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Thom Yorke Details New Solo Album ‘Anima’

Thom Yorke Details New Solo Album ‘Anima’
Thom Yorke will release his new solo album, Anima, digitally on June 27th, with a physical version arriving July 19th.

Yorke wrote all of Anima, and the album was produced by frequent Radiohead collaborator Nigel Godrich. Yorke, Godrich and Tarik Barri debuted several songs on the album during past Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes performances.

To accompany the digital release of Anima, Yorke will also share a new short film of the same name, directed by Paul Thomas Anderson. The “one-reeler,” featuring three tracks from the album, will hit Netflix June
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‘Orphan Black’ Review: Series Finale ‘Rights the Wrongs’ of an Uneven But Ultimately Satisfying Season

‘Orphan Black’ Review: Series Finale ‘Rights the Wrongs’ of an Uneven But Ultimately Satisfying Season
[Editor’s Note: The following contains spoilers from “To Right the Wrongs of Many,” the series finale of “Orphan Black.”]

BBC America has dubbed “Orphan Black’s” last season “The Final Trip,” and it has been an uneven ride of highs and lows that nevertheless ended satisfactorily.

The season began with the promise that Sarah (Tatiana Maslany) and her sestras would take a stand once and for all to take down the shadowy man who was behind behind their cloning and who still wanted to control their biology. It was exciting to think of the Ledas coming together in force to finally stick it to the man.

Unfortunately putting a face to the name P.T. Westmoreland (Stephen McHattie) proved to be too much of a bizarre distraction. While his Victorian affectations were entertaining, his entire storyline this year — from the “Island of Dr. Moreau” vibes to that twisted Victorian dress-up dinner party — felt far too cartoonish to be worthy of the series’ big bad. After a while, all of
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Twist: NBC Developing Modern-Day Adaptation of Charles Dickens Novel

Charles Dickens is headed to network TV. Variety reports NBC is developing a new series called Twist.Based on the classic novel Oliver Twist, the show will follow a "struggling, twenty-something female (Twist) who 'finally finds a true sense of family in a strange group of talented outcasts who use their unique skills to take down wealthy criminals.'"Read More…
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TV Gets Oliver Twisted: 7 More Absurd Series Ideas for the Networks (Photos)

  • The Wrap
TV Gets Oliver Twisted: 7 More Absurd Series Ideas for the Networks (Photos)
NBC is reportedly developing Charles Dickens’ “Oliver Twist” into what the Hollywood Reporter calls “a sexy contemporary take … with a struggling twentysomething female (Twist) who finally finds a true sense of family in a strange group of talented outcasts who use their unique skills to take down wealthy criminals.” This is the second development announcement this week that has felt like TV scribes are merely playing Mad Libs with works in the public domain. The King Arthur legend will now be a series that tells the story of a graffiti artist named Art, in case you hadn’t heard. We figured.
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Dickens' 'Oliver Twist' Coming to TV as a Crime Procedural

  • Yidio
2016-09-02T12:44:57-07:00Dickens' 'Oliver Twist' Coming to TV as a Crime Procedural

From the "Who asked for it?" file today comes news that NBC and Joel Silver are adapting Charles Dickens' novel Oliver Twist as a TV series. The Hollywood Reporter reports that the network has given the script go-ahead for a contemporary take on the story, which will be called Twist.

The extremely loose adaptation features a 20-something woman who teams up with a talented band of misfits who together fight crime. The proposed adaptation seems to have virtually nothing in common with Dickens' novel other than part of its title.

The series will be produced by Joel Silver (Lethal Weapon) and written by Chad Damiani and J.P. Lavin, who are currently working on a film adaptation of the once-popular smartphone game Fruit Ninja.

Dickens' novel features a young orphan boy
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NBC to Reboot Oliver Twist as a Female-Driven Procedural

NBC to Reboot Oliver Twist as a Female-Driven Procedural
Well, this is quite a twist. An… Oliver Twist.

The classic Charles Dickens novel Oliver Twist is being reimagined as a female-driven crime procedural by NBC, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The project, tentatively titled Twist, promises “a sexy contemporary take” centering on a twentysomething woman named Twist who teams up with a group of skilled outcasts to catch wealthy criminals.

RelatedThe Departed Reboot Series in Development at Amazon

This is just the latest are-they-serious? reboot heading to the small screen. Earlier this week, Fox announced they would reboot the tale of King Arthur and Camelot as a police procedural.
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Edgar Wright Is Working On A Steampunk Charles Dickens Adaptation, Get The Details

Edgar Wright has been working to fill up his plate after departing Marvel.s Ant-Man. He quickly moved on to sci-fi film, Grasshopper Jungle and a rock-and-roll car chase film, entitled Baby Driver, and now his latest project will turn Charles Dickens. classic novel Oliver Twist into a steampunk adventure. The new project, entitled Dodge and Twist stems from Oliver Twist but is also based somewhat off of a book of the same title written by former Doctor Who comic writer, Tony Lee. The story will be a be set in 19th century, Victorian steampunk England and while it does share some qualities with Lee.s novel, Wright.s name attached promises a more comedic element to it. According to Film Divider, the project has been in the works for a while. First, screenwriter Cole Haddon of the Dracula TV series penned a script, then Simon Beaufoy (127 Hours and Slumdog
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Weitz to Script 'Star Wars' Spin-off, West Directing 'Blob' Remake and Reynolds Happy 'Deadpool' is On the Way

