Later, Larry dooms Richard Lewis' new relationship, and ends up profiting from Leon's indiscretion with the wife of a depressed pal.
4 Oct. 2009
The Reunion
Approaching the 10 year mark, Larry and Jeff finally agree to do a Seinfeld reunion show. However, after getting a bad set of tickets to a Lakers game, he tries to call the reunion off after offending the head of NBC. Meanwhile Larry hatches a scheme to win back Cheryl by casting her as George's ex-wife.
11 Oct. 2009
The Hot Towel
A series of bizarre events leads Larry to get his doctor's personal phone number, but how much will Larry's doctor regret it?
18 Oct. 2009
Denise Handicapped
Larry embraces the upside of disability when he courts a handicap woman to take to a recital at a friend's house, but she doesn't return the favor when Suzie throws Larry's cell phone in the ocean and Larry loses her number in the process.
25 Oct. 2009
The Bare Midriff
Larry inadvertently creates a miracle when he fires his assistant for exposing her waistline around the office. Jerry gets the idea to use Larry's latest mishap as part of the upcoming Seinfeld reunion show.
1 Nov. 2009
The Black Swan
Larry is forced to cover his tracks after he accidentally causes the death of a country club member and kills the club's mascot in an act of self defense.
8 Nov. 2009
Officer Krupke
While Cheryl competes for a role on the Seinfeld reunion, Larry is forced by Jeff to embrace his feminine side after a series of bizarre events leads Suzie to think he's having an affair.
15 Nov. 2009
The Table Read
Rehearsals for the Seinfeld reunion show get complicated when Larry's text message exchange with a 9-year-old Seinfeld fan lands him in trouble with the local authorities. Meanwhile, Leon tries to fool Michael Richards.
22 Nov. 2009
Taping the Seinfeld reunion proves to be difficult after Larry's fight with a local coffee vendor alienates Jason Alexander and costs him quality time with Cheryl.

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