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To paraphrase Debbie Thornberry at one point, when I write about this film - and I will - I will not be kind.
Victor Field20 September 2003
The end credits for "Rugrats Go Wild!" include a section headed "Klasky Csupo Accounting," which unfortunately figures; this third theatrical outing for the Rugrats and second one for the Wild Thornberrys plays more like a marketing exercise than an actual movie.

With this big-screen crossover of two TV shows, you'd think that they'd both get equal time, but due to their show having been more successful and having their full name in the title (it was originally called "Rugrats Meet The Wild Thornberrys" before someone decided that was too obvious), Tommy, Chucky and the rest get more time on screen than the far more appealing Eliza Thornberry and Co; it's not until near the end that they're on anything like equal footing, and by then the movie's been sabotaged by a plot that's too skimpy for words (the Pickles, Finster and DeVille families - plus Susie - get stranded on the same island that the Thornberrys have pitched up on for their latest jaunt, and cue much running around and shrieking), an ounce of actual amusement amongst a ton of shrill and strained gags, too many characters squeezed into too little time, and far too many songs, pop or otherwise (Chrissie Hynde. Why?).

Having Bruce Willis do the voice of Spike doesn't help much, and neither does including some of the most heavy-handed movie references this side of a Leslie Nielsen comedy. In fact, the movie officially becomes a waste of time when their boat capsizes and it turns into a mini-homage to "The Poseidon Adventure," capped by Angelica singing "The Morning After" in her toy karaoke machine. (If only she had been the character played by Stella Stevens.)

But even that's more forgiveable than having Stu say "I can't help feeling partially responsible." Stealing lines from "The Simpsons" is the final insult... Eliza's older sister and Betty DeVille are the only ones to emerge intact. Note to Paramount: ENOUGH ALREADY!
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Forgettable, confusing, with few laughs
cs10016 June 2003
I saw this film with my daughter (6 years old) and her friend (7), none of whom are Rugrats fans, mostly because they consider the Rugrat's humor to be too immature and inappropriate. My daughter and I did, however, mostly enjoy last year's The Wild Thornberrys Movie.

The plot is a literal and figurative shipwreck. The Rugrats and their parents end up on an uninhabited island somewhere in the Pacific, on which the Thornberrys happen to be. Various groups and individuals splinter off in search of others. By the time Nigel Thornberry gets knocked on the head and reverts to the mental age of a 3 year-old, I had lost track of who was looking for whom and why. How a kid is supposed to follow all these machinations is beyond me.

The sheer number of characters and the randomness with which they run into each other prevent any sort of character depth from being explored. For example, in The Wild Thornberrys Movie, considerable attention was given to Darwin the monkey, who is one of the more interesting characters in this entire assembly (Darwin is smart and makes very insightful observations of human behavior, but he can only communicate with one person, Eliza - to everyone else, he is a dumb monkey). However, here he has what could be characterized as a cameo appearance at best. So, unless you are already familiar with all the characters, and don't expect much in terms of character development, you'll be disappointed.

I think there was a moral to the story (something about leadership and redemption), but I was nodding off by the end of the movie, having lost track of the plot. The audience I saw the film with was mostly subdued, with only a few audible laughs. My daughter and her friend said they liked the movie, but they like every movie I take them to, as long as I buy them popcorn. They did not talk about the movie at all the rest of the weekend. On the way home, we listened to the Lilo & Stitch soundtrack, which has much better songs than the few musical numbers in this movie.

I'm not giving this movie the worst rating, because it might be enjoyable for a few Rugrat fans. And the Rugrats' potty humor is not as bad as it could have been, although there are diaper jokes, bird droppings, and Spike the dog raises his leg a few times.
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Kids will love this movie!
atinder19 August 2009
When I was younger, I used to love the Rugrats TV show, I didn't stop watching them until I was 13.

That did not stop me from watching these movies. which I really like, all 3 of them.

The whole movie is packed up with lots of funny jokes and some good songs.

I think talking Spike, was just little two odd for me.

Like how they put both Rugrats and The Wild Thornberrys together was great idea.

