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If you've bought the first movie, you may feel a little cheated...
mandiapple26 June 2003
... mainly because Ju-on 2 boasts an outrageous FORTY minutes' worth of material literally taken straight out of the first Ju-on - and when you consider that the sequel only runs for 76 minutes, that leaves you with 36 original minutes' worth of film. Ho-hum. I found that deeply irritating - as if viewers simply wouldn't remember the same stuff! - not to mention dull, having to watch it all over again.

OK, that complaint aside, the byline for Ju-on 2 was that it was supposed to explain a lot of the unanswered questions from the first movie, which frankly, over 36 minutes, simply doesn't go far enough to making any kind of sense of the original's highly convoluted storyline.

There are, however, some really nice new horror sequences which show how good the film might have been, had it had some time to develop; and some of the questions raised by the original - some, but not all - are answered.

So in conclusion - if you loved the first original movie and want to see some further developments on the story, go for it - but just remember to keep your remote control to hand with your finger on the fast-forward button for forty minutes.
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Only 45 minutes of new material
dbborroughs23 July 2004
The first TV movie of Ju-on is one of the creepiest movies I've I've seen. This is considerably less so.

This film begins with a half an hour of material from the first film. While its good, it slows the forward momentum of this film especially if you watched the previous film in close order.

When the new material comes it picks up literally where the first leaves off and follows it to a new end. Some of this is good, but much, like the end, is good looking but rather confused and far from scary. Worse, the now linear story is too literal and doesn't leave enough to the mind.

If you need to know what happens after the first film ends, then by all means pick this up for viewing, however if it were up to me I'd just leave the first film be and forget this as a well intentioned mistake.

5 out of 10
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More of the same
andrewjerome16 May 2011
Warning: Spoilers
The problem I had with this movie wasn't just the fact that there was so much of the previous film in this one. It was more that there didn't seem to be any progress in the tale. Yes, there are some great scary scenes but basically it's just the same thing:

1. Person walks into the horror house 2. The ghost kills them


1. Person walks into the horror house 2. Someone meets the first person 3. The ghost kills the first person 4. The ghost then kills the second person too

I really thought one of the characters (Kyoko) was going to at least offer some defenses against the ghost as she seemed to display some psychic abilities but no, the ghost gets her too.

It's just a shame that a really creepy film with some scary scenes didn't have more depth than this.
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A bit of a letdown, due to repeated footage
mw_director17 September 2003
Warning: Spoilers
Warning: The first 30 minutes of this second entry in the Ju-on series (the first two of which were released direct-to-video) repeats the last 30 minutes of the first movie. Trying to puzzle out why they did this, I can only think it must have been a (rather sleazy) decision on the producers' part to maximize profits from the video release, but putting out two movies instead of one. After all, if you merged the two films with the overlapping footage, you'd still have a feature in the 110 minute range. Jeez.

(Mild spoilers follow.)

Having said that, this movie continues the creepfest begun in the first to solid effect. What is so cool about the curse concept that Takashi Shimizu has come up with is that EVERY character in this story who encounters Toshio, Kayako, or the dreaded house is affected. Unlike an American horror film, where you'd get a brave hero or heroine figuring out a way at the end to save the day and lift the curse, in this movie, once you're cursed, you're cursed. Screwed. Doomed. It's cool.

This is a good series, though I think its low-budget, atmosphere-based approach to frightening audiences won't probably play well to American audiences programmed to expect horror movies to be bombastic, loud, and all about special effects.
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Rather disappointing.
HumanoidOfFlesh15 February 2004
"Ju-On 2" isn't definitely as good as the original.It's very bland and boring film with some occasionally scary moments."Ju-On 2" starts at the beginning of the first film,re-telling the story that started it all in the original "Ju-On",and then about half way into the film the new story picks up.The film offers some downright creepy moments,but there is not enough creepiness for my liking.There is also one scene obviously stolen from Hideo Nakata's horror hit "Ringu"(1998).So if you liked the first film you may be a bit a disappointed with this one.My rating:6 out of 10-and that's being generous.Stick with brilliant original.
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CJGlowacki12 September 2004
So you sat through the first "Ju-On : The Curse" and thought it was pretty creepy. Your only complaint was that the ending left you confused and wanting more. Well, be careful what you wish for because here we have "Ju-On 2 : The Curse" and it may leave you wanting less.

For whatever reason, "Ju-On 2" starts off with teacher Shunsuke Kobayashi visiting the home of one of his students. It appears Toshio hasn't shown up in a while. Sound familiar? It should. Because for the first 30 minutes, you are simply watching the last 30 minutes of the first "Ju-On" - shot for shot.

But the real question here is how does this supposed sequel stand up against the original. Well, for starters, it is less confusing. Once you move into the new footage, the movie stays in a linear time frame right up until the end. It even helps in explaining some of the more confusing elements from the first movie.

As for the scares, you get more of the same here and this only serves to make them less effective. When we first saw a ghostly Kayko crawling around in the original, it was totally unexpected and genuinely creepy. However, in the sequel, you would've thought she'd entered the walking stage by now ala a toddler. But no, she's still hugging the ground and moving slower George Romero's dead.

And here is one aspect of these movies, particularly this one, that I find curious. When approached by these ghosts, every character seems to be frightened to the point of where they can no longer at even the most basic level. Running away? Out of the question. Walking away? I don't think so. Screaming for help? Only if you can stop your whimpering to belt one out. For the most part, these scenes do work, and are punctuated with some incredibly effective jump cuts. But there are times when watching a man slowly crawl away from an even slower ghost just seems plain silly.