Chris Weitz (About A Boy, Cinderella) is coming on to rewrite the script for Gareth Edwards' Star Wars spin-off after Gary Whitta bounced after completing a first draft. THR Simon West (The Mechanic, The Expendables 2) will direct a remake of the 1958 horror classic The Blob, which will likely be a complete nightmare with West saying things such as, "With modern CGI we can now fully realize the potential of The Blob. The world I create will be totally believable, immersive and emotionally satisfying. It's a thrill to introduce an enduring icon to a wider audience and a whole new era of fans." Ummmm, apparently you missed what made the first movie such a classic. Good luck with that as this won't be the first time it has been remade, but hopefully the last. Deadline Ryan Reynolds spoke with MTV about Deadpool finally getting off the ground telling the site,
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Edgar Wright Rewriting Steampunk ‘Oliver Twist’ Sequel ‘Dodge and Twist’

Edgar Wright Rewriting Steampunk ‘Oliver Twist’ Sequel ‘Dodge and Twist’
Even as Edgar Wright preps his next two directorial efforts, he’s found time to work on another screenplay. Wright has submitted a rewrite of Dodge and Twist, an action-oriented steampunk sequel to Charles DickensOliver Twist. Think Guy Ritchie’s Sherlock Holmes, only with Oliver and the Artful Dodger. More details on the Edgar Wright Dodge and […]

The post Edgar Wright Rewriting Steampunk ‘Oliver Twist’ Sequel ‘Dodge and Twist’ appeared first on /Film.
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Edgar Wright Pens Steampunk "Oliver Twist 2"

Edgar Wright has reportedly performed a re-write on "Dodge and Twist," an action-centric, steampunk-style sequel to the Charles Dickens classic "Oliver Twist" says FilmDivider.

Sounding like it takes the Dickens story and gives it a Guy Ritchie's "Sherlock Holmes"-style twist, the action picks up two decades after the novel's events. Oliver is now a cop, and the Artful Dodger is still a thief.

The two face off as Oliver tries to stop the Dodger from stealing the Crown Jewels. Characters from the original tale, other Dickens novels and history will feature in the film including a young Queen Victoria.

Wright takes over from Cole Haddon and Simon Beaufoy who penned previous drafts. Despite the title, the film is Not based on Tony Lee's novel of the same name. Ahmet Zappa and Matt Tolmach will reportedly produce.
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Edgar Wright Revising Script For Oliver Twist Sequel Dodge And Twist; Eddie Redmayne And Andrew Garfield Rumored To Star

The folks over at Film Divider (via Coming Soon) have revealed the specifics of what British filmmaker Edgar Wright has been up to since he bowed out of Marvel’s Ant-Man last year. In a surprising – and utterly exciting – turn of events, it transpires that Wright has recently submitted a script revision for Sony’s Dodge And Twist. If the name hasn’t rung a bell, then perhaps you weren’t paying attention during English.

The project originated back in 2013 when the studio jumped on The Odd Life Of Timothy Green scribe Ahmet Zappa’s original spinoff idea. Described as a steampunk sequel to Charles Dickens’ classic work of literature, Oliver Twist, Zappa’s take would pick up 20 years after the events of that novel. Two decades on, Oliver is now a police officer who is still at loggerheads with the Artful Dodger, who now attempts to steal the crown jewels.
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'22 Jump Street' Producer Takes on 'Leviathan' for Sony

Sony Pictures has acquired the spec screenplay Leviathan from Cole Haddon, the creator of NBC's Dracula TV series.

No plot details have been released, although it is said to be a sci-fi thriller which will be produced by Neal H. Moritz and executive produced by Toby Ascher.

Cole Haddon has written two features for Sony Pictures that are currently in development, Dodge & Twist and Savage Planet, which we first reported on back in February 2013. Dodge & Twist is set 20 years after the Charles Dickens classic Oliver Twist, following Oliver and the Artful Dodger as adults, on opposite sides of the law, as they become ensnared in a plot to steal the Crown Jewels. We first reported on Savage Planet in April 2012, although no story details have surfaced.

