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The One that Started It All
mjpetty719 February 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Smallville is one of those shows that many comic book fans, after a few seasons anyway, loved to hate. They complained about this or that not fitting in just right with how Superman mythology worked, and in the end they were never satisfied. But they didn't get the point of the show. Smallville isn't about Superman. It's not about superpowers. It's not about relationships or about superheroes. Smallville is, and always was, about growing up. Starting off with Clark Kent in high school and sending him off getting married to Lois Lane, Smallville is ten years of finding your way.

I didn't always used to think this, to be honest I watched it starting in Season Six because of the episode "Justice" where I got to see the Justice League in live action for the first time. Superman, Green Arrow, Aquaman, The Flash (I know he's actually Impulse), and Cyborg on the screen together for the first time, not to mention recurring Martian Manhunter throughout that season. As a huge DC Comics fan, and especially a fan of the Justice League, that episode got me excited and in anticipation for more superheroes, I began watching Smallville. I read all the articles on the show's wiki page, I followed KryptonSite for spoilers, listened to Starkville's House of El for reviews on each episode, and even ended up co-hosting a live show on the series finale on the Across the Airwaves Podcast. Even after it ended I couldn't let the show go and I convinced my friend Woo to host a "Smallville Retro Reviews" Podcast with me to go through our favorite episodes. Then the Season 11 comic came out and I held onto Smallville a few more years... But this isn't the point...

Smallville really ushered in the era of superheroes, and the show's creators Al Gough and Miles Miller really made superhero TV and films what they are. Between creating Smallville, making the Aquaman pilot, and writing Spider-Man 2, they did it all. Without Smallville, there would be no Arrow, which means there would be no Supergirl, Gotham, The Flash, and to be totally honest, without Smallville's set up of the Justice League over the course of three seasons, I'm not even sure Marvel would have been able to set up The Avengers with Iron Man, Hulk, Thor, or Captain America. But for me, Smallville really helped me understand who Superman, Clark Kent, Kal-El, was as a character, and in turn I became a huge fan of the Man of Steel.

But that's not all what Smallville is about. When I started watching Smallville during Season Six, I was about eleven years old and in 5th grade. The next year I went to a new middle school and I had no friends. Smallville was huge for me. Watching Seasons 1- 5, I saw Clark go through a lot, be it friendships, relationships, the parent-child dynamic, whatever, I got to see him deal with these real, life problems, and I tried to respond in a similar manner. It wasn't before long when I was a freshman in high school and Clark had made it to adulthood and finally was becoming Superman. I felt lost, I was just starting my high school journey, where Clark started, and he was finishing up ten years of becoming Superman. I didn't know what I was going to do. But I figured it out.

You see, Clark fought metahumans and meteor-freaks every week. He teamed up with superheroes and faced off supervillains. But the real struggle for him was never these physical confrontations and his true happiness was never in his superheroing. It was in helping people. It was in his love for his friends, Lana, Lois. It was in family. And that's what Smallville taught me. It taught me that family is important, and that, like Jonathan Kent himself, it doesn't last forever. That people, friends, like Pete or Lex, move on and become different people. That relationships don't always last and that the one's you don't expect to happen are the ones that do, like Lana and Lois. That your father could suddenly have a heart attack during your first year away from home, like Jonathan, and that your mother will always be there for you, like Martha. These are all real life lessons that I have had to live through, but I got to watch Clark do it first. Growing up, I always wanted an older sibling. Sometimes I wanted a sister who would just hug me, other times I wanted a brother to teach me the ropes.

With Smallville I got both.

Chloe was determined, driven, smart, and loving. She was always an inspiration to me, and although I knew she was not from the comics at all, I loved her anyway because of how she was always there.

And then there was Clark. Everything Clark ever went through on Smallville, emotionally I mean, with a few exceptions (I never had to hold a dead girlfriend like Alicia in my arms...), I ended up going through. And although I didn't always think "What did Clark do?", I do believe that my subconscious mind helped me through a lot of it because of what Clark went through. Clark was the older brother I never had, who made a lot of the mistakes so I didn't have to, who I always felt could protect me, who inspired me.

To be honest, I haven't watched an episode of Smallville in a long while, I mean, not really watched. My younger sister and I are planning on re-watching all 218 episodes this summer. I'm excited. There has never been a show like Smallville since it left. The closest thing to it is The Flash, and I really do love that show too. But Smallville will always have that special place in my heart. Smallville helped me grow up.
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"Somebody saaaaaaavvve meeee!! Don't care how you do it!"
pixelman-13 January 2005
I cannot believe that I didn't catch this outstanding show when it first aired, I am really disappointed in myself for that.

About 16 months ago a friend of mine lent me his copy of the first season to check out, he told me he had watched it already and that I could take my time with it. I had it for a week without touching it, then I decided to pop it in and watch the first episode, I was thrilled! When I first heard that the WB was doing a teen drama about the young life of Clark Kent, I thought "Hell No!!" they wouldn't dare take a legend like Superman and cross it with Dawson's Creek! How wrong I was. This show is intelligent, moving, intriguing and just plain fun to watch!

