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Netflix's House of Cards 'should be making TV industry shit it'

Top producer Peter Kosminsky says arrival of online service represents 'end of an era' for traditional model of broadcasting

Veteran drama producer and director Peter Kosminsky believes that traditional UK broadcasters ought to be "shitting it" about the arrival of online provider Netflix, which he says represents the "end of an era" for the traditional model of broadcasting content.

The Bafta-award winner revealed at a TV industry event earlier this week that he watched the Netflix launch of the Kevin Spacey political drama House of Cards last Friday and realised that the age of linear TV was doomed.

"I stayed up and watched three episodes in a row and I realised that I was watching the end of an era," he said of the House of Cards online launch, which bypassed traditional TV networks by premiering the whole 13-part series at once.

"This was something that was nothing to do with traditional broadcasting,
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Peter Kosminsky: Britain's humiliation in Palestine

Peter Kosminsky is one of Britain's most acclaimed directors of hard-hitting television drama. His latest project – 11 years in the making – tells the story of postwar Palestine and Israeli independence through the eyes of a British soldier serving in the territory. It promises to be an event

In 1999, shortly after his film about the British peace-keeping force in Bosnia, Warriors, was screened by the BBC, Peter Kosminsky received a letter. It was from an old soldier, who had found Warriors moving, and wanted to thank its director. At the end of the letter, though, was a line – thrown out more in hope than expectation – that caught Kosminsky's eye. "You should do a film about the British soldiers who were in Palestine," it said. "No one remembers us."

As psychological bullets go, this one was well aimed. Kosminsky is nothing if not in the business of remembering. The kind of things that
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