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Sex & Nudity

  • Contains sexual references throughout the course of the series. Some episodes place a greater emphasis on teenage sexuality than others, however, moderate verbal references to sex are infrequent. The series contains some sexual themes, including a relationship between a woman and a teenage character, and a story arc revolving around a character's extramarital affair and the resulting illegitimate offspring. A few episodes revolve around teenage characters losing their virginity or trying to figure out how to invigorate their sex lives.
  • Contains infrequent mild sex scenes in some episodes. These scenes generally lack detail and primarily depict two characters from the shoulders up kissing.

Violence & Gore

  • Contains mild to moderate violence throughout the series, including many fist fights. Most instances of violence are quite brief, and some beatings occur off-camera, however, some characters appear to have sustained serious injuries as a result, and wounds are often visible on characters who have been involved in violent confrontations in subsequent scenes and episodes. Other moments of violence are quite discreetly handled and are unlikely to significantly disturb viewers.
  • The strongest instances of violence occur in final four episodes of the second season as one character tries to rape another. He attempts to tear off the clothes from his victim, and the victim struggles and cries and eventually overpowers him by picking up a stick and striking him with it. She escapes and the injuries that both parties had sustained are visible in subsequent episodes. The scene of sexual assault is repeated in episode re-caps and in a dream sequence in a later episode.
  • In an act of retribution for the attempted rape, two characters engage in a violent confrontation and beat each other mercilessly. To defend her lover, a character shoots the character who tried to rape her. The resulting gunshot wounds are quite detailed and play out in slow motion.


  • Contains mild coarse language throughout the series, including the use of "bitch" and "slut". Some episodes contain discriminative language (e.g. "fag", "suck it, queer").
  • Also contains milder terms such as "ass" and "crap".

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • The series contains themes and scenes of substance abuse throughout the series, however, the series as a whole does not endorse or promote substance abuse, but displays the negative consequences their usage.
  • One character abuses alcohol and is nearly killed in a car accident whilst drink driving.
  • Some characters use illegal drugs such as cocaine and marijuana. Scenes of cocaine snorting are discreet, and scenes of on-screen drug use are infrequent.
  • A character pretends to have overdosed on painkillers in order to draw attention to himself.
  • In one episode, a character abuses alcohol and painkillers in a suicide attempt. The character overdoses and faints in a deserted alleyway. The attempt is unsuccessful, however, it is strongly suggested that if the character had not been found in time, that the character would have certainly perished.
  • Some characters engage in drug trafficking.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Contains adult themes such as death, murder, suicide, sexual violence, mental illness, substance abuse, infidelity, family breakdown and retribution.

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