I am also in the fortunate position to have only experienced the show on DVD on my 96" front projection system, so the show has taken on a cinematic element for me that most people won't get. Because of this, I do not watch the show on television at all, it's strictly a DVD event for me. This of course means that I cannot catch up with the show as it run's on the WB, but i'm committed to watching it only on DVD. For wide-screen purists like myself, the show being open matted from 1.78:1 is the only deterrent I need to abstain from the WB runs of the show.

Sadly, Tom Welling will not be Superman in the up-coming film, that's a real shame, he embodies that character so much. The episode entitled 'Rosetta' with the late Christopher Reeve is perhaps one of the most riveting hours i've witnessed on television since 'The Body' episode of 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer'. Clark's struggle against the wishes of his birth father Jor-El are very mysterious and somewhat disturbing to watch.

Micheal Rosenbaum as Lex Luther brings so many multi-dimensional elements to this iconic (eventual) villain that he even manages to make Gene Hackman's Lex seem downright flat and cardboard-ish. We all know that he will become Superman's arch-enemy, but how and why? This show dares to explore those questions with surprising freshness and intrigue. Though I suspect that he will be Superman's enemy, not Clark's. They have a brotherly bond that I would hate to see broken, but have prepared myself for that.

John Shneider and Annette O'Toole as Clark's Earth-bound parents are so warm and caring that it creates a strong emotional foundation for the show. The Kent farm is ground zero for the show and for Clark's eventual life as Superman. All of his values begin their, the man of steel we all come to know was forged with the guidance of two simple farm folk in Kansas. This show captures that so richly that it makes the short 10 minute sequence in Richard Donner's film seem woefully insufficient.

Yes, the weakest character is Lana, but it's not the fault of Kristin Kreuk (she's so hot, I could stare into those gorgeous eyes of hers all day), it's in our knowledge that she WILL be cast aside, we know this to be true, we have seen Clark's future and Lana has no place in it. So all of their scene's together have an undercurrent of futility about them. Although to Clark and Lana, at those moment's, they don't know what tomorrow brings for them, so I can tolerate them pursuing their relationship.

I read one very distressful thing in one of the user comments, it said that Tom Welling only agreed to play Clark Kent, not Superman. We NEED to see him become Superman on or about the last episode of the series, it is CRUCIAL! That, after all, is the payoff, to see him in the suit and ready to tackle the world and embrace the destiny we have all seen him struggle to realize and reach. Without that moment, the series will seem anti-climatic with no payoff.

I give this show 10 out of 10 stars. If your a Superman fan, you must see this show!
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An intriguing and realistic portrayal of Clark Kent's teenage years
kalel3268815 February 2004
When I first heard that the WB was doing a show about Clark Kent in the days before he became Superman, I honestly thought it was going to be an animated series, but when the first episode was first broadcast on October 16, 2001, I was instantly surprised.

The show starts in 1989, where a meteor shower bombards the small Kansas town of Smallville, leaving lots of people with scars and secrets of varying degrees; as such, it has certain emotional impacts on four characters: it leaves young Lex Luthor bald (I would say it traumatized him, but that's more or less mentioned already), it leaves three year-old Lana Lang orphaned, and it brings childless couple Jonathan and Martha Kent (John Schneider and Annette O'Toole) the child they always wanted. Fast-forward 12 years, and Clark Kent (Tom Welling) is just starting to experience the usual troubles of teenage life, something that will be especially difficult since Clark has superhuman strength and abilities that no ordinary teenager could only dream of having. Clark soon learns that he arrived the same time as the destructive meteor shower that besieged Smallville inside a spaceship as a toddler. Now Clark is left with questions about his birth parents and home planet, and manages to start a friendship with Lex Luthor (Michael Rosenbaum), who--unknown to Clark--will ultimately become Clark's arch-nemesis.

I can easy say that "Smallville" is an immensely intriguing and highly realistic sci-fi/teen drama. To make things all the more interesting, "Smallville" blends the teen angst-meets-supernatural circumstances theme of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" with the "monster-of-the-week" trend of "The X-Files." Apart from dealing with personal and emotional crises, Clark has to use his powers to battle an endless slew of Kryptonite-mutated villains, much like Buffy and the Scooby Gang battle demons that are sometimes drawn in by the mystical energy radiated by the Hellmouth.

Tom Welling is superb as teenage Clark Kent, both in physical and personality-wise ways. He looks almost like Chris Reeve, so much he could easily be Reeve's son. The rest of the cast is fine: Kristin Kreuk as Clark's love interest Lana Lang, Allison Mack as Clark's Lois Lane-type pal Chloe Sullivan, Sam Jones III as the Xander-like Pete Ross, and John Schneider and Annette O'Toole as Clark's adoptive parents, but it is Michael Rosenbaum and John Glover who steal the show as Lex Luthor and Lex's father, Lionel. You can easily tell just by observing Lex and Lionel's rocky relationship that Lionel is the one who will ultimately make Lex evil.

