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It's simply old-school stunts and movie magic.
The sheer quantity of often outrageous stunts should help overcome franchise mustiness to entertain.
Chicago Tribune
Early in LFODH, a villain taunts our hero, calling him "a Timex in a digital world"; McClane, characteristically, takes the dig as a compliment. Two hours, countless butt-kickings and hairbreadth escapes later, we know why.
Baltimore Sun
The film's action doesn't disappoint; if anything, it ups the adrenaline ante considerably.
New York Post
Willis, who at 52 looks great in an intensely physical role and can still spit out wisecracks and insults with the best of them.
Director Len Wiseman, confidently stepping up from the smallish budget "Underworld" films to mega-budget Hollywood mainstream.
Washington Post
At a time when the action genre has come to be dominated by sleek, matte surfaces and set-'em-and-forget-'em computerized effects, Live Free or Die Hard seeks to remind viewers of the simple, nostalgic pleasures of watching stuff get blown up and bad guys get smoked.
Bruce Willis is ready to earn our love again by performing the same lovably violent, meathead tricks as before.
Rolling Stone
Gets the action job done and you better believe that Bruce is still the man.
Diverting enough if you want to see plenty of fast-paced action sequences, some heart-stopping chase scenes and plenty of things blow up.

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