A Lots of kids would love this movie, I am 24 years old and I found some of these scenes to be very funny,did make me laugh out loud.

This is not as good as the last two movies but that dose not mean this is bad, far from it, still a great family movie.

I give this movie 8/10
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Forgetful; Looks a Bit Like a Gimmic k
StephenBurg2 January 2012
Warning: Spoilers
In Nickelodeon's fifth theatrical movie based on their world famous Nicktoons, the Rugrats and the Wild Thornberrys come together. Rugrats, SpongeBob, Ren and Stimpy and Wild Thornberrys were Nickelodeon's most famous shows, so, that being said, you can see why I think this is a gimmick. The movie starts like the other two: with the babies believing their in a parody; this time it's a very loose reference to The Wild Thornberrys. It reveals that Nigel Thornberry is the babies' hero as everyday they watch his nature show. In a completely unrelated plot, Stu takes all the families on a cruise, but they all end up on an island where the Thornberrys picked for their next expedition. (A bit too coincidental, don't you think?)The adults try to plan ways to get out of their island prison while the babies go off on another weird and somewhat gross adventure, this time they come face-to-face with their amnesiac hero, Angelica is with Debbie and we finally hear what Spike has to say while he talks with Eliza. The writing went a bit too far; they could have gone without a few subplots. Random numbers appear all over the place for a "Scrath and Sniff" contest that nobody remembers. This was my first movie in theaters.

My Rating: 5/10 Rated PG for Mild Rude Humor
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Rugrats Go Mild
Merely14 June 2003
Nothing new here whatsoever. One of the more boring outings of the ever popular Rugrats. Bruce Willis adds nothing and songs are forgettable. Numbers 1 through 5 appear at various stages during the movie. Everyone was scratching his head wondering if they were supposed to remember them to perhaps win some terrific prize. A search on Google turns out they should have been scratching cards given out during a Burger King promotion where the smells coincided with the particular scenes. I guess I need to watch more television. Must have missed that commercial....somehow. In any case, was probably far more interesting than the movie. Luckily, the time flew by. Thank TPTB, it is a short one.
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A complete surprise overall!
TheLittleSongbird2 March 2009
I am 16, and like the Rugrats very much, but I love the Wild Thornberrys. I bought this two days ago, and watched it with low expectations, and boy was it a huge surprise. This was infinitely better than I expected, if not quite as good as anything to do with the Wild Thornberrys or Rugrats. My favourite characters were Spike, Nigel, Angelica and Debbie.

For the first time, we hear Spike talk, and he was brilliantly voiced by Bruce Willis, who put some of his previous films into this, and that was perfectly refreshing. The other voice talents were great, with great voice veterans like Nancy Cartwright, Danielle Harris and Tim Curry.I did notice though that Christine Cavanaugh, I think, was missing. It was a shame though that Curry was reduced to talking childishly for a good bit of the movie, and don't expect too much from the plot.

The humour was also not bad. I don't care whether it was the same as in other movies, because they did it in the other Rugrats outings, don't you remember. I loved the ever-imitated mirror sequence in the waterfall, and when Nigel hits his head and turns into a baby. There is a lot of imagination, as Angelica imagines herself as an island princess, and she is the toddler equivalent to Debbie. And the animation is true to the style of both shows, colourful and crisp, plus the time goes by quickly.

As for the songs, they were the weakest category of the film, but they had so many funny lyrics. The melodies were a bit uninspired, but the lyrics were a lot funnier than the overall script, which I thought had a lot of heart and humour. Plus, we get to hear Bruce Willis sing, which for me was the biggest surprise of the film, because he can actually sing.

In conclusion, a movie that was much better than expected. Kids will love this, and adults MIGHT probably laugh at the funny lyrics of the songs. 7/10 Bethany Cox
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Amusing for fans with an extra fun for fans of "The Wild Thornberrys".
hu67525 September 2005
The Rugrats and family become stranded on an island after Stu (Voiced by Jack Riley) promises his family and friends a wonderful vacation but instant he rented an old boat ship instead going on a cruise ship. Tommy (Voiced by Elizabeth Daily), Chuckie (Voiced by Nancy Cartwright), Phil & Lil (Voiced both by Kath Soucie), Susie (Voiced by Cree Summer) and Dil (Voiced by Tara Strong) wander off to the jungle. Spike (Voiced by Bruce Willis) loses his sense of small due to sneezing.