All of the episodes have their ups and downs, but I like to name two episodes that will keep you glued to the screen: the episode guest-starring the late Christopher Reeve as a scientist who reveals the truth about Clark's home planet, Krypton, and the second season finale where the "spirit" of Clark's Kryptonian father Jor-El urges Clark to get ready to conquer the world, but I don't want to spoil anything, so you'll have to watch the episode to find out what happens next, and why.

In conclusion, I give "Smallville" a 10 out of 10 on a scale of 1-10.
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BHorrorWriter24 January 2002
Someone over at the WB must have finally pulled their head out of their A$$.

Smallville, is a very intriguing, genuine, original show with intelligent characters, superb acting, excellent story lines, and the ability to be the new best show to ever come out of WB...Buffy being the first.

Tom Welling shines as Clark Kent. This virtual nobody is dynamic on the screen. His raven colored hair, and big blue eyes, and exception physique make him perfect eye candy for anyone and everyone. However, his acting is stand out as well as his looks. He isn't someone that is resting on his looks to get him somewhere in Hollywood. Though, he very well could.

John Schneider is back on the small screen in a big way. Though, the show doesn't focus on him or his character, it is good to see him in this well, Annette O'Toole give a great performance as Clark's mother.

Michael Rosenbaum blows up as Lex Luther. I haven't really followed his career. I really have only seen him in Urban Legend. He delivers the deception, and human evil that is Lex Luther.

I really think WB has stumbled onto something good. FINALLY!! How many garbage shows are now on, or have been cancelled from the WB. Too many...I think they really have something here...I hope to see this show go thru the roof!

10 out of 10
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This a super show that chronicles Clark Kents teenage life!!
jameslamont24 February 2005
Set in the fictional town of Smallville, the show charts the growing up of our hero Clark Kent (Tom Welling) during his teenage years as he tries to deal with his alien powers by attempting to lead as normal teenage life as possible; complete with all its typical problems.

Lana Lang (Kirsten Kreuk) plays Clarks lonely, independent, ideal women and friend, Chloe Sullivan (Alison Mack) plays another of Clarks closest friends, a lady who as a school journalist is fascinated by all the weird events that have occurred in Smallville.Add into the fold, Lex Luther (Michael Rossenbaum) as a troubled, unlikely close friend to Clark and Lionel Luthor (John Glover) as the mean calculating father of Lex Luthor. Martha Kent (Annette O'Toole) and Jonathan Kent (John Schneider) play Clarks doting and dependable parents.

Tom Welling does an outstanding job playing Clark Kent. He brings a human-like quality to the show and the way he looks is exactly how you would imagine a young Clark Kent to look like. He is a very likable character and Tom also helps to put some of himself in the character and was basically born for the role. Michael Rossenbaum is the real star of the show though, because he plays a character that has so many depths who can be nice and pleasant most of time but has a hidden menace at the same time and the fact that he pulls it off is a testament to the quality of the actor.

John Glover, Annete O'Toole and John Schneider also do great performances in their respective roles. You can actually imagine these characters as the parents of Lex and Clark, as they bring so much to their roles. Kirsten Kreuk is basically the eye candy of the show and I would not say she is the best actress in the show. The big times she has been asked to perform big scenes she has done a good job overall.

The acting on the show is genuinely superb and of a great standard. The characters on the show are written extremely well, and they have so many different dimensions. The scripts are good and generally they try and reveal things about the characters that the viewer did not realise and this is a big plus point.

The viewer will really warm to the show because the characters are so easy to identify with. When Clark has the same problems that every teenager faces, it helps to make the show seem realistic and relevant to the teenagers today.The paramount way that this show works so well, is because the viewer KNOWS Clarks future and this is showing his past and therefore the viewer never knows what to expect. We are always aware of big things that happen to Clark in the future and the cause and effects of these problems are being explored in the show.

The writers of the show are always thinking up new story lines that the characters face that tie in with the original Superman comics and this is great. I love the fact that characters who have been in other Superman shows (from Clarks future) are constantly written into the show, and this means that the viewer knows what that character is about; as they have seen them and recognise them from before.

I have bought the DVD box-sets of this show and I would recommend it to anyone. Every episode is memorable because they all have big moments in the show that the viewer will remember and think about for ages. The amount of themes this show covers is huge and the relationships between the characters is very believable.

This is one of Warner Bros best TV shows in a long time and an absolutely brilliant television show. This show works on so many different levels and it will appeal to not just Superman fans but to fans of entertaining and exciting plot-driven TV shows. This show easily beats the other Superman competition and is an ideal addition to any Superman fans collection. This is essential viewing for Superman fans.

