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MPAA Rated PG-13 for intense sequences of violence and action, language and a brief sexual situation

Sex & Nudity

  • No sex or nudity.
  • An early kissing scene between McClane's daughter and her "boyfriend" has some breast-groping which is quickly stopped.
  • Sexually suggestive internet popups are seen briefly in one scene, but they contain no nudity.
  • There is a brief scene of intense kissing between Gabriel and Mai Lihn.

Violence & Gore

  • Unrated cut adds a few moments of bloody violence, but it's still pretty tame.
  • There is one semi-brutal fight scene in which the main character is forced to fight someone who knows kung fu, and he is beaten up. He is thrown out of a window, but comes back, crashing a car through a wall and hitting his opponent. The opponent is ultimately killed when the car crushes them, and then explodes on them at the bottom of an elevator shaft.
  • One scene includes a car crashing through a toll booth and hitting a helicopter, resulting in a large explosion.
  • A security guard punches McClane in the face, but McClane punches and head butts him, knocking him out.
  • A man shoots at McClane and he returns fire, but the man swings around several fans and pipes in the room and kicks him. McClane breaks a pipe which sprays steam at the man, causing him to fall into one of the grinders in the room and die, though no blood is seen.
  • Numerous instances of people being shot, stabbed, or hit, though minimal to no blood is shown for most (but not all) of these. Numerous deaths are explicitly depicted in the film, though again typically with minimal blood shown. However, McClane is either bleeding or covered in blood for most of the movie.
  • There's a lengthy and intense shootout in an apartment building, and many bullets are traded and much of the building is shot up. McClane shoots a fire extinguisher at a man's feet, which blows him through a window.
  • There is no overt gore shown in the film. One fight scene depicts a man falling into fast-moving cooling fans, killing him; however, the actual death of the man is not shown on camera, nor is his body shown while or after it encounters the fans.
  • There is very frequent use of deadly force and threats of use of deadly force involving shooting (already noted), crushing (roads, cars, trucks, etc), falling (elevator shaft, helicopter crashing, overpass falls), and fire (natural gas explosions, elevator shaft fires, helicopter on fire with pilot inside). Much destruction and a threat of the country being torn apart through computer-hacking.


  • The unrated cut of the film adds about 30 uses of "fuck", including about 8 uses of "motherfucker". However, in the theatrical version, there are no f-words.
  • 1 obscured use of 'f**k', and approximately 20 uses of "shit", 10 uses of "ass" (several paired with "hole"), 15 uses of "damn" (10 paired with "God"), 9 uses of 'hell', 20 other uses of "God", and 10 uses of "Jesus" as profanities. Also a few uses of 'dick' and 'bitch'.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Country in danger. Car crashes, bridges destroyed. Many people killed by explosion. Also, intense firefights.

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