Angelica (Voiced by Cheryl Chase) meets an equally but older bratty teen by the name of Debbie Thornberry (Voiced by Danielle Harris). When a doted leopard named Siri (Voiced by Chrissie Hynde) goes after the babies. But an intelligent little girl by the name of Eliza Thornberry (Voiced by Lacey Chabert), who can talk to the animals will try to find the babies before Siri does and adventurer Nigel Thornberry (Voiced by Tim Curry) becomes amnesic after finding the babies and the situation doesn't go well for the Pickles, The Finster's, Thornberry's and De Ville's family.

Directed by John Eng and Edmund Fong made an amusing family animated film that is an improvement (For some fans) over the second "Rugrats" film. This is the last film for the "Rugrats" teamed with the equally popular "The Wild Thornberrys" T.V. Series. The film's chief novelty is Willis providing the voice of Spike the Dog, who normally doesn't talk. This film is basically hybrid of the two popular animated T.V. Series. This film wasn't a big hit at the Box Office like the previous two "Rugrats" films. Still, it is worth a look for fans of these two televisions series mixed into one movie. Digital Widescreen. (*** ½/*****).
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Funny however old you are
dbborroughs19 January 2008
I went to see Rugrats. When I told this to a friend of mind she said why, you're pushing 40...

I went because I thought I would laugh....I did for the whole movie.

Its great, its wonderful, its not Rugrats in Paris or Wild Thornberry's the Movie, but its a fun 90 minutes thats better for adults who know the references...the Poseidon Adventure song for example. (And even the filmmakers know this isn't high art when one of them in mid-panic says haven't we don this before- a reference to the first Rugrats movie) Most of the new songs suck, but the use of old ones such as "Atomic Dog" and "Should I Stay or Should I Go" was choice. I also loved who ever covered "Message in a Bottle".

Any movie that lets Bruce Willis and Tim Curry riff wildly can't be all bad.

The film was in ordorama--- but no one got the cards. The six smells were donuts, Peanut Butter, Flowers, Stinky Feet (Go to work dill)a Burp and Kippers. I know the kids were a bit lost behind me with the flashing numbers. If a card come with the DVD I will buy the disc.

"Its a lot easier going potty in the rain forest, you don't have to worry about getting it on the walls and floor" - Chuckie Spikes full name, if you care, is : Down spike down get off that couch...

I loved this movie a lot. Its just great fun...

My mom would go crazy about Lil and Phil and the discussion about eating bugs and mud... that included the Nemo echo of we don't eat bugs we pet them.

I would like someone to explain a booger farm to me...or not... since understanding is not required to laugh at the joke.

Go see the movie and laugh for 90 minutes and understand that sometimes nothing special is very special when it comes to movies.
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Two great shows don't always make the best movie
neenahhh2 January 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I'm pretty sure that I probably watched this movie when it was still playing in the movie theaters a long time ago. I still don't know why I decided to download this movie and rewatch it after 8 long years.

Comparing my experience now to the 7(or 8)-year-old kid that I was, I can say that I enjoyed this movie a whole lot more, before. It's no big surprise since this movie was targeted towards kids. It was a big plus that during my fresh childhood years, the Rugrats was one of my favorite TV shows. I also watched The Wild Thornberrys every once in a while. With that being said, I guess I enjoyed this movie just because the sight of seeing my favorite characters on the big screen, was already great to me.

It was a decent movie experience. I even got that happy feeling- you know, the one that you feel when the hero finally saves the day after numerous hardships and obstacles- when Donnie took over Darwin's spot and helped raise the Comvee up with his super hyper energy and also, when the babies and Nigel saw the Giant Squid.

It seemed kind of short, though. Also, I felt that they didn't give Eliza much screen-time. It kind of revolved around the babies plus Donnie. You can see Lil kind of mature here when she told her brother to stop eating bugs because it was hurting them. It reminded me of a typical older sibling-younger sibling relationship. Not two babies.

