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The cast acquits itself well, with the Rock evincing a quiet balance between humor and brawn.
Moves along at a clip and provides a terrific action lead for Dwayne "the Rock" Johnson.
L.A. Weekly
Johnny Knoxville has a few inspired bits as Vaughn's recovering-addict chum, and The Rock carries an effortlessly soft side in the nonviolent scenes, but Bray doesn't linger too long on anything that doesn't end in a thud or wallop.
This Walking Tall does have the Rock, and that, both physically and metaphorically, is no small thing.
Entertainment Weekly
There's not a guy I know who hasn't been looking forward to seeing The Rock pick up the big wooden stick first swung by Joe Don Baker more than 30 years ago.
Dallas Observer
Unlike the original, there's no R-rated grit and no familial executions -- gotta get the young-skewing WWE fan base in there.
Chicago Tribune
A fine shoot-'em-up remake. The story is mildly gripping, and the action is fresh and entertaining.
TV Guide Magazine
Although inspired by actual events, the film proceeds along formulaic wish-fulfillment lines, its dynamics unaltered by the casting of a mixed-race actor in what was originally a redneck role; it's a sign of some sort of social progress that justified ass-kicking trumps race.
Village Voice
The plot is so absurdly perfunctory that preview audiences snickered at its TV-drama slapdashness; the producers should have pushed the straight-camp potential much further and retitled this weak bruiser Sporting Wood.
Washington Post
Actually underserves its star, who is better than schlocky material like this would lead you to believe.

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