10/10 Go and watch this now!!
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My favorite TV series of all time.
renofhate19 September 2016
Warning: Spoilers
There are more than a hundred reasons as to why I personally love this show more than any other. I could go on and on and on, the reasons are quite possibly endless. To keep it short, however, I will just go ahead and say, never in my life have I been or have felt so happy while watching a TV show. From episode one on wards I knew that this was going to be my show, you know? I just had that feeling, that particular, good feeling. I was really looking forward to watching this from the start. When I got into Smallville, it had been off TV for a while, but I used to watch random episodes here and there about ten years back - I just never found the time to get properly into it. When I did, man was I glad. It is simply the greatest series ever made, in my opinion.

Everything's great. The characters are fantastic, the set locations / scenery looks wonderful, the characters who are villains are terrific, the action's good, the effects don't look overdone, the dialogue is really good and each episode is intriguing and very enjoyable to watch. I watched every episode and not once did I get bored. Some episodes I have seen five, six, maybe seven times, and yet, I never, ever get bored of watching them. The only time I was disappointed or sad with this show was when I finished watching it. I was really, really unhappy that it had to end - but all good things must come to an end, right? And it was kinda, well, not good seeing as how we never really got to see Tom Welling in the actual Superman suit - it was CGI. But then again, it's life before Superman/becoming Superman, so it makes sense.

I loved the relationship between Tom Welling as Clark Kent and Michael Rosenbaum as Lex Luthor. It was brilliant. They had great chemistry. And it got better and better along the way as they got to know each other more, and knowing how both characters are and were. And the addition of new characters throughout, too, was awesome. Smallville introduced really great people along the way. Particularly, Oliver Queen and Jimmy Olsen.

I love this series! Although I love every episode and every season they made of Smallville, my order from favorite to least favorite (with least favorite still being 10/10) would look like: 6, 10, 9, 5, 8, 4, 3, 7, 2, 1. Like I said though, they're all amazing. I must admit, when it started focusing more on the place of Metropolis, it was even better. I just loved when it started spreading out - it was a great thing to see.

Definitely my favorite show in history. A really good one, and the perfect series focusing on Clark Kent making his ultimate transformation into the Man of Steel.
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d_knyte17 February 2004
I'm wholeheartedly convinced that what makes Smallville work so well is the virtually flawless casting/direction on this show. Tom Welling and Kristin Kreuk in my personal opinion are **sinfully** (and seemingly effortlessly) attractive individuals. They were the "bait" that initially had me interested in Smallville (after seeing them in fall previews for the show in 2001), as evolutionary biology compels us to naturally pay more attention to beautiful people. Then there was the Chloe Sullivan character, whose quirky and cerebral personality I was instantly drawn to. Allison Mack seems perfect for the role - she plays it with sass, intelligence, vulnerability, and a dynamic form of bubbly charisma. And I keep rooting for Chloe and Clark to make it happen (although I imagine something tragic might eventually happen to her character - guess there's always cousin Lois). I absolutely *adore* John Glover as Lionel Luthor...the cold, refined way he speaks, and the manner in which he carries himself is essential to the role. It was/is cool to see Annette O'Toole from Superman III show up as Clark's mother. And John Schneider really is the perfect dad for Superman in my view. Initially, I wasn't sure what to think about the adjustment to the Pete Ross character (it does wreak of "tokenism"), but as a person of color myself, I nevertheless *enthusiastically* applaud the show's efforts at more accurately reflecting our world by including Sam Jones III, and the multi-racial Kreuk. I just wish they gave poor Pete more to do. Let's not forget Michael Rosenbaum as Lex Luthor. What I like about his involvement with the show is that in actuality he seems to be a science-fiction/action guy in real life with his voice-over work. And I respect that immensely.

Tom Welling turned down the Clark Kent role twice -- but the show's creators knew that Smallville wouldn't fly (pun intended) the way it needed to without Welling; and that speaks volumes about how important casting decisions were to the show's creators. And it wouldn't be working as well without Michael Rosenbaum. Or Allison Mack. Or John Glover. Or John Schneider and Annette O'Toole. Kristin Kreuk is an incredibly refreshing presence on television, and I hope to see more of Sam Jones in the future - maybe in a role that will allow him to shine more than can as Pete Ross. Not since "New York Undercover" have I been as enthusiastic about a television show as I am about Smallville. I am now a huge fan of Brian Robbins and Michael Tollin, and was thrilled to learn that they have been behind some pretty slick productions, including the 1995 Russell Simmons-affiliated Rapumentary, "The Show." I feel enriched and invigorated with youthful energy every time I catch a new episode of Smallville (I'm a now "ancient" 27 years old), and I can only imagine how special it must be on that Vancouver set. Smallville is a great show that has assembled a nearly flawless cast, features great music, notable guest stars, fantastically fun plotlines, and a fearless approach to taking chances. Bravo.

