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Season 1

8 Jan. 2002
Tracy Returns
After an unsuccessful foster attempt, Tracy comes back to the Dumping Ground to find out there's been a few changes. Watch out!
15 Jul. 2002
Tracy Challenges her new rival, Justine Littlewood, to a contest to find out which of them is the most daring. Who will be the champion?
22 Jul. 2002
Sneaking in Ben
Tracy arrives home late - much to Jenny's annoyance - so she's banned from having visitors. Do you really think this will stop Tracy Beaker?!
29 Jul. 2002
Cam's First Visit
Writer Cam Lawson visits the Dumping Ground, and everyone is excited, especially Tracy, who wants to become a writer. But unfortunately, her attempts to make a good impression backfire and she fights with Justine when she provokes her. Meanwhile, Mike is tricked into giving Adele a late night pass.
29 Jul. 2002
Child of the Week
Tracy is delighted when she is chosen for "Child of the Week", an advertisement in the local paper. But she is horrified when Louise is also chosen and they hatch a plan to get them fostered. Meanwhile, Duke starts a new healthy eating regime, but his new ideas don't go down well with the kids.
5 Aug. 2002
The Truth is Revealed
Tracy is filled with jealousy when Justine's dad give her money to decorate her bedroom. And when Peter and Louise don't want to go into town with Tracy, she storms off and decides to run away, and live on the streets with Ben.
5 Aug. 2002
Never Ever Wanna See Him Again
It's Tracy's birthday, but unfortunately for her, it's also Peter's birthday.
12 Aug. 2002
The 1000 Words About Tracy Beaker
Tracy tries to talk Cam into looking for her mum for her.
12 Aug. 2002
Bad Peter
A vengeful Tracy persuades Peter to become bad so that Jill and Terry will not foster him.
19 Aug. 2002
Cam's Place
It's a busy Saturday at the Dumping Ground and Tracy is going out with Cam.
19 Aug. 2002
Dumping Ground Virus
When everyone at the Dumping Ground has flu, Tracy and Adele must care for everyone.
26 Aug. 2002
Justine's TV
Tracy edits of the Dumping Ground newsletter, and wants to find an exciting story.
26 Aug. 2002
Tracy and Cam Row
Tracy is becoming increasingly frustrated with Cam, who has still not decided whether or not to foster her. Banned from phoning her, Tracy enlists Ben's help to go to see Cam in person. When they arrive at her flat, Cam is out, so Tracy and Ben to break in. Meanwhile, Justine and Louise go head-to-head with Zac and Ryan when they begin washing cars for money, leading to a big waterfight.
3 Sep. 2002
Tracy is invited to a sleepover, but the rules of the care home don't allow them to go.
3 Sep. 2002
Parent's Evening
It's Tracy's parents' evening and she has to put up with Elaine seeing her teacher.
10 Sep. 2002
The Postcard
Tracy prevents Elaine the Pain from hearing her bad report.
10 Sep. 2002
Where's the Work?
Tracy will not hand in her homework, claiming that a dog ran off with her book.
17 Sep. 2002
Helpful Tracy
Tracy is worried that her behavioural problems are what's putting Cam off fostering her.
17 Sep. 2002
New Girl
Samantha is an eleven-year-old girl whose life is dominated by her mother. When her mother is rushed to hospital, Samantha must stay at the Dumping Ground, where she strikes up a close bond with Tracy.
24 Sep. 2002
Treasure Hunt
Elaine's Treasure Hunt doesn't go according to plan.
24 Sep. 2002
As a means to getting fostered by Cam, Tracy plays match maker between Cam and Mike.
1 Oct. 2002
Temporary Care Worker
Tracy has been saving up and wants Jenny to take her out to get a whole new wardrobe.
1 Oct. 2002
Cut the Weed
It's Peter's last day at the Dumping Ground, and everyone attends his party, except Tracy.
8 Oct. 2002
Need Armbands
Tracy visits Ben and realises his parents would be perfect for her.
8 Oct. 2002
Miss You
It's a sad day at the Dumping Ground when Mike announces that he is leaving for good.
14 Oct. 2002
The End!
When Cam begins flat hunting, Tracy is convinced she will be moving in with her.

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