I liked the Rugrats in Paris movie and The Wild Thornberrys Movie better than this one. There was more development in both films. In this movie, nothing really happened, come to think of it. The starting and the ending were the best parts of the movie. But it was still enjoyable, seeing as I grew up with the characters of the film. It made me feel a bit nostalgic.

Having said that, I think that both shows are great, but when put together, it didn't make the best movie. They shouldn't have done a cross-over.

If you're a Rugrats and/or The Wild Thornberrys fan, you may consider trying this. But don't expect it to be amazing. You're better off watching The Rugrats Movie, Rugrats in Paris or The Wild Thornberrys Movie.
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A solid, colourful, amusing and enjoyable family film
bob the moo4 January 2007
Drew offers to take his family and friends on a paradise cruise and everyone is excited. However when it transpires that his "cruise ship" is a tiny fishing boat nobody is that impressed but go along anyway. A perfect storm sees them cast adrift on an uninhabited island. While the adults come to terms with never making it off the island alive the babies are pumped about the whole thing, with Tommy convinced that he can find his idol, Nigel Thornberry somewhere in the rain forest.

Having found the other two Rugrats movies to be reasonably colourful and fun I decided to give this franchise amalgamation a try despite my low expectations. The film does deliver what you expect though and will be loved by fans of both series. The plot is nonsense of course but it gets the two series together well and provides enough story to keep it going with nary a dull moment. Although it is no Pixar, the film does have a lot more adult references than the first two films put together and they did enough to keep me interested. It also helped that the baby humour is minimised and replaced with just solid family humour.

The animation is colourful and warm and flows really well – not the most imaginative stuff but perfect for a family audience. The regular voice cast are all as good as normal in the forms of Curry, Daily, Cartwright and others. Meanwhile the additions of Bruce Willis and Chrissie Hynde are both amusing. Overall then a solid and enjoyable family film – colourful and amusing and worth a look if you are seeking out something to distract a family audience.
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A Wild Adventure!
Ginger8731 January 2005
"Rugrats Go Wild!" was a wild movie featuring the Rugrats characters meeting the characters from the Wild Thornberrys. Since I am a fan of the Rugrats, even though the newer episodes weren't as good, I went opening weekend. I really enjoyed it and so did my sister and our friends.

This movie wasn't as good as the previous two, but it was still very funny and well made. It was interesting listening to Spike speak(even though he did speak in one of Chuckie's dreams on a Rugrats episode)! The spoofs from the The Poseidon Adventure and Angelica singing "The Morning After" was hysterical. However I was upset when, Lil one of my favorite characters, didn't eat the bug.(What happened?) Overall this was a really good movie and all Rugrats fan should give it a try. I give it 10/10!
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A Fun Movie!
movies2u25 July 2003
Rugrats Go Wild! (AKA Rugrats Meet The Wild Thornberrys Movie) (2003)