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Apart from the special effects this show has surprisingly aged well. (2019)
joelarredondo27 August 2019
I've watched almost all current superhero shows: The Boys, Arrow, Daredevil, Flash, Punisher, Black Lightning, Supergirl, The Defenders, Jessica Jones, Iron Fist, Luke Cage, Agents of Shield, Legends of Tomorrow, and a couple other ones. And I gotta say as good as some of those shows are, they just don't compare to Smallville. I know sounds crazy right? How can a show that premiered in 2001 be better than Daredevil? Well its simple. Smallville has heart. When you think of a superhero the first thing you want is heart and soul and by god this show has it. I know it sounds cheesy but its true. The show if far from perfect and the writing obviously might not be as legendary as The Boys for example. But it is consistent through ten seasons. The best part about this show in my opinion was the character development. Seeing Lex Luthor slowly develop into the villain he is today was phenomenal, Michael Rosenbaum nailed it I thought. Seeing Clark go from an insecure boy to a confident and heroic man was a beauty of a thing. Seeing Lois Lane go from guarded and unsure of herself to an independent and lovable character was awesome. Another thing I loved about this show were the relationships. And no I don't just mean romantic. The relationship between Clark and Lex is amazing to see how it unfolds from being acquaintances, to friends, to brothers, to a disdained partnership, to a nemesis relationship was done very well. The relationship between Clark and his parents (Kryptonian and the Kents) was also handled very nicely. And even more that I won't spoil. All in all this was an awesome show to watch even in 2019. 10 years from now this show will definitely have an impact for me.
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TheBabblingFool17 October 2001
When I first heard of the idea behind Smallville, I rolled my eyes and thought that is the dumbest idea ever. I mean, who wants to see Superman as a teen? Well after seeing it, I can say I sure as hell do. It has been a long time since I have been glued to the TV screen, waiting anxiously to see what will happen next. The reason this show is so good is because you already know the characters. Unless you were born yesterday, you know the story of Superman, you know who Lex Luther is. Superman is a permanent pop culture icon, like Batman. When I watched this show, I already knew these characters, it was so simple to get into this show. The WB must have dished out the big bucks for this show because for TV, the special FX were amazing. Everything about this show is pure gold, I know I will tune in every week, and watch one of the best shows on TV.
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One Of My Top 5 Of All Time
rharris-3514 October 2017
Warning: Spoilers
When it comes to TV Series, one of my most important qualifiers is can I re-watch it and how many times. I have watched all 10 seasons, 6 times, and I never get tired of it.

DO NOT dismiss this series as one of the "The CW"/"The WB" teenage shows, it is much more than that.

Superman was one of my favorite comic book characters, but when it comes to "Smallville" the fact that the overall story is about Superman as a young man, this series is about people. If you like a character driven stories, this one is as good as it gets

I am older and I still found this story amazingly well done.

There is one fact that is undeniable, no TV show is on the air for 10 Seasons without appealing to a good size audience. Only "Bones" and "Supernatural" come to mind recently to last as long.

Do yourself a favor, give this show a few episodes I think you will find a really good story of all the things that make life worth living.
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An interesting look on the origins of the Man of Steel
colm-hearne36515 May 2016
Warning: Spoilers
I've watched the first five episodes of the first season of Smallville and I just want to say I'm glad they decided to make a TV show about Clark Kent's life as a teenager in Smallville because most movies that are based on Superman never really focused on that part of Superman's mythos like Clark Kent growing up in Smallville, being a high school student and his love for Lana Lang.It's a nice combination of adventure, drama, science fiction and romance. In fact, it has pretty much everything that makes a great TV show: smart characters, a wonderful cast, excellent acting, a good theme song, a nice setting and sharp story lines. I particularly like relationship between Clark Kent and Lana Lang. Not only is Kristin Kreuk a pretty face but she also does wonderfully playing Clark's love interest. And Clark will do almost anything to win her heart of Lana and he must also compete with her boyfriend, Whitney. I also like how they made Clark friends with Lex Luther after Lex ends up in a car crash and Clark saves his life, Lex feels he owes everything to Clark and will help him out with anything whether it's trying to help his family or trying to win over Lana. And I like how they come up with a different villain in each episode with a different superpower. It's too bad Smaillvile only has a rating of 7.5 on IMDb because I think it's up there with other great superhero TV shows like Gotham or Daredevil even though I've heard the show went downhill after the first season. But I'm just going to continue to enjoy watching the first season.
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Started everything
biff197029 March 2018
The start of the great DC CW shows on tv. I still watch the show. Miss the show making new ones.
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Superman Origins
Bored_Dragon18 December 2017
Warning: Spoilers
My DC adaptations marathon came to Smallville, one of few shows I ever saw completely and even fewer I wanna see again. I just finished rewatching of the first season that shows high-school days of Clark Kent. Tom Welling is great playing young Clark who gradually discovers his abilities and tries to juggle between normal teen life and hiding the fact he's an alien. In first season he discovers his inhuman strength and speed, then he gradually discovers extent of his invulnerability and at the end he finds out about his X-Ray vision. The rest of his powers will come in seasons to follow. Here we meet Lex Luthor, Clark's best friend, who changes into villain in front of our eyes, partially because of his egomaniac father and partially because of distrustful treatment from everyone around him, caused by his wealth and infamous family name. There's also beautiful Kristin Kreuk, playing Lana Lang, Clark's unrealized love, and many more talented young actors. But the most impressive of all is John Glover, playing Lionel Luthor, Lex's father and main villain. Story combines typical teenage show with superhero elements, which slowly grow from season to season until they completely take over the show and change it beyond recognition. But for now special effects are at minimum and show is more teen romance drama than story about Superman. It may not be the best, but it's certainly my favorite DC show so far.

