Kopps (2003) Poster


Torkel Petersson: Benny


  • Benny : Don't ever fuck with Benny the cop.

  • Benny : I've had a collision down at Östervegen. The trashcan on the left side is completely wasted. Hell, it looks as if a fucking psychopath has been there...

  • Lasse : Radio Cars?

    Benny : That is what they are called

    Lasse : I will not drive around saying "radio cars"

    Benny : Then some errors will occur. There's a lot of vehicles in the police force. Emergency vehicles, Black Marias...

    Jacob : Benny, we just have two cars. Number one and number two. That can't be too difficult to understand.

  • Benny : Where the Hell are we going to have lunch now?

  • Benny : Shit, they got some really cool waistcoats.

  • Jacob : What has happened to you hair?

    Benny : Nothing.

    Jacob : Nothing? You're god damn...


    Benny : Stop it.

    Jacob : Do you wear a wig?

    Benny : Jacob, god damn, don't tell anyone.

    Jacob : No.

    Benny : Don't tell anyone. Nobody's going to like me.

    Jacob : Yes.

    Benny : No... I can't do a thing. I don't want to be a cop anymore. I can't even... I'm so fucking bad. I can't even drive a car properly. I'm just a bald egghead.

  • Benny's neighbour : What are you, a woman?

    Benny : No, I'm a cop!

  • Benny : Can you help me with the computer?

    Håkan : Yes, I'm coming.

    Benny : Come on!

    Håkan : Just hit the button.

    Benny : Well there is a hell of a lot of buttons, - "Pause", "Delete", "Home".

    Benny : Shit come on.

    Benny : Håkan!

    Håkan : Take it easy!

  • Benny : [Benny drives like a lunatic, even though the SWAT-Team is way behind them]  Don't fuck with Beny the Cop! You won't catch me! I'm going to turn left.

    [turn right] 

    Jacob : What are you talking about, there's nobody chasing us!

  • Jessica : [When Jessica's investigating in the incidents, Benny's explanation to her what he "thinks" what happened to the sausage stall is hilarious. We see a cut scene to Benny's imagine spot how a group of ten masked men standing on a black pickup truck drive by the sausage stall firing a grenade launcher at it] 

    [Jessica interrupted] 

    Jessica : But why would someone blow Janne's kiosk with a grenade launcher?

    Benny : Deception maneuver. Well, they blow up the kiosk while they plan to do another thing somewhere else. Like in Die Hard 3.

    Jessica : [Having a hard time, believing it]  ... Ah, okay.

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