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  • It seems that this apparently irrelevant shot aims to show how frustrated and as a result how furious Charles is at the police because they don't try hard to find the murderer of his wife. It may also be to emphasize that he can't see well enough to renew his drivers' license. Edit

  • The UPS truck blocks Hank's view of his father dropping his mother - instead of the normal clerk Doris - off at the jewelry store. Hank had no other way of knowing that his mother would be attending the shop; she had not done that for years, but on that particular day, she was replacing Doris who had to babysit at the last moment. Edit

  • Hank--despite the fact that he's wearing a disguise --hides his face as Charles' car passes by so Hank doesn't see Charles and Charles doesn't see Hank. Edit

  • There are several different explanations for this. The simplest would be that Andy is becoming increasingly deranged. With his mother dead and him partially responsible for it, his corruption at his work threatening to be exposed, and Gina's confession about cheating on him, he has lost a lot that he cares about in a short time. His controlled outburst of anger after Gina leaves him (swiping the table and the bed) is one of the more explicit indications that he is losing his mental stability. All that remains now is his freedom, so in order to avoid jail time and flee the country, he decides to rob his dealer for money and get rid of all loose ends, which means killing anyone that might implicate him in his crimes. In his agitated and paranoid state, he may simply think that the unconscious man could have heard or seen someone, and he therefore takes no risks and executes him too, leaving no witnesses. He does the exact same with Dex (Bobby's brother-in-law), and would probably have done the same to Hank and Bobby's wife, had the latter not intervened.

    Another possibility is that Andy kills the unconscious man because he is in love with the dealer. This is hinted at in several scenes where Andy seeks personal comfort/solace in the dealer's company only to be emotionally shunned. Andy is not capable of opening up to his wife and has clearly developed some kind of unreciprocated emotional relationship with the dealer (who regularly rejects Andy's attempts at intimate conversation). When Andy sees the over-weight, semi-naked man (who looks very much like Andy) on the bed he is confronted by the fact that he is just one of many men the dealer has 'appointments' with. This, on top of everything else that is going on, pushes him over the edge. He murders the man followed shortly by the dealer (who Andy had initially been content to simply beat into submission).

    A third explanation is Andy basically saw a mirror of himself in the unconscious man. On the outside, Andy appears as a man of great self-assurance and determination. Only during his drug-induced deliriums is Andy able to expose his insecurities and admit that his life is a failure. Outside of those moments, he seems perfectly able to hide those sentiments (except for his one emotional outburst to Gina in the car). Seeing the other man lying there, getting high on heroin, may instantly remind Andy that he is a mere junky with a miserable life, so shooting this man is his way of expressing his hatred for himself. Edit

  • This is not shown and left to the viewer's own interpretation. Andy was clearly the smarter one of the two brothers, so it is unclear if Hank, who was dragged into it and did not think things through, has the wits to stay out of the hands of the police. It is possible that he went through with Andy's plan and left together with Gina and the money, but this is all mere speculation, as the movie offers no clues on Hank's fate. Edit

  • Again, this is up to the viewer to decide. We know that Andy and Charles had a troubled father-son relationship. Charles admits to Andy after his mother's funeral that he always had high expectations of Andy, and therefore pushed him harder than his other children. Andy's choice of his father's jewelery store for the robbing, may even be partially motivated by revenge on his father for making his life so difficult (implied by Andy crying out that Charles cannot make up for a lifetime of hardship with one simple apology). In any way, Charles is conducting his own investigation into the case, and slowly pieces Andy's nefarious plan together. Seeing what Andy has done for money, and through what lengths he has gone to cover it all up, may have been the final disappointment to Charles, after which he completely gave up on Andy and killed him. On the other hand, knowing that he had wronged Andy in the past, and seeing what sort of individual Andy had finally turned out to become, Charles may have felt extremely guilty, and decided to spare Andy the additional burden of a prison sentence. Edit

  • One reason could be that their parents could not afford to give them the amount they need. They would have to sell all their merchandise first -- and even then, they 'd also have to pay suppliers, bills, taxes, etc. Robbing the store instead would bypass all that, since the business was insured.

    Another (or an additional) reason is appearances, at least for Andy : he has a good job, making "6 figures" (as he says himself at some point). It would be hard to explain why he needs any extra money, since the main reason is his drug addiction, which of course he has kept a secret from everyone in his life. Edit



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