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"Somebody save me"
WeAreLive20 October 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Smallville is a very beautiful CW show alongside The Flash. I have only seen 4 episodes of this show only one of them was bad.

This show has a good story, a beautiful theme song which I listen to on the bus when I am coming back from college and how Clark Kent handles life before he becomes Superman.

I might watch more episodes in the future but my word for this show must watch.

Spoiler Alert: There are lots of death scenes and sad moments in the show like Ryan's death. Amy Adams who is Lois Lane in the DC Cinematic universe appears as a guest on the show.
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This show will take you ‘up, up and away', in a modern kind of way!
Old Joe18 May 2003
As a fan of the superman legend for many years, I waited in anticipation for the new TV series , ‘Smallville'. I have been richly rewarded by it, as we now get to see how difficult life must have been for ‘Kal-el', as an American teenager. Although we never get to see the ‘super-being' fly around in his tights and cape, he is a fascinating character to watch, as he comes to terms with who he is and what he can do. This is the tale of a teenage Clark Kent in the days before he was Superman.

A huge meteor shower destroyed most of the town of Smallville, Kansas. It killed a lot of people, and brought Jonathan and Martha Kent what they have always wanted: a son. In 2001, Smallville has somewhat recovered from the horrible blast. However a popular yet awkward teen Clark Kent, attempts to decipher the meaning of his life and his clouded past. As he struggles with the transition from boyhood to adulthood, his strength and strange abilities set him uncomfortably apart from his peers. Clark must deal with a variety of individuals given powers by mysterious green rocks from the meteor shower, keep his powers a secret, cope with his friendship with a young Lex Luthor, and balance the two girls in his life, Chloe and Lana.

This show, although it is touching on an old and celebrated story, still has very original aspects to it. The storylines that have been presented in ‘Smallville' are of the finest quality, with some pushing the boundary that could reveal ‘what' Clark Kent really is. While it is strange to see it, the friendship that has developed between Clark's future arch-enemy, Lex Luthor, is fascinating. I am looking forward to seeing how Lex keeps turning into a criminal mastermind, while the shows has touched base on this a little. I also like the way that the story integrates seeing that not all of Smallville's individuals have not escaped the dangerous affects of what we get to know later is ‘ Kryptonite', the one thing that can hurt Superman. All of the stories have kept me interested enough to want know what will happen next.

The cast of this show, while it is somewhat unknown, is impressive. The lead role of Clark Kent/ Kal-El, is done perfectly by Tom Welling. In fact the resemblance between Welling and the junior Clark performed in the first Superman movie, Jeff East, is incredible. The other young cast members include the gorgeous Kristen Kruek, who plays the charming innocent Lana Lang. I like most people hope that Clark does end up with Lana, as for some reason, she does not deserve someone as good as Clark is. Michael Rosenbaum plays a quality Lex Luthor, with the two newer characters in this story, Pete and Chloe, performed by Sam Jones III and Allison Mack. I do like the two older cast members who were given the roles of Martha and Jonathon Kent. Martha is played by Annette O'Toole, who if you can remember appeared in the third ‘Superman' movie, as a grown up Lana Lang. I really like her as Clark Kent's mother, but for what reason I don't know. While John Schneider is a likeable Jonathon Kent.

I like the soundtrack that this show has been given. The show's main tune of `Save me', suits it very well. That song is performed by Remy Zero. While the other bands that have been used in Smallville include The calling, with their great hit ‘wherever you will go', and Eve 6's ‘Rescue'. While Enrique Inglesia's smash hit of ‘Hero' also appeared in one episode. The soundtrack this show has really helps keep my interest and gives the program a ‘youthful' feel as well.

