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MPAA Rated PG for some rude humor and mild comic action

Sex & Nudity

Violence & Gore

  • Gladys Sharp is seen trying to hit animals with her broom. The animals are safe inside the hedge.
  • Gladys tries to kill several animals using a weed whacker while Dwayne uses an electrified prod.
  • Gladys kicks Heather, Ozzie's daughter, and she is thrown into a wall and falls to the floor still. We briefly think that she's dead, but she's OK.
  • Vincent lunges at several animals, including RJ. They dodge, and Vincent lands on Dwayne and Gladys. We see a bright glowing beam as we hear a scream and we see Vincent, Dwayne and Gladys smoldering in a cage and missing most of their hair.
  • Vincent is shown in several scenes with pointed claws, teeth and a scary, deep voice.
  • Gladys punches and kicks a few police officers.
  • Gladys, who is wearing bunny slippers, is caught in an animal trap. Her feet and slippers are wrapped in netting and she falls to the floor.
  • Hammy pretends to be a "vicious, man-eating rabid squirrel", but is attacked by two girls. They hit Hammy with a book and then spray him with pepper spray.
  • Vincent attacks a truck as it speeds out of control along a road. He tries to get RJ, and tears the roof off the truck. Vincent is then struck by a replica of Dwayne swinging a mallet. Penny sends tines into Vincent's nose. He is pulled off the truck when he is caught in the ropes of large balloons, flying away in the process. The truck flips and crashes into Gladys's house.
  • We hear a thud and we see Ozzie on the street in front of Debbie's car. However, in spite of being uninjured, he plays dead.
  • Several animals are afraid when they think Verne has been eaten by a large hedge named "Steve" by Hammy. Verne appears to be fine.
  • Dwayne shoots a pink flamingo replica and its head is knocked off.
  • Hammy crosses a wire above a yard that is rigged with traps.
  • A dragonfly flies into a bug zapper. It is zapped, turned to ash and falls to the ground.
  • Nugent the Dog picks up Verne in his mouth and shakes him back and forth, but Verne is fine.
  • A truck runs into a wagon filled with food. RJ slams onto the windshield of the truck. As Dwayne slams on the brakes, several animals in cages in the back of the truck are thrown and the cages open.
  • Several animals are caught in traps and put in cages.
  • A truck speeds toward RJ in the road, and drives right over him. Thankfully, RJ is OK.
  • Vincent wakes up to find RJ stealing his possessions. Vincent then says, "I'm gonna have to kill you," as he chases RJ, catches him and holds him in the air by the head. Vincent opens his mouth wide but does not eat RJ at all.
  • Nugent the Dog chases RJ and Verne. They break through a fence, launch into the air and float downward while holding an umbrella. A propane tank falls from the sky and hits Gladys's car, destroying it completely. As an explosion occurs, several burning shrapnel shoot up into the air, which burn through the umbrella. RJ and Verne try to stop the fire by blowing into it, but the umbrella is burned completely and they fall to the ground. They are OK.
  • RJ talks about "the weed whacker incident" taking his family away.
  • RJ has a nightmare about Vincent eating him.
  • A replica of a man on top of a truck moves and swings a mallet down onto the head of a replica rabbit. Traps are set to kill animals and they are tested on animal replicas (we see them being sliced in half, charred and trapped in a cage).
  • A cooler falls off the roof of Debbie's car and lands on Verne, pushing him into the street. He is fine.
  • While getting the Spuddies out of Gladys's kitchen cabinet, RJ falls from the cabinet and lands on the floor. A wine bottle falls from the shelf and shatters near him.
  • Verne gets hit several times in one scene. One, he is sprayed by a sprinkler. Two, he is nearly pierced by barbecue utensils, including a knife and fork. Three, he gets run over by a bicycle and spins continuously. And four, he gets struck with a hockey stick. Although uninjured, Verne is shaken up.
  • Quills are propelled off of one of Lou and Penny's children and they nearly pierce Verne and RJ.
  • Verne is caught up in the brushes of a street sweeper machine and is spun around and flung out, missing his shell.
  • RJ sneaks past a hibernating Vincent, rifles through things loudly, and flings himself back over Vincent trying to get out before he wakes up.
  • Animals talk about human housing developments encroaching on their habitat and are afraid that they will no longer be able to find enough food to survive.
  • Several animals sit on the ground and bend over acting as if they are going to lick their private parts (their tongues are sticking out) in order to scare a woman; she screams, she swings a broom at them and the animals run.
  • Three porcupine children tackle their father to the ground.
  • A raccoon pulls itself up a rock wall using a fishing line and enters a bear's den.
  • A skunk talks about having kept something in all winter and that it's about to come out scaring several other animals out of a pile of leaves covering a log.
  • A raccoon pounds on a vending machine trying to free a bag of chips (it kicks the machine and hurts its paw, and it hits it with a golf club).
  • A skunk sprays a house (we see a green fog) and a woman gags and vomits (we hear her retching).
  • A turtle is frightened by something and says, "I may need to change my shell."
  • A squirrel burps loudly in a few scenes.
  • A raccoon makes reference to humans "having food out the wazoo" and other animals try to figure out what the "wazoo" is.


Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Animals drink a caffeinated beverage and it makes them all move much faster.
  • Hammy gets high on caffeine.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The scene where Spike accidentally turns on the TV where the THX logo appears can be frightening to some viewers for those who are scared of the Deep Note.
  • Vincent chases after RJ and then picks him up in his paw to eat him, but RJ promises he'll replace all of his snacks and the bear relents (played for action-comedy, but younger kids might find it as intense).
  • Vincent then says that RJ has 1 week to do so, and warns him not to try to run away as he'll have to hunt him down and kill him.
  • While RJ sleeps up in a tree, we see a huge bear paw (with sharp claws) come up and then grab him.
  • Vincent then holds RJ above his open mouth and is ready to eat him, but we then see that it's just been a nightmare.
  • Younger kids may worry when Dwayne captures all of the animals (except for RJ) and Gladys tells him to dispose of them in an inhumane way.
  • The animals run and hide in the hedge, with Dwayne (with an electronic zapper) and Gladys (with a weed whacker) on one side, and Vincent on the other, all trying to get the animals.
  • Dwayne ends up zapping Vincent who then punches Dwayne in the face.
  • Vincent then has RJ, but Hammy moves so fast (on caffeine) that he essentially stops the world (making everyone else seem frozen). That allows RJ to escape, with Vincent landing on Dwayne and Gladys.
  • The laser beam activated pest trap system is then activated, with all three of them being zapped, leaving just tufts of hair on all of them. That beam also travels into outer space and hits a satellite, destroying it.

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