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Sex & Nudity

  • There is a great deal of talk and many scenes about the issues surrounding teen sex and teen pregnancy and the emotions involved. This movie is considered a comedy but I am sure many viewers would consider it something else entirely.
  • Judah has many very revealing posters of women in different stages of undress on the walls of his bedroom. Some in bathing suits, some topless with their hands over their breasts and smaller pictures of totally nude women, some with pubic hair pictured.
  • A boy touches a girls breast outside her shirt. A boy and girl are in bed together fully clothed. They then start talking about having sex. They both lower their pants down, (under the blankets) then the boy moves over on top of the girl and makes thrusting movements. A moment later he is done. The girl says, "I thought you have done this before"? The boy then says "I have but you were supposed to move your hips more"!
  • We see a teenage girl in bed having sex with a truck driver.
  • There is talk about having had anal sex (something like: "can I get pregnant by doing it there?" and "next time can you come inside me and can we do it the regular way?")
  • The whole movie is to do with young girl wanting identiy by having a baby to love, with abortion, pedophilia and abandonment as related consequences/experiences and feelings.

Violence & Gore


  • Fuck is spoken several times and written once on a doll found in a dumpster. Bastard is used once and possibly shit.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • This movie features a young girl searching for identity and self worth by having a baby to love, with abortion, pedophilia and abandonment as related consequences/experiences and has some fairly explict references and scenes. This is no means a movie for younger children and pre-adolescent children.
  • We see 2 characters taking a walk and they end up in a dump site. Peter Paul tells Henrietta that this is a dumping site where "they throw out unborn babies and every so often a truck comes by from some baby killers and drops off some stuff". His short search culminates in his holding up a large ziplock style resealable plastic bag with an inch of red colored matter in the bottom. Henrietta screams out and cries in terror at the very sight of it. Shortly afterward the two characters kneel to pray to Jesus for all the souls of all the unborn babies. The very words of the prayer by Peter Paul that follows are so chilling and unnerving in their verbosity of description that the intent of the writers must have been to leave the viewer troubled and sickened by its contents.

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