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Excellent Movie!
albatross424228 December 2001
I've seen this movie god knows how many times so far, its just great, any time a friend comes over I make them watch it, and they're never sorry for watching it. This movie is hopefully the first in a long line of movies from Jeffery Bassetti and Christopher Fetherolf. The story is intriguing and just draws you in, its like riding a rollercoaster, nice steady buildup, then WHAM! off ya go! I'd recommend this to anyone who wants to watch a fun movie that makes ya think.
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Cynthia Calley
Cynthia Calley is one of the most artistic actress I have ever met. And a kind caring women. I had the pleasure to work with her in the 1990's and lost touch with her but she was always the first at a rehearsal. I also directed her as well and must say I learn more from her then I did from any other actress. Sometimes we lose touch or end friendships for the wrong reasons. Then when time goes by we realized it was a mistake. As artist none of us are perfect and most of us try.I know someday she will be getting a Oscar. What we give of ourself is what we get back in our lives in show biz. Break a Leg Cynthia

Best wishes your old Ricky Ricardo Cordero
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