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Mona Bergström is a sweet Melodifestivalen-obsessed woman in her 30's. She is married to an unemployed man and they have 4 daughters, all named after her favorite Swedish Melodifestivalen popstars. Her sister is a trans woman with AIDS self-titled "Candy". Mona works on a retirement home for disabled people, where she is responsible for taking care of a young man named David who suffers a cerebral palsy that forces him into a wheelchair. Mona holds a big place in Davids heart, and vice versa. David wants to have a normal job despite his handicap, therefore he works making music on his computer, and his goal is to create a song and send it to "The Cardigans", a famous Swedish band. Mona decides to write the lyrics and sing the demo. She is convinced that the song is great and her family should hear it, but David doesn't want until it's perfect. Mona grabs the CD anyway and shows it to her family. Her sister loves it and urges her to send it to the Melodifestivalen, the most important ...

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