Rugrats Go Wild! is a fun movie. This movie was really entertaining, and had many exciting adventures. It was really cool seeing the Rugrats meeting The Wild Thornberrys. Debbie and Anjelica were a perfect duo,a nd the whole movie was just plain fun! I give it a 10/10.
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Nickelodeon-Style Fun For All Ages
LilRider1625 October 2020
This movie from Paramount Pictures is very awesome and is the best of the Rugrats trilogy and the reason for that is because of the animation, humor, and charming characters that really steal the spotlight. However, Bruce Willis as Spike was a true gift from Nickelodeon not to mention the amazing crossover with the Wild Thornberrys on an island full of adventure. The humor in this movie is also silly and has some very heartwarming moments. The critics however reviewed this movie to be like garbage and like a toilet which is disgusting. No matter what anyone says, this is really Nickelodeon-style fun for all ages. 8.5/10
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Good crossover
briancham19944 June 2020
I liked this film about as much as the main Wild Thornberrys Movie (2002) and a bit better than the two Rugrats movies. It's an interesting concept and I think they do the best with the source material considering that barely any of the characters could technically communicate with each other.
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Y'all are way too harsh
daviderickson-0011129 April 2020
I remember the nostalgia I had from watching this when I was 5-10. I recently rewatched it after years of not seeing it and I can say that people are being way too harsh towards it. Yes the film is childish, but fir those of us who grew up on both shows the film seems very entertaining and true to the sources. I obviously wouldn't watch this all the time, and a fair amount of the jokes seem leeched from pop culture, but the film doesn't deserve the hate it gets, like jesus. I feel like some of y'all just act dull and mature thinking it'll gain you respect from a bunch of strangers on a movie app.
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It was pretty wildly entertaining. Not the best, not the worst. Don't castaway it, just yet.
ironhorse_iv23 April 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Being a huge fan of both Nickelodeon animated 1990s television series, Rugrats and the Wild Thornberrys. I was pretty happy to hear that they were getting combine for a feature length 80 minutes crossover movie. Directed by Norton Virgien and John Eng, Rugrats Go Wild didn't disappointed. It's the third movie, in the Rugrats film series after 1998's The Rugrats Movie & 2000's The Rugrats in Paris. It's the second movie, in the Wild Thornberry's film series after 2002's Wild Thornberry movie. The movie is about the Rugrats families going on a cruise, that Tommy's father, Stu (voiced by Jack Riley) has rented. On the way, the boat sank in a storm, forcing everything to board a life raft. They soon found small tropical-island, in which the adults think is uninhabited. The children lead by Tommy (Voiced by Elizabeth Daily) believe otherwise, and go into the jungle searching for life. Both, not knowing that on the other side are the Thornberry family, their only hope back to civilization. What I love about the film is the type of humor, it brings. I love the whole misinterpretation humor of adult themes from the viewpoint of the babies. It always bring me a laugh. The potty humor and crude repartee jokes were pretty good. I didn't mind the pop culture and other movie references and spoofs like 1997's Titanic, 1975's Jaws, 1976's Taxi Driver and others. The movie also do call backs to previous episodes of both TV Series and also reference, the first movie. Most of all, I love Tim Curry as Nigel Thornberry, the quirky, adventurous wildlife documentarian who often rambles in indiscernible English accent. Nigel Thornberry is indeed, smashing. The animation was pretty good and the CGI animation kinda mixed well. I was pretty surprise how good the production, the film had. It was beautiful to watch. I wouldn't say, the movie is the best Nickelodeon cartoon movie out there. It was indeed, the lowest grossing Rugrats film for a reason. Some of the jokes really hit flat. The Mirror Routine is so overused. I have to say, that Bruce Willis as the voice of Spike was really not that funny, and out of place. His scenes really waste any ideas of character development. There seem to lack emotional development. In the first movie, it was about Tommy dealing about having a brother. In the second movie, it's about Chuckie (Voice by Nancy Cartwright) getting a new mother and sister. In this movie, it's really hard to figure out what the movie is really about, due to sheer number of characters and the randomness sub-plot play out. I thought it was about Tommy and his dog, but most of Tommy's quest, is to help his father feel better, and get right with his friends. Honestly, who knows! I really don't like the idea of Lil and Phil (voiced by Kath Soucie) disagreeing with each other over if they should eat bugs or not. Nobody pay to see that. People came to see them, be twins and do gross stuff like every other previous episode and movie. Susie (voiced by Cree Summer) gets to join in on the adventure after being an only minor character in the first two movies. Still, she does nothing or add anything. Honestly, she didn't need to be here. I hate most of the original songs here. I can do without the Angelica (Cheryl Chase) "Island Princess' song. It was awful. Bruce Willis 'The Big Bad Cat' lyrics sounds pretty sexual, but it just forgettable. 'It's a jungle out there' was pretty mediocre. Most of the establish songs were used right, but some are bit out of place for a kid's movie. Aerosmith "Lizard Love' is just bad. Another bad idea was that film used "Aroma-Scope," which allowed people to smell odors and aromas from the film via scratch and sniff cards. Very similar to 1960s Smell-O-Vision. Most of the smells, if I remember, were really bad odors. The Odorama card was somewhat of an homage to John Waters' decidedly adult-oriented film 1981's Polyester. The smell gimmick was just one of the things in the dirty diaper of bad ideas. Another is the crossover idea, the movie is mostly about the Rugrats as the Thornberrys are pretty much, just shunted into second billing. Eliza Thornberry (voice by Lacey Colbert) doesn't do much, but babysit Spike, most of the film. Honestly, the whole Thornberry family really don't play a part in the film, until 15 minutes in. What storyline do they have besides helping the Rugrats families?? Nothing. Overall: From a child point of view, it's not that bad. My young nephew and niece love it and they weren't even born in the 1990s or when this movie came out. There is a few adult humor, that I can get behind, and say, that was pretty funny. Some parents might hate the gross jokes like bird excrement landing on characters' faces and material involving nasal mucus, pooping and urinating. Still, it's pretty harmless. Overall: It was OK. It's a must rent for any parent, but not a must buy. If you have to, watch it on Netflix, like myself.
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Story behind Rugrats Go Wild
animalmath20085 April 2012
The movie introduces the babies in a jungle pretending to be like The Wild Thornberrys, which happens to be a fake-out.  Meanwhile, the adults are preparing for their vacation in the South China Seas.  Stu has everyone's tickets for the Lipschitz Cruise.  We then see that Susie is coming on vacation with them because her parents will be out of town.  The Lipschitz cruise ship leaves without them and we Stu and Spike on a normal boat called the S.S. Nancy.

