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Season 4

3 Jul. 2005
Return to Sender
Tracy's now living with Cam, and just around the corner at the new location of the Dumping Ground (from Stowey House to Cliffside) is the arrival of the Wellards consisting of Rio, Chantal and their younger and superior sister Roxy.
3 Jul. 2005
Bouncer vs. Lol
It's Bouncer's birthday, but he is not telling Lol he's leaving, giving the Wellards a chance to create chaos by pitting the brothers against each other.
10 Jul. 2005
In with the Wellards
Abandoning her plans to spend the day with Jackie, Tracy is forced to visit an Art Centre with Cam. Meanwhile, The Wellards plot to destroy all the kids files. But not before recruiting one of the other kids to do their dirty work.
10 Jul. 2005
Meet the Parent
Cam's mother comes to stay, and she turns out not to be as bad as Tracy originally thought. Meanwhile, Duke and Bouncer set out to prove that they are good at everything when Chantal claims that there are no real men at the Dumping Ground.
17 Jul. 2005
Single White Female
It's time for fun and games as the kids try to get what they want from new, inexperienced, careworker Kez.
17 Jul. 2005
Can't Buy Me Love
Tracy and Crash do Cam's food shopping, but they don't stick to the list and spend the money on what Tracy wants. Meanwhile, Layla comes up with her own money-making scam - doing other residents' homework for them for 50p a sheet.
24 Jul. 2005
Life Is a Cabaret
Tracy has a weird dream where the Dumping Ground kids behaviour has changed, everybody is singing, in a style similar to Chicago with Cam playing a 'Velma Kelly'-type character as head careworker.
24 Jul. 2005
Temper Temper
Tracy, Jackie and Crash have a masterplan as they take nasty pranks from the Wellards in unusual good cheer. Meanwhile, Sid decides to install a small number of surveillance cameras, which Lol and Bouncer take mischievous exception to.
31 Jul. 2005
Love and War
Bouncer develops a crush on the trainee careworker Jane, but unfortunately, the Wellards overhear his plans to send her a letter and they make sure none of the letters reach her and decide to make their own letters pretending to be Jane.
31 Jul. 2005
Beam Me Up, Scottie
Hayley has been fostered, and Layla is upset because she wasn't told. Meanwhile, Elaine has been pulling out all the stops to find a perfect foster family for Marco, so the other kids plan to turn him into a "normal" boy.
12 Jan. 2005
Testing Times
When an Inspector comes to the DG, the Wellards plot to get the care home closed down by making it look as if Sid and Duke are mistreating the kids. But Tracy and the others have other ideas.
7 Aug. 2005
Best of Enemies
Tracy meets up with her Dumping Ground enemy, Justine Littlewood at a social worker's event. Chantal "borrows" on Crash's ring.
14 Aug. 2005
The Finishing Line
Jackie's grandfather dies and she is having doubts about her future without him, so Tracy and the others track down her grandfather's old running mates to raise her spirits and to encourage her into a career in sport.
14 Aug. 2005
Dear Dad
After falling out with Crash over a game, Rio lies to teasing Lol that his dad is in prison. When Crash hears this, the two of them become friends, but Rio later feels guilty for this as he genuinely enjoys Crash's company.
21 Aug. 2005
It's the battle of the sexes at the DG, as the rulebook is out the window and the house is turned into a warzone. Meanwhile, Duke considers leaving the DG for a job in an office, leaving Sid reeling.
21 Aug. 2005
The Snake
Rio's secret pet snake goes missing, but will he find it? Meanwhile, Lol and Bouncer try to restore Sid's sense of humour, not really to much avail.
28 Aug. 2005
Rebel Without a Clue
Sid decides to leave, and employs a new careworker, Constance Carlton, winner of the "Careworker of the year" award for the last five years. The gang are delighted, but soon learn they should be careful what you wish for.
28 Aug. 2005
The Long Run
Jackie receives an important letter for a Sports Academy, but will she take it?
4 Sep. 2005
Independence Day
Bouncer moves ever closer to the big shift from DG to Halfway House. But when Lol befriends new boy Wolfie, Bouncer wonders if he will be missed when he has left. Meanwhile, Marco and Layla are convinced Wolfie has eaten their pet.
4 Sep. 2005
The Beaker Witch Project
Tracy Beaker's very own 'The Blair Witch Project'. Things go 'bump' in the night.
11 Sep. 2005
Roxy the Rock
Tracy and Roxy go head-to-head in a championship for the "Queen of the Dumping Ground." Meanwhile, Lol and Bouncer try to get into the Guinness Book Of World Records for 'Standing On Your Head In The Airing Cupboard All Day'.
11 Sep. 2005
We're Off the Map Now
The DG kids visit Carters Woods for Jackie and Bouncers last day, meeting Tracy and Cam along the way. But as they are led on a secret trail, it soon becomes clear that they have been set up by Sid and Duke.

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