Neal H. Moritz is coming off the hit comedy sequel 22 Jump Street, and he is also producing a number of other upcoming features such as Fast & Furious 7 and Goosebumps.
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Top 10 musicals

Musicals have been tap dancing their way into moviegoers' hearts since the invention of cinema sound itself. From Oliver! to Singin' in the Rain, here are the Guardian and Observer critics' picks of the 10 best

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• Top 10 movie adaptations

• Top 10 animated movies

• Top 10 silent movies

• Top 10 sports movies

• Top 10 film noir

• More Guardian and Observer critics' top 10s

10. Oliver!

Historically, the British musical has been intertwined with British music, drawing on music hall in the 1940s and the pop charts in the 50s – low-budget films of provincial interest and nothing to trouble the bosses at MGM. In the late 60s, however, the genre enjoyed a brief, high-profile heyday, and between Tommy Steele in Half a Sixpence (1967) and Richard Attenborough's star-studded Oh! What A Lovely War (1969) came the biggest of them all: Oliver! (1968), Carol Reed's adaptation of Lionel Bart's 1960 stage hit and the recipient of six Academy awards.
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Interview: Kevin Lehane, Writer Of “Grabbers”

Interview: Kevin Lehane, Writer Of “Grabbers”
Grabbers is one of the must fun, creative films of the summer. It’s an Irish monster comedy with a lot of heart and slang. It’s available on VOD now, and can be found on iTunes and Sundance Now. I got a chance to talk with screenwriter Kevin Lehane about beer, Ireland, his inspiration for the film, the dangers of IMDb and what’s on tap for his career.

FM: What’s your beer of choice?

McPolin’s Irish Stout. If it were real. It’s just the tipple of choice for the characters in Grabbers. Actually, like a total cliché, it’s Guinness. And I’ll tell you why: Guinness never gives you a hangover. I believe it has to do with the fact it’s flat. I’ve been told it’s the carbonation and the sugar of lager that causes hangovers. It’s why champagne gives the worst hangovers of all.
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Disney 53: Oliver & Company

As we march bravely on through 2013, Thn will take a nostalgic yet critical look at the 53 Walt Disney Animated Classics, from Snow White to Wreck-it Ralph, through the obscurity of Fun And Fancy Free to the Golden Age of Beauty And The Beast. These are the films the Walt Disney company are most proud of, the ones that hold a special place in our hearts, the ones that still cost a fortune to buy on DVD.

This time, a little later than planned… it’s a twist on a Twist with Oliver & Company

Oliver & Company

1988/ 73 Minutes

Directed by George Scribner

By the early 1980s, Disney’s original braintrust of animators, the so-called “Nine Old Men”, had retired, bringing forth a new generation of animators, amongst them Don Bluth and Tim Burton, who would go on to find success beyond the House of Mouse’s walls.

This new guard brought with
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Mindy Newells’s Wish List

How many books and DVDs do you have on your Amazon wish list? How often do you remember to look at it? I always forget to check it, but I took a look at it today, and there are 100 items.

No, I am not soliciting here. My birthday isn’t for another six months, Chanukah and Christmas are too far off to think about, and I’m not your mother, so forget about Mother’s Day, which is this Sunday, btw – although there is Alix, whom I always alert to her mom’s new column. Big Hint, Alix!

I do have to delete some of the books and DVDs; I’ve ordered them without looking at my wish list because, well, I forget to check the damn thing, but there’s still a lot there. The oldest item was added on June 11, 2006; it’s Star Trek: The Next Generation – The Complete Third Season (DVD,
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The ultimate 'Star Wars' character tournament: We call every match in the bracket

The ultimate 'Star Wars' character tournament: We call every match in the bracket
It’s been literally days since the last bit of Star Wars franchise news was cast into the pit of the Internet, the nesting place of the all-powerful Fanboy, who slowly digests every new piece of Star Wars information over a thousand years, like some kind of purely theoretical pit-dwelling epicurean tentacled arthropod. Fortunately, the good people at the LucasFilm/Disney/Sheinhardt empire have saved us from boredom by launching a new Star Wars Character Tournament. You guessed it: It’s bracket time! The tournament lets you vote for 32 of your favorite Star Wars characters in a whole series of one-on-one matchups,
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Famous Monsters to Assemble for Monster X

A big screen ensemble of monstrous proportions is on the way as The Hollywood Reporter reveals that Benderspink and Monsterfoot Productions are teaming for Monster X , based on an original story by Ahmet Zappa. The film finds humanity assembling of team of ten of ten of the world's most famous monsters (Dracula, Mr. Hyde and Frankenstein's monster are all mentioned) to defend the Earth from an even bigger threat. Monster X marks the latest original idea from Zappa. He has, in various stages of development, the Charles Dickens-inspired Dodge & Twist , the Hawaiian family adventure Tiki , and the similarly monster-themed Monster Relocation Program . Zappa will produce alongside Chris Bender, J.S. Spink and Jake Weiner. (Photo Credit: FayesVision /
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Qotd: What characters from classic literature would you reboot, and how would you do it?

The other day I posted a link to some news about how Hollywood is getting ready to spin Charles Dickens’ beloved rags-to-riches orphan child Oliver Twist off into some new adventures. From Heat Vision: Taking a page out of the recent Robert Downey Jr.-starring Sherlock Holmes movies, Twist takes pickpocketing rivals Oliver Twist and Artful Dodger and re-imagines them 20 years down the road. The two are on opposite sides of the law and get embroiled in an affair to steal the Crown Jewels. I’m not sure that that’s “taking a page” from Guy Ritchie’s Sherlock Holmes -- his films don’t fundamentally change the character in a way that the author would no longer recognize. But this appears to suggest that Oliver is now some sort of police officer -- which seems an unlikely destiny for the man of means we learn Oliver is at the end of the novel.
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