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Season 6

17 Jun. 2007
Johnny views visions of his friends in danger at a festival. He believes he has averted the disaster, but a fire later claims two people - changing Johnny's life and the world's fate.
24 Jun. 2007
Johnny butts heads with Anna Turner, the pompous new sheriff of Penobscot County and Walt's replacement, skeptic to Johnny's psychic powers. After having a vision about Sheriff Turner shooting an armed woman, Johnny begins investigating the woman. She turns out to be a psychiatrist with several patients who would like to see her dead. Meanwhile, Johnny tries to comfort Sarah in the wake of Walt's death. He asks her and J.J. to move in with him, while he also learns that Sheriff Turner is investigating Walt for some past events.
1 Jul. 2007
Johnny gets a vision of disaster on a private space mission and is forced to work with Stillson to save the crew. Stillson claims to be a changed man in the wake of Janus' death. Johnny is still wary about trusting him because of his sordid past, as well as his own plans for the future. Yet Johnny tries to help reestablish communication with the damaged orbiting space shuttle. He learns that the shuttle is carrying a radioactive cargo as part of the mission. Meanwhile, the very pregnant Sarah tries to comfort Megan, the wife of one of the astronauts and in so doing, ...
8 Jul. 2007
Big Top
While Sarah struggles to raise hers and the late Walt's newborn daughter, whom she names 'Hope', Johnny visits an "Alice in Wonderland"-themed circus. There he discovers that J.J. has been hanging around it after school in order to be close to a 14-year-old acrobat named Monique. Johnny then has another vision and becomes part of a ten-year-old murder case involving the carnival owner, who used to be a friend from his high school days. Also, Johnny later begins to think that J.J. may have inherited a part of his psychic powers.
15 Jul. 2007
While out driving golf balls at a local driving range, Johnny has a vision of a man who has been buried alive. Johnny, with the help of the hostile Anna Turner, rushes to locate the man before it's too late. Johnny also begins to suspect that Anna is hiding something about her past. This may involve her ill brother back when she was a rookie cop working in New York.
22 Jul. 2007
Johnny is taking a train trip though Maine and into Quebec, Canada when he has a vision of an unseen person throwing a woman from the train. Johnny goes to help the woman, Maggie, and becomes romantically involved with her, but soon suspects that she's not who she claims to be.
29 Jul. 2007
While out for the evening with Sarah, Johnny falls ill and she's forced to drive him to a creepy small hospital in the middle of nowhere. But Sarah's forced to take unexpected actions when Johnny falls into a coma after routine surgery. Sarah suspects foul play originating from the shady doctor in charge and sets out to prove it.
5 Aug. 2007
While at the bus station to greet Sara's friend, Johnny has a vision of a mysterious explosion that kills everyone inside, and urgently races to discover the source, and prevent a tragedy.
12 Aug. 2007
While helping Sarah prepare for baby Hope's baptism, Johnny becomes involved in a murder case. The case involves a young woman and the demonic possession of a young priest, where everything isn't as it seems. Meanwhile, Sheriff Turner is still investigating Walt's past. She discovers a hidden bank account and the purchase of a lake house during which she inadvertently lets it slip to Sarah about Johnny's vision about Walt's last day.
19 Aug. 2007
Johnny travels to visit Bruce, now working as a stable hand at a local horse stud farm. There Johnny has a vision about Bruce's girlfriend Maria's racehorse being stolen. He discovers that the abductors are not after the racehorse, Drift, but Maria herself, to keep her from winning a championship race. Meanwhile, Stilson pays a visit to Sarah and J.J. to charm his way into their lives. He takes advantage of Johnny's troubles to play upon their needs.
26 Aug. 2007
While on the road, lonely and lost, Johnny stops in a small Indiana town. There he goes to the aid of his psychic former girlfriend, Alex Sinclair. But soon he finds that he's the one who needs help when he's accused of murder. Meanwhile, Sarah moves out of Johnny's house and goes to Washington DC to visit Vice President Stillson at a police veterans fund-raiser. There he reveals more information that sheds light on the events leading up to Walt's death, and what he may have been hiding from everyone.
9 Sep. 2007
Johnny returns to Cleave Mills to further investigate Walt's death after having visions of him. He determines that there is a link between him and his successor, Anna Turner. Johnny has a vision about him, Anna, and a drunken construction worker whom she is investigating, being killed by a masked assassin. He must help her find out who is responsible and exactly what Walt was investigating. Meanwhile, Sarah prepares to move out of Johnny's house with J.J. for Walt's lakeside house in which J.J. seems to share a vision with Johnny.
16 Sep. 2007
Johnny, still trying to figure out who, or what, is behind the recent attempt on his life. He has a vision of Walt talking to an old woman who was the nurse looking after Johnny's father when he was institutionalized. When the old woman is killed, Johnny tracks down Reverend Purdy to help him find the answers. These answers lead back to his father, Herb Smith, revealed to be alive and, stricken with Alzheimer's Disease. He's living in a replica of his house beneath a local garden under the guard of the Corporation for a Better America secret society. Stilson is now a ...

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