Saturday Night Live: Game Show Parodies (2000) Poster

Will Ferrell: Alex Trebek, Various Characters


  • Alex Trebek : Well that's it for Celebrity Jeopardy! I'm going home and putting a gun in my mouth.

  • Alex Trebek : This is a video Daily Double.

    Ricky Martin : [film clip of Ricky Martin singing "Hot, Hot, Hot!" while holding a tea cup]  In this cup is some hot tea! Watch!

    [takes sip] 

    Ricky Martin : Yow! So the answer is: is the tea HOT, HOT, HOT or cold? HOT, HOT, HOT, or cold? Come on! HOT HOT HOT!

    Alex Trebek : [nobody rings in]  None of you know if the hot tea is hot or cold?

    [Keanu Reeves rings in] 

    Alex Trebek : Yes, thank God, Keanu Reeves.

    Keanu Reaves : Is it ICED tea?

    Alex Trebek : No, it is hot tea!

    Keanu Reaves : Well then I have no idea.

  • Alex Trebek : Alright Adam Sandler, you wrote down; 'Abbie Doobie'.

    Adam Sandler : [Incoherently]  Abie Doobie da, wooloola wooloola ah oole boole.

    Alex Trebek : I feel like I want to punch you.

  • Alex Trebek : Before we begin our Double Jeopardy round, I want to ask our contestants once again, please refrain from using ethnic slurs.

  • [during Final Jeopardy category of "Write any number"] 

    Alex Trebek : Let's go to Sean Connery and his response was "Below". That's not a number. How much did you risk? "me Trebek!" "Below me Trebek, Below me Trebek". I don't get it.

    Sean Connery : Neither did your mother last night, Trebek.

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