So, with all that being said, should you give "Ju-On 2 : The Curse" a look? Absolutely - but only if you can somehow seamlessly merge the two movies together and cut out the half hour of repetition.

Rating for "Ju-On : The Curse" [on a 5 star system] : 3 1/2 stars

Rating for "Ju-On 2 : The Curse" [on a 5 star system] : 2 1/2 stars

Rating for both movies combined as one [on a 5 star system] : 3 1/2 stars
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This movie was very disappointing, no were near as good as first
atinder3 June 2012
Juon the curse Part 2

This movie start off were the first one left off, after he sold the house his family now is effect by the curse.

I did not find this movie scary or creepy at all, i found some scene very strange and odd and there few scene that meant to be scary, I could not help but laugh and found those scene way to silly, the way they made her running crawling was ridiculous.

This movie was very disappointing, no were near as good as first or Ju-on- The Grudge 1 and 2

I going give this movie 3 out of 10
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Really creepy horror film
lastliberal23 June 2008
I have not seen the original film, so I can't make any comparison. Supposedly this "sequel" contains 40 minutes of the original and just 36 minutes of new material.

No matter to me, as this is one of the creepiest films I have seen. I was literally jumping out of my seat at times. The mother and child really creeped me out. People dying all over the place due to some curse that resulted from a murder by a father.

Creepy music, and some bizarre deaths make this an interesting movie. The non-linear style may put some off, but I really enjoyed it.

There are apparently four of these films, so I will be looking for them all. Of course, I can also check out the American remakes which feature the mother (Takako Fuji) and the father (Takashi Matsuyama).
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nearly impossible to find, but worth the effort!
carmstro4 November 2002
It's been over a year since I started searching for copies of the JU-ON films, and thanks to a few wild dealings with proxy bidding services for Japanese auction sites I was able to track down a copy of part 2. It was well worth the effort!

Although the copy of JU-ON 2 I viewed did not have an english-language option, a skeletal understanding of the story was easily discerned and was all that was needed to enjoy the proceedings. The film is a series of lightly-connected vignettes about the various inhabitants of a cursed apartment and the myriad of horrible fates that befall them.

After my initial viewing, I felt the film started very slowly and didn't really offer much until its final 20 minutes. The second time around however, I really found myself drawn in from the get-go. While the last 20 minutes do pack the strongest punch, the first 50 minutes build on each other quite well and set you up for what amounts to multiple drop-kicks to your psyche in the final sections. Director Takashi Shimizu conjures up some of the most frightening images yours truly, a fear film vet and the sort of person who scares none too easily, has EVER seen.

I recommend this film highly, and wish you luck in tracking down a copy. As for me, I'm off to find the original JU-ON...
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The second grudge curse
morrison-dylan-fan2 November 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Feeling ill just before Halloween,I looked for an easy-going flick to view on the day. Getting chills from seeing the first movie to get the "Grudge" title in the franchise a few days ago,it felt like a good time to reveal a second grudge.

View on the film:

Appearing to be slapped together after the success of the first Ju -on on video,writer/ director Takashi Shimizu brings this Grudge to the cinema, by recalling the likes of Silent Night, Deadly Night 2 (1987) (minus the trashy humour) in stuffing the first 35 minutes with re-used footage from the first Ju-on. Reeking of a disinterested attitude, Shimizu stamps the point down by covering the film in over-saturated colours and out of focus shots, which dent attempts for a creepy mood from the striking images in the second to last tale. Continuing the episodic set-up of the first, the screenplay by Shimizu finds some new room to expand on the tale of J-Horror's long black haired poster girl Kayako, but they lack the care of building a mystery around the house of the original, and finishing on an ill-judged comedic ending which turns this grudge into a joke.
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Disappointing, repetitive, but still with a few good scares
Catharina_Sweden21 February 2011
Warning: Spoilers
This movie was a little disappointing, because it was not so good as the first movie, "The Grudge". A lot of ideas from "The Grudge" are also repeated here, so you know what to expect beforehand. It feels as if the producers are trying to suck the last marrow out of the first movie's popularity... and I think that is very bad! Also, my impression is that this movie is more low-budget, more amateurish, and with no such really good actors as those who played the American (English?) college teacher, and the inspector, in "The Grudge".

Furthermore, it was very confusing, and I am not sure I understood what happened to all the people living in the house. This confusion might be a matter of inadequate translation, though, because there is some Japanese text that I believe is vital to the story, but which is not translated. For example the addresses on the envelopes, when the real estate agent enters the house and finds them inside the door...

Still, it has it scares... My heart is still thumping loudly, and I have goose bumps... and I will be very afraid to turn out the lights in my bed-room! :-)
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Not as good as the first.
kirk-24623 September 2009
I enjoyed the foreign horror film 'Ju-on' and the remake that was made by Tackashimi Shimzu, the man who directed the American remake.'Ju-on 2' isn't nearly as good as the first or the remake.Sure, it was worth watching, but the fact that almost half of the movie is the same footage from the first movie makes it seem like one of those movies that you have already seen before.The movie is also short.It runs in at 76 minutes, but really runs at 74 minutes if you take out the end credits.Yeah, it's a pretty short movie.I can't guarantee that if you liked the first movie that you'll like this one.Still, I found 'Ju-on 2' to be an enjoyable sequel.
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