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Say bye bye to plot and any sense of meaning
bob the moo9 February 2003
A young girl lives with her mother and her cat. One day the cat has several kittens. The mother gathers them up after a few days and she and the girl go for a walk with the kittens. All seems well but where are the mother and the girl going with the newly born litter?

I didn't know what to expect from this film and at the end I still didn't know what I should have got from it. The plot is as simple as could be and leaves little to interpretation. If there is a meaning then it must be very personal to Dognini as I was left clueless myself. As a story it was pointless.

The animation was good if a little weird. The character's eyes are real eyes and it didn't really work for me to be honest. The backgrounds are all pretty good, dark and blurred but effective enough for the film. The problem is that you're busy trying to work out what is going on in the short (cause you don't know at this stage that the answer is `nothing') that you don't really take in as much as you should.

Overall I like animation but I don't see why it should be free from the requirements of narrative just cause it's animation. The animation is good enough but I really wanted a plot, a meaning, narrative of some kind, of any kind! At 3 minutes this is worth a watch once but certainly not again.
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