All in all this show has given back more than what I excepted. I guess my only criticism of it has to be the corny and contrived love story theme that it continues to bring up, especially between Clark and Lana. I wish they would either be lovers or just friends. Swapping from one phase to the other starts to become confusing and frustrating, well does for me anyway. It will be fascinating to see what happens once Clark Kent realises he has to leave Smallville and pursue what and who he was meant to be, that of course is being Superman. I have found it hard to accept that Clark Kent is growing up in the ‘present', that being the new millennium, as it does not seem to fit the ‘Superman' genre. Perhaps that is a good thing, as Superman might have a different feel in the future. Whatever happens, I will continue to watch ‘Smallville' hoping that it is original in every aspect.
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For such a great show why so poor rating?
ihimanshu3 January 2017
First of all this is one of the best TV Series that i have ever watched. Graphic wise yes it is not good but who cares? Who knew clark kent had such an immense childhood. This just does not revolve around ONLY Clark kent, it showed us who is Jonathan Kent, what was the purpose of clark kent on planet earth, martha kent, and specially chloe. Now we know why Superman is at the peak of all superhero list, not because of his powers but because of his humanity.

I have always been a fan of anti-heroes, and boy i saw one. Lex Luthor AKA Michael Rosenbaum, there is no one ever in the history of Superman Legacy can play this role better than him. Lex luthor was not evil after all, its the jealousy and the trust that other people showed on clark over him that made him the monster he is. Other best thing about this show is Jonathan Kent, John Schneider depicted this role brilliantly.

Only thing about this show that i do not like is the constant breakup and patch-ups of clark and lana. That is so boring, if only writers had showns other characters some more interest than this for e.g. Jimmy Olsen, Oliver Queen etc.
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The TV series we Superman fans have been waiting for.
TxMike23 November 2001
"Smallville" is an excellent idea for a TV series. I am one of those who grew up in the 1950s with Superboy and Superman comics. I loved the Superman films with Chris Reeves. I loved the "Lois and Clark" TV series. But this one, which chronicles Clark Kent's high school life, the period when he began to realize the extent of his super powers, and began to see his life's mission, has not been depicted before, as far as I can recall. They've done it extremely well, and the actors are very fitting for the parts. And, naturally, good always prevails over evil.

A year 2005 update -- we don't watch "Smallville" as faithfully anymore as we used to. I suppose that is a natural consequence, as old story lines get stale, and the writers try harder for scripts with an "edge." Still, whenever we do watch, we still enjoy the series.

A year 2010 update -- we are again watching "Smallville" every week. In spite of the age now of the series it remains an interesting series. I keep wondering when Clark will learn how to fly.
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lenasimone-6113629 January 2019
Smallville is the longest Superman origin story in film and television there is. And let me tell you: there's so much more to Clark Kent's becoming Superman than simply putting on the suit. And considering the series was originally supposed to be focused on Bruce Wayne becoming Batman, this shows that both Batman and Superman have equally compelling amounts of story and character development.

Smallville has been off the air for years now but even since it finished in 2011 Superman fans still refer to it as one of the most faithful takes on the mythos of the classic character. While I do prefer Superman: The Animated Series, Smallville is still a fitting compliment to the Man of Steel. And I love it.

Superman fans will love this one. Give it a shot if you haven't already.
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How about a continuation on Hulu or Netflix ?😃
The_Tropics17 June 2019
Ten years later would bring us to after Lex Luthor's Presidency. All the things they could do with that. His hatred for Lois Lane for always exposing the corrupt and illegal things he did. His hatred for Superman for always stopping him. So many villains that they could bring in true Superman super-villain fashion. The possibilities are endless.

Oh what I'd give to see Tom Welling, Erica Durance, Michael Rosenbaum, Cassidy Freeman, Laura Vandervoort, Aaron Ashmore & Annette O'Toole return for a a continuation on Hulu or Netflix.
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It needs to last forever!
graal_oz17 July 2010
This is a great series. I would like to see it go on forever - beginning to end - and not just as the title states Smallville Beginnings. I've watched a lot of series - Lost, Prison Break, Dexter, Heroes, Supernatural, etc. - , but none of them is like this one. If they kept "The young and the restless" going for 6.000 episodes, than the tale of Superman should be no different.

The cast is great and Tom Welling has to be the greatest Clark Kent of all time. The visual effects are very good and they serve their purpose well.

Me and my wife have reached the finale of season 9 and are biting our nails till the premiere of season 10. As I've mentioned before, I hope this show will last for a lifetime, cause it definitely made its imprint on our hearts.

If you're reluctant about starting to watch this show, don't be, it's the greatest and you won't regret it, unless you have something against "being hooked".

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So many mixed feelings...
Spacetree2 March 2006
So, what can I say about Smallville? Firstly, it's an original premise, I'll give it that. It is genuinely cool to see how Superman was when he was a teenage, and for the most part his character development is rather intriguing. The superpowers and other special effects are well done most of the time, and the fight scenes are modest (they could be more involved and lengthy, however). The other characters work as good foils for Clark, and Lex Luther himself has become a highly complex character (even if a good deal of it is non-canonical and rather contradictory). From the get go, Smallville had potential both as an interesting action/fantasy series and a drama.