The adults get disgruntled and attempt to get on the cruise ship by sending signals and driving the boat there themselves.  A large wave attacks them and it turns the ship upside- down.  They get out of the rinky-dink tub, Betty opens up a life raft and they hop on there while the boat sinks.  The family becomes stranded on a deserted island, and they begin disputing about how they're all gonna survive.  Betty eventually becomes a leader after drawing a circle in the sand and she gets all the adults to work together as a team to find ways to survive on the island.

Meanwhile, the babies go their separate ways after Angelica scares them about how they're not gonna survive in the island.  Spike runs into Eliza, and Spike starts to speak for the first time (since Eliza is capable of talking to animals) and Nigel Thornberry suffers amnesia and goes on adventures with the toddlers.  Chuckie gets his clothes stolen from Donnie, and Chuckie ends up wearing his clothes as well.  Angelica, since she is pretty much a b****, becomes good friends with Debbie, due to them sharing the same type of personality.

Nigel and the babies try and find the clouded leopard named Siri.  The parents eventually encounter Mrs. Thornberry.  Their attempt at finding the babies in the Bathosphere worked, but the fuel in there was empty, and Stu solved the problem, making him a hero at the end.  The credits end with the children reuniting with their families and taking the Lipschitz Cruise back home, giving the movie a fantastic ending.
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Complete Bust
Sportswhizz200412 July 2004
When the first trailers came out, I was very excited about it, when I saw it on June 13th, it was horrible, there was no goofiness.

Rugrats in Paris was better. Why would babies risk their lives to find Nigel Thornberry.

Bruce Willis does not match Spike. I did like the idea of Stu learning to get his respect back nuf said. Movie will get a 5/15, sniff and scratch was dull. Chuckie and Donnie were boring I hated the idea of Lil not eating bugs again. Telling Phil to put it down What happened?
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ArizWldcat22 June 2003
I have luckily escaped seeing any of the Rugrats movies, and have watched the series now and then with my kids. It's a cute show, but really not much material there for a whole movie. Thankfully, this movie was rather short, and relatively painless. There are a few pop culture references there simply for the parents (and then, some parents are too young to appreciate them...I swear I was the only one in the theater who "got" the Poseidon Adventure reference...perhaps the other parents were still in diapers when that movie came out in the 70s...) but other than that not too thrilling. It would have been nice to have the scratch n sniff cards but they were not made available to us at the theater. My kids told me we needed to go to Burger King and get them (after the fact, of course)...since I don't watch the Nickolodeon ads, I didn't know this. Not a great classic kids movie by any means, but okay to watch. We won't be buying this one.
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an enjoyable ride
moviesfan1110 August 2003
I don't see why people aren't enjoying this. I mean come on... 4.3 out of 10? That's a little harsh. This was an enjoyable ride and equel to the first movie and the sequel to it.

