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Funny as hell, yet not meant to be
jewright18 February 2003
This movie is so stupid and bad its funny. All of these guys are horrible actors. I cant believe this movie was actually made. Its like the writer just wrote down a paragraph summary of what the movie should be about and let the "actors" just improvise. see this movie to find out what a bad movie really is.
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Better than you might expect.
kwconch29 May 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Baller Blockin is head and shoulders above any other movie produced by a rap record label. While the movies produced by the No Limit label get all the press, or lack there of, Cash Money's attempt at a movie dwarfed anything with Master P's name on it. Some might even include gone in 60 seconds on this list.

Baller Blockin followed a well tread path and kept it simple. They also did themselves a favor by not asking to much from their rappers, oops I mean actors. Since the dialogue sounded like a rap song without a beat, the acting was almost believable.

The way our heroes figure out who to kill in the end is just one more reason to love this movie. It is truly a classic portrayal of the persuasive powers of a woman. In my opinion a lot of people who will never see this movie would probably enjoy it.
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davidmccollum6 December 2002
This is a good movie. Some of the acting is goofy, but I think it's alot better than No Limit's movies. Where as No Limit makes these grand wanna be epic gangster films, this movie just takes place in the projects with a couple of guys that just hang out and just happen to sell drugs. It has a ton of cussing in it, it would probably set a record for the amount of cusswords in just a 50 min. movie. See it and enjoy it!
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Ballar Blockin
kearanocallaghan23 February 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I have just watched Ballar Blockin and from what I seen here is what I am to report about the movie.

The film stars Juvenile as a young man who seen his father get murdered as a kid. (which is the intro to the movie).)

23 years later it is the year 2000 and in the magnolia projects a group of young niggaz who are trying to get a shipment of drugs in get caught up with corrupt cops.

The head of this police division is a corrupt cop named Curly Head who wants to have every dirty finger in every pie he can get.

The main character has a girlfriend named nettie who wants her boyfriend to quit the life of a gangster and start a fresh, but he feels like he is in to deep.

Later on in the film the gang get arrested by the corrupt cops for a shooting which was planned by the cops. The dirty cops want the main character to turn in his crew to save his girlfriend who is being held by the cops. The main character and his crew kill the guy who killed his father as a kid, go against a snitch who turns the gang into the corrupt cops and also have a shoot-out with the cops which doesn't go anywhere.

The acting in this film was poor, the majority of the actors in the film where rappers signed to cash money records, the other actors where terrible to especially the actors playing the corrupt cops.

The direction was all over the place, the plot was basic but had it's to be continued sign at the end. (I won't hold my breath for a sequel since most of the rappers who where in the film are not available or are to busy.)

But I have to say that this film is not terrible, but just a B Movie which you the viewer and friends can just laugh at on a boring night.
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Clockin in Nawlins
jfgibson7314 October 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I liked this movie. It was a pretty simple story about some cops trying to bust a big drug deal. The main character was a kid caught in the middle. His friends wanted to jack the shipment, and the cops wanted him to give everyone up. For extra leverage, some of the shadier cops nab his girlfriend, Nettie, who represents the only goodness in his life. I think the guy might have been called Chopper. All I could hear was everyone calling each other "Wardy." The kids on the streets sounded very natural, but the guys playing cops talked like high schoolers trying to talk the way they think cops sound in the movies. Ending was a cop out: to be continued. This wasn't the first low budget hood movie I've seen to do that, and neither of them have made their sequels years later. Guess the money ran dry.
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One Take?
Bigslugga13 October 2009
I've seen this movie more than the people who made it did. Who knows why. I have every line memorized and I'm convinced that this movie was filmed all in one take. Botched lines, Boom mic in the shot, and clearly Gar seen shooting as an extra after he was already killed. Oh, and "Take this 20, go to the park and get you an ice cream." This scene where Tanut's father gives him a $20 to get ice cream before he is killed? Yeah, it's not even a 20. It's a $10 dollar bill. I would still recommend that anyone watch it, to see how bad movies can be. DO NOT TURN IT OFF. YOU HAVE TO SEE THE ENDING!!!! (Or complete lack thereof) They wrote themselves into a corner and didn't bother changing it. haha!
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This is so true to that.
jeromelarkin31 October 2002
This movie is the real deal. It might be a little bit low budget but this is how it is where I grew up. Its more like life than a movie. The people are real. Cops chasing, ho's, partying, violence, its all there. If you like Cash Money, you'll love this. If you wanna see how it really is in the places you're too afraid to go, watch this movie. Peace.
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