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  • IMDB user Wesley108 has cataloged the music used in Love Actually.Below is the listing and some comments / explanations. In the order in which they are used in the film.

    The trailer:

    1. I Want You Back - The Jackson 5

    2. Good Vibrations - The Beach Boys

    3. (untitled instrumental music)

    4. This Will Be (An Everlasting Love) - Natalie Cole.

    The movie:

    1. (untitled synth version of Portuguese Love Theme) Opening airport scene during Hughs monologue

    2. Christmas is All Around - Billy Mack (during opening scenes)

    3. (untitled score piece) (When Prime Minister shuts the door after meeting staff - This piece is used throughout the film. It sounds like an intro with a flute and just plays for a few seconds but its here and many other places. Its not on the soundtrack or score.)

    4. All You Need is Love - Lynden David Hall

    5. Take Me As I Am - Wyclef Jean (during wedding reception)

    6. Bye Bye Baby - Bay City Rollers (funeral/wedding reception)

    7. Puppy Love - S. Club Juniors (wedding reception)

    8. (untitled score) Craig Armstrong (during Harrys questioning of Sarah see #3)

    9. Jamie leaves Aurelia During cabinet meeting - when Natalie walks in - this is an acoustic guitar version of Craigs main theme. Its titled as such on the official score although in this scene its neither about Jamie nor Aurelia)

    10. Sweetest Goodbye - Maroon 5 (during Colin & Tonys car conversation)

    11. (untitled score) When Mia tells Harry shell be under the mistletoe waiting to be kissed (see #3)

    12. On The Beach from Karen & Daniels conversation about Sam and Sam & Daniel talking on the bench

    13. (untitled score) After Sam says hes in love (see #3)

    14. Total Agony Closes Sam & Daniels conversation, leads into Sarah working on computer then to Jamie at his home in France closes with PM and Natalie)

    15. All I Want For Christmas - Tessa Niles (during Billys appearance on the Ant n Dec show).

    16. I'll See It Through Texas (during Karen & Harrys/Harry & Mias conversation)

    17. Portuguese Love Theme This is a different version than the one included on the soundtrack (and score).

    18. Star Spangled Banner during presidential visit

    19. On The Beach During the presidents discussion w/ the cabinet and the PMs visit w/ the president.

    20. Press Conference Craig Armstrong (another piece of the score played, obviously, during the press conference) . 21. River - Joni Mitchell (during Karen & Harrys discussion of her emotional education)

    22. Jump - The Pointer Sisters (during the PMs dance)

    23. Portuguese Love Theme (during Jamie & Aurelias discussion and swim in the lake see #17)

    24. Marks Video Craig Armstrong (on the score, this piece is a version of Glasgow Love Theme included on the main soundtrack).

    25. Here With Me Dido (Mark leaving his apartment after Juliet sees the video / PM & Annies talk).

    26. (untitled theme) - Craig Armstrong (just a few bars of a song after Annie leaves the room and Sam enters to talk to Daniel)

    27. Rose - James Horner "from Titanic Soundtrack" (Daniel & Sam watch tv)

    28. Jamie Leaves Aurelia Craig Armstrong (PM gets a tea & biscuits from someone else / Jamie & Aurelia say goodbye)

    29. Christmas Is All Around Bill Nighy (Reprise by Billy Mack)

    30. The Trouble With Love (US Version) - Kelly Clarkson/ Too Lost in You The Sugababes (UK Version) This brings in the party scene. Different regions seem to have different songs playing at this point)

    31. Like I Love You - Justin Timberlake (during party)

    32. Turn Me On - Norah Jones (slow dance song during party & drive home)

    33. Songbird - Eva Cassidy (when Karl comes up to Sarahs room)

    34. (untitled score) Craig Armstrong (As Harry & Karen get ready for bed (see #26) also uses Total Agony (see # 14) in the middle)

    35. On The Beach Craig Armstrong (reprised here again while Harry & Mia talk on the phone)

    36. (untitled score) Craig Armstrong (during Rowan Atkinsons wrapping of gift)

    37. All Alone On Christmas - Darlene Love (long sequence showing all the characters starting w/ Colin & Tony)

    38. Smooth - Santana/Rob Thomas (as Colin lands in Wisconsin, goes to bar, meets girls).

    39. Wherever You Will Go - The Calling (in the bar, as Colin goes back to girls place).

    40. Both Sides Now - Joni Mitchell (as Karen opens gift and realizes its not the necklace)

    41. White Christmas - Otis Redding (as John & Judy kiss, Jamie leaves family, Karl says Merry Christmas to Sarah, PM opens Christmas cards, etc.)

    42. Silent Night Pre Teens (plays on boom box while Mark shows cards to Juliet, Billy Mack visits his manager)

    43. Jump reprise by Pointer Sisters (during PMs search for Natalie)

    44. Good King Wences Sung by Hugh Grant

    45. PM Love Theme / Natie Revealed Craig Armstrong (as PM finds Natalie)

    46. PM Love Theme Craig Armstrong (during the entrance to the Christmas play, Jamie arrives at airport)

    47. Catch a Falling Star Sung by the cast during play

    48. All I Want For Christmas Is You - Olivia Olson (sings during the play)

    49. On the Beach Craig Armstrong (used again here during Karen's confronting of Harry).

    50. Joanna Drives Off Craig Armstrong (during Daniel & Sam at school Joanna drives away)

    51. Portuguese Love Them/PM Love Theme Craig Armstrong (These two themes are intertwined for the closing scenes b/w Jamie & Aurelia and Daniel & Sam at the airport)

    52. Restaurant / Portuguese Love Theme Craig Armstrong (Jamies proposal)

    53. God Only Knows - The Beach Boys (Ends the restaurant scene through the final airport sequence)

    54. The Trouble With Love (reprise for credits)

    55. Too Lost In You - Sugababes (credits).

    Craig Armstrong uses mainly three pieces of music: 1. Glasgow Love Theme, 2. PM Love Theme and 3. Portuguese Love Theme ... these are used interchangeably throughout the film. Edit

  • Juliet and Peter are the newlyweds; Mark is Peter's best man and secretly in love with Juliet.

    Jamie is the writer and friend of Peter and Mark; Aurélia is his Portuguese maid to whom he proposes.

    Harry and Karen are the older couple; Mia is Harry's secretary, who seduces him.

    From a deleted scene, it becomes clear that Mia also knows Mark; she rents the art studio with sexually-themed artwork from him for the office Christmas party.

    David is the Prime Minister and Karen's brother; Natalie is a member of the staff at 10 Downing Street and neighbour of Mia. Her nephew and niece attend the same school as Sam (Daniel's stepson), and Harry and Karen's children.

    Sam learns to play the drum for the Christmas play at his school, in order to impress Joanna.

    Daniel is Sam's stepfather and friend of Karen; Carol is another single parent, with whom Daniel starts a relationship.

    Sarah is the woman with a mentally ill brother; Karl is her co-worker. They both work for Harry.

    Colin is the man who goes to America; there he meets four women, including Harriet, whom he brings back to England. He also waits at Juliet and Peter's wedding party. In addition, he is the food vendor delivering edibles to Harry's office.

    John and Judy are the actor and actress performing sex scenes, who get engaged.

    Tony is Colin's friend and director of the aforementioned sex scenes. He starts a relation with Harriet's sister.

    Billy Mack is the aging rock star; Joe, his longtime manager. They are the only couple who demonstrate platonic love rather than romantic love. Although they do not have a direct interaction with any of the other characters, Billy's naked performance is instrumental in Sam's attempt to profess his love to Joanna. Edit



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