In this 3rd rugrats movie, all the rugrats and their families plan to go on a cruise, but end up on a deserted island were they meet the wild thornberries.

Ignore all the negative reviews. This is a sure family favorite and kids who like the show will highly relish this funny Rugrats movie!

RUGRATS GO WILD!: 7 out of 10

PG; mild crude humor.
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Best of the Rugrats Trilogy!!!
littlemasterpoints6 February 2020
Warning: Spoilers
As far as I'm concerned, this movie is the best of the entire Rugrats trilogy and is therefore the only one I have ever bought. I like the way it has a nautical/tropical theme about it, in everything right down to the details on the characters's clothing, and is a great way to celebrate summer for a change, as opposed to winter, spring, or fall like most movies (for obvious reasons).

It really brings me back to a better time in my life when I watch it and is my favorite because it preserves both Nicktoons and is therefore the most interesting. I also like to see the characters in slightly different outfits, yet still looking very similar to their usual style and appearance.

But what I like the absolute most about Rugrats Go Wild is something I shall try to say as vaguely as possible, in an effort to be as inoffensive and polite as I can be on here. I like how this movie, unlike the other two Rugrats movies, made it clear to me that Angelica didn't get by with all the mean things she said and did to everyone throughout the movie. (Hint: every word of her mean-spirited "Island Princess" song backfired on her in the bathysphere toward the end, thus making her comeuppance "poetic justice," as it's called.)

So while it might seem like just a silly kids' movie to some, including myself the first time I watched it, there is a very good lesson to be learned if you pay really, really, REALLY close attention to every detail and read between the lines: be careful who you call a "backyard baby with a diaper full of dreams," for example, and be sure you YOURSELF are truly above or incapable of doing something before you point your finger at everyone else to tell THEM not to do it!!!

The movie did have a happily ever after, like always, but I absolutely love how the writers got Angelica back for all the mean things she said and did to everyone throughout the entire film! Why everyone else fails to mention this, or why so many dislike the movie, has to be because they didn't pay close attention with an active, college-educated, adult-level mind. Never once was I distracted by the Odorama card I didn't bother to get, since I turned 20 about a week after it was released, and I have rewatched it many times.
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A crazy wild adventure
Min11120 October 2014
This is the final movie for both the "Rugrats" and the "Wild Thornberrys". It's a crossover. I'm glad there was a movie. It was entertaining! I enjoyed every second of it.

The story is about the "Rugrats", who have booked a nice holiday at a cruise ship, but are instead stranded on a deserted island, and are trying to find their way out somehow. However, little do they know that the Thornberry family are there too apparently looking for a leopard to film, and the "Rugrats" are desperate to seek for any sort of help. The "Rugrats" go out on a crazy wild adventure. The "exciting" journey begins.

I'm surprised with the amount of criticism this movie has received because it really wasn't all that bad, and a movie people would indeed find fun watching. These are two of Nickelodeon's greatest shows. The kids will like it. A crossover worked.

The "Rugrats Go Wild" is a fun movie for all. The Rugrats go on a adventure in a deserted island, and it will keep you entertained for a large duration. I like that the two groups get to meet. I always wanted something like this to happen. It finally did, and it was worth it.

Finally, what makes the "Rugrats Go Wild" unique compared to the previous movies is that the "Rugrats Go Wild" is a movie that is to do with the entire "Rugrats" family or group. You don't see this with the previous movies.

The first "Rugrats" movie was more about Tommie and his new baby brother Dil Pickles. The second Rugrats movie was about Chuckie and his father Chaz. The third Rugrats movie was about the entire Rugrats family/group as well as the Thornberrys.

So, the "Rugrats Go Wild" is not a poor movie which many people make out to be. It's a very good movie. It's an adventure movie. It's a family movie. The entire family will like it. It's also happens to be funny. I really liked, for example, Angelica in the movie. She looks a lot different in this movie compared to the television series. I thought it was cute. You get to see her good side. You can tell she really likes her babies. Angelica is highly and unusually smart for her age. She's a brave and confident girl.

