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MPAA Rated PG-13 for crude and sexual humor throughout, some comic violence and language

Sex & Nudity

  • There is a scene where the President is showcasing a captured alien weapon to the UN. It malfunctions, leaving him and the entire audience naked. The President's buttocks are clearly visible in some shots. In this same scene, the president makes a reference to his penis, saying, "I've been pulling this thing up and down like a zipper."
  • After viewing the cover of a gay pornography magazine, a non-humanoid robot is briefly shown humping a vaccuum cleaner.
  • At the beginning of the film, Sir Mix-a-Lot's "Baby Got Back" plays over jiggling microbes; a man is eventually shown on a bench scratching his crotch.
  • A non-explicit picture shows a woman lifting up her shirt.
  • Cindy says that she has "taken balls to the face".
  • Cindy appears in the shower, with her shoulders up.
  • A village feast table has two roasted pigs in a sexual position.
  • Carmen Electra wears a corset and fishnets.
  • A torture device has a missile pointed at a man's rear end.
  • One method of torture involves "t*tty-twisting".
  • Brenda wipes her lips, indicating that she had oral sex with the scary Saw puppet off-screen.
  • Mahalik and CJ show their naked rear ends as they wear chaps.
  • The President lies in bed with a duck.
  • A few characters grope women's breasts.
  • A man wakes up with three porn stars and accidentally downs a bottle of Viagra that causes a huge erection; after a cat clings to his erection with its claws, the man jumps off a balcony and smashes to the ground penis-first.
  • Cindy's oversexed best friend, Brenda, makes continuous jokes and motions regarding oral, anal and manual sex, sex in public, urination during sex, STDs and masturbation (one especially crude visual involves her seemingly pleasuring a villager). She also comments about turning a torture device into a sex toy.
  • Several characters chime in about having had sex with Tom's ex-wife.
  • A Brokeback Mountain bit involves two guys stripping down to have sex in a tent. Though the scene shows them only from the chest up, later we see both their backsides. (We also witness their tent shaking wildly.)
  • Two men from the religious community get married, and they're shown deep kissing.
  • The camera gets a closeup of a guy grabbing his crotch.
  • Cleavage is emphasized throughout.

Violence & Gore

  • During the UN scene, a japanese man stabs himself after witnessing the naked US President. There is no blood and this is played out for laughs.
  • A character gets hurt in the crotch.
  • A man and a woman punch each other a few times, then he punches himself. He later snaps her fingers back and breaks a chain over her. All done in a comedic way.
  • Just as plentiful as the crude sex jokes is the over-the-top slapstick comedy that, while never bloody or gory, is still violent.
  • Tom's young daughter continuously takes the brunt of the blows, as she has her leg and head slammed in a car door, is (twice) struck by lightning and gets violently knocked over by her father.
  • Dr. Phil gets hit in the head with a pipe and ceiling chunks. He cuts off his foot, then raises the severed limb in the air (his cut flesh is shown still attached to a shoe).
  • Cindy gouges out her fake eye to retrieve a key.
  • A young woman's head is used to staple papers.
  • An older woman's noggin is similarly slammed against a surface repeatedly.
  • A man attempts to drown the boyish ghost in the bathtub, then hits him several times in the face with a plunger.
  • Aliens zap several humans (à la War of the Worlds), and their presence leads to lots of explosions. In one of those blasts, soldiers are sent flying, and their severed limbs are held up at various times.
  • A man gets stabbed.
  • Tom accidentally shoots himself twice. There is no blood and pained grunts aside, he just walks it off.


  • 1 f-word and a dozen uses of the s-word.
  • "motherfucker." is nearly said but the man faints.
  • Other words include : Damn, pissed, hell, jesus, asshole (not heard but mouthed), ass clown, arse, bitch
  • The unrated version has 1 use of "cock".

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Charlie Sheen's character tries to commit suicide by downing an entire bottle of pills and a flask of vodka.
  • A bar scene features beer everywhere.
  • Wine also gets some screen time.
  • A guy is called a crackhead.
  • Hip-hop tracks during the ending credits mention drinking at a club and smoking an unnamed substance.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The people getting Zapped.
  • It is implied that the world is ending.
  • While driving, an image of a boy's face surprisingly appears on the car window.
  • Some younger children may find the puppet man a bit disturbing, although they shouldn't be watching the film in the first place.
  • Japanese ghost boy (The Grudge) is disturbing to younger children.
  • A disturbing image shows a young woman missing her lower jaw.

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