But what afflicts Smallville is what afflicts most shows of this type: haphazard, episodic writing. In it's good moments, Smallville can pull off some good story arcs and plot lines that evolve the characters so that they become beings that you can actually relate to and feel for and create plot twists and turns that keep the viewer interested. However, when it's bad, it simply puts all the strides the series made into shadow. The show is now in its fifth season, and now the character developments and plot directions made in previous seasons have been seriously damaged and all but erased. For example, Lionel Luther (Lex's father and a newly created character) served as the chief villain for seasons one through three- when they didn't resort to the "villain of the week" formula (which got old, FAST). In the fourth season, Luther was in the process of changing his ways, trying to stop his son from taking the same path as he (which, of course, will fail). However, in the fifth, he reverts back into one of the main antagonists. Huh? Did I miss something? Smallville is constantly plagued with writing that either goes nowhere, doesn't know where it's going, or exploit some fad (one episode is created around Lana Lang kissing another girl with absolutely no other noteworthy plot subjects and another is used to sap popularity from Chinese wuxia films). The series builds story arcs up only to knock them down with some half-assed plot device (such as "make Clark evil" or "Put Lana in mortal danger"). While attempts to create mystery and suspense are present, they rarely succeed.

Most of the story lines make vague allusions to the comics, but most are non-canonical. While this is excusable in a television show such as this, sometimes the writers take too many liberties with canon.

In general, Smallville has a lot of potential, and sometimes it meets this potential. But the capricious and wandering writing really hurts it.
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I am the villain of this story
anthonywltrs1 September 2019
Warning: Spoilers
I remember watching a few episodes of Smallville during the early seasons when I was child, but i really didn't understand what was going on half the time because I saw bits and pieces and wasn't really knowledgeable in comics or had a real interest in the Superman lore itself. For me at this time it was mainly either Batman or Spider-Man

Fastforward to April 2019 and me being an adult and huge comic fan, I decided to give Smallville a chance and I'm so glad I did. The first episode itself alone hooked me in as a fan and hasn't let me go since. Tom Welling did an exceptional job showing us Clark Kent as he learns about his true origins, where he came from, his powers and forging his own destiny. Tom showcased everything you could possibly want in Superman - heroic, brave, considerate and self sacrificing. He is the best Superman since Christopher Reeve. I should point out despite this being Clark's journey into becoming Superman, he is basically the Man of Steel anyway

Let's not forget Clark's friend/enemy relationship with Lex Luthor played by Michael Rosenbaum who is still the best live action Lex Luthor to date. Infact Smallville has made me care more about Lex than Clark because we see Lex's troubled history with his father, Lionel Luthor played by John Glover who did a great job of being a villain you love to hate. It's no wonder how Lex became the villain we know him to be after watching his own journey. Oh and the scenes between Lex and Lionel are incredible to watch due to the amazing chemistry between Rosenbaum and Glover

Smallville is filled with twists and turns that leave you hanging on the edge of your seat wanting more. Twists you'd never thought would happen. It's made me a huge fan of Lex Luthor and a fan of the Superman lore as well. Oh let's not forget Brainaic played by James Marsters who did an exceptional job as a cold calculating artificial intelligence villain
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My favorite version of Superman
boychaser200131 July 2019
We didn't start watching this until way after the series ended. Now it is our summer series we watch every year. All 10 seasons on DVD. Tom Welling is my favorite Superman - no one else compares. You can't help but fall in love with the cast - even the best friend of our caped hero - Lex Luthor, who's performance has you rooting for him, if not empathizing with him as he seeks to be a better man than his father. There are several fun cameos from the original Superman movies, and a couple of "good ol' boys" that you won't want to miss! In this series, everyone gets to play the hero at some point and I can't think of a character in this show that hasn't snagged my heart - though after watching all 10 seasons every summer for the last 7 years, they all feel like old friends. This is a must watch series! The pilot is meh, but hang in there. In my opinion the show has you hooked after about the 4th episode.
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Still one of my favs!
jacqulinesnider19 April 2019
I still watch Smallville at least once a year. I own the complete series and now that it is on Hulu I haven't had to get up and down and change the disk. I don't rewatch shows over and over again. There are a few I have seen more than once like Buffy, Angel, and The Vampire Diaries I have watched a lot but Smallville I can never get tired of. Even my kids practically have Smallville memorized as much as I do. I watch the shows in the arrowverse but I couldn't watch any of them over and over again. Smallville is just that good!
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All time favourite series! So addictive!
rossmichael-7524826 January 2019
Loved this series (except Season 4 as that was rubbish!). They did well to keep it going so long. Had a huge crush on Lana Lang but enjoyed the chemistry she had with Clark Kent. Great story lines and to this day... best Luther ever! The DC films seem to struggle to find a good Luther where Smallville got it spot on!
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