You don't necessarily need to see the other movies in order to see this one.

The "Rugrats Go Wild" is the third and final movie of the "Rugrats" series. I think it's a fitting way to end it.
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Okay, but overcrowded.
Growlyted1 January 2011
I enjoyed the early seasons of both Rugrats & Thornberries, plus the previous movies. Therefore I was curious about this cross over, although I decided to wait for it on TV. My concern was that late episodes of Rugrats just did not have room for all the characters, while late Thornberries concentrated more on Eliza growing up, than adventures with animals. Therefore throwing these two shows together meant that nobody got their fair share of screen time. Darwen barely said a word. Bruce Willis was not a good voice choice for lovable, loyal Spike. All the songs were forgettable. The scene stealing character was Donnie the wild child. It had a good amount of laughs. The plot felt very rushed. If you like Thornberries, but not Rugrats, you could be disappointed. Passed the time, but nothing special. 5/10
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Rugrats Go Wild
jboothmillard4 January 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Most kids will probably think the Rugrats meeting The Wild Thornberrys would be a match made in heaven, and it almost could have been with more effort put in. Basically Stuart 'Stu' Pickles (Jack Riley) has planned a vacation, but miss their boat and are forced to board a rented boat. Unfortunately all in the boat, parents and babies together are caught in a tidal wave and end up stranded on a deserted island, with very little food and no way to get help. They do not realise living on this island are the Thornberry family, led by father/husband Nigel (Tim Curry), and with the girl who can talk to animals, Eliza (Lacey Chabert). While the parents try to find a way off the island, the babies, Tommy Pickles (Elizabeth Daily), Chuckie Finster (The Simpsons' Nancy Cartwright), twins Phil and Lil DeVille (Kath Soucie), Didi Pickles (Melanie Chartoff), Charlotte Pickles (The Simpsons' Tress MacNeille), oh and Angelica (Cheryl Chase) go off to find Mr. Thornberry, or "Mr. Strawberry". Meanwhile, Eliza has met up with the Pickles family dog, Spike (Bruce Willis) who wants to get them back to the parents. Eventually all characters are brought together, after some small moments of adventure, and they do manage to sort everything out. Also starring The Pretenders' Chrissie Hynde as Siri, Joe Alaskey as Grandpa Lou and Tony Jay as Dr. Lipschitz. The animation seems to be as standard as the original two (same animation) shows, the voices are alright too, I think it is just some of the story that could have done with much more work to make it entertaining, which it isn't very. Adequate!
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A diaper full of dreams
Ali_John_Catterall12 November 2009
Little Tommy Pickles (Daily) worships plummy explorer Nigel Thornberry (Curry), and wishes he could join him on his adventures - much to the disdain of his sister, the brattish Angelica (Chase): "You're just a backyard baby with a diaper full of dreams." He soon gets his chance when the Rugrats are stranded on a jungle island, where the Thornberrys are tracking a rare and dangerous leopard.

Judging by the critical reception heralding Rugrats' arrival, you'd be forgiven for thinking this should join the ranks of that very special genre: films so toxic they ought only to be handled with asbestos mittens. Comments like "Dull, forgettable tripe" and - Lord save us - "A monstrosity", certainly don't inspire confidence.

In fairness, Rugrats Go Wild really isn't that bad; it just doesn't hold a candle to 2002's charming and superior The Wild Thornberrys Movie, possibly accounting for the hysterical sense of betrayal. As with most post-'The Simpsons' animations, spoofy references abound; everything from The Poseidon Adventure to Taxi Driver and From Here To Eternity is duly - if unimaginatively - sent up.

If the rather more interesting Thornberry family have been more or less shunted into second billing, Willis almost redeems this shrill, mismatched affair with his powerhouse turn as Spike, the Rugrats scatologically-minded family dog - particularly when sparring with deadly leopard Siri (Hynde, on sexily malevolent vocals).

But if Willis gets the best lines, it's Red Hot Chilli Peppers' bassist Flea, as the pint-sized tornado Donnie Thornberry, whose crazed, unintelligible gibberish leaves the most exhilarating impression.
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