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Entertainment Weekly
Sky Captain is a gorgeous, funny, and welcome novelty.
The A.V. Club
As an imaginative visual experience, there's nothing like it. Today, at least.
Conran's Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow is a pastiche of everything from "King Kong" to "The Wizard of Oz," a movie that escalates to a breathless cliff-hanger every 20 minutes or so and reinvents itself with every reel.
The film's save-the-world scenario may be the stuff of crusty cliff-hangers, its imagery may be borrowed, and its jaunty dialogue anything but deep, but there's something exhilarating going on here. It's darn sublime.
Other than the actors, their costumes, and a few props, everything in Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow is digital illusion, and the effects are often exhilarating.
Arresting at first but gradually trails off under the weight of its hyper-derivativeness and anxiety to please.
Dallas Observer
The filmmakers' investment in their weird visions is wildly unorthodox, but the payoff is oddly satisfying.
Too fixated on 1939 for its own good. Its passionate immersion in a past that only dimly resonates with younger audiences may be a badge of its integrity, but that immersion trumps its vision of the future and leaves us in a land of nostalgia.
For all its Buck Rogers-style derring-do, gorgeous vistas of an Art Deco New York and sepia-toned cinematography, Sky Captain is a static, uninvolving experience.
Crass and soulless.

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