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10 Jul. 2003
Back and Bad
Tracy bursts into the Dumping Ground and shows the new faces what it means to be bad.
10 Jul. 2003
Tracy decides to set up her own bedsit and sets a disruptive trend.
17 Jul. 2003
Lol and Bouncer don't like the Dumping Ground's food, so they try to sell sugary snacks.
17 Jul. 2003
Action Therapy
Social worker Elaine tries to get Tracy and Cam talking by 'Action Therapy'.
24 Jul. 2003
A spooky atmosphere comes over the Dumping Ground. Who or what is causing it?
24 Jul. 2003
A stray dog roaming around the Dumping Ground reminds Dolly of her foster family's pet.
31 Jul. 2003
Bad Girls
Tracy sees Amber's bad girl gang and immediately wants to become a member.
31 Jul. 2003
Big Fight
Justine and Tracy have an argument over the TV remote control which turns into a fight.
7 Aug. 2003
Tracy hears about a trend for Hollywood stars to adopt children, and makes a video pitch.
7 Aug. 2003
Home Truths
Tracy is challenged to tell the truth all day and unleashes a chain of unwelcome truths.
14 Aug. 2003
Day Trip
The kids leave the city for an action-packed day trip in the countryside.
14 Aug. 2003
Tracy creates the ultimate Christmas experience for Bouncer.
21 Aug. 2003
Cam is ill, so Tracy decides she will organise Cam's life for her.
21 Aug. 2003
Bouncer and Adam do work placements, and Tracy decides she has to earn some cash.
28 Aug. 2003
Justine's Dad is to marry, but he chooses the wrong bridesmaid dress for Justine.
28 Aug. 2003
Nathan is inspired after winning a quiz and enters the Dumping Ground into a competition.
4 Sep. 2003
Two-Timing Adele
Adele can't decide who to go out with, so Tracy decides to manage her love life.
4 Aug. 2003
Secrets and Lies
Lol bugs a staff meeting when he worries that he and his brother will be split up.
11 Sep. 2003
Tracy gets a saxophone and before long the whole of the Dumping Ground is full of music.
11 Sep. 2003
Family Tree
The children make a family tree, and Louise gets ready to meet a possible foster family.
17 Sep. 2003
Ben's Party
Ben is accused of being boring and throws a huge 'secret' party to prove he's not a wimp.
11 Sep. 2003
Get Lost
Ben's aunt and uncle are visiting and Tracy meets them, telling them she's rich.
24 Sep. 2003
The Long Goodbye
It's Louise's last day at the DG, as she's going to be fostered by the Morris family.
24 Sep. 2003
Genius at Work
Tracy is grounded after she paints Duke's clothes, and is asked to try and cheer Justine up.
1 Oct. 2003
Nathan's Assesment
Nathan is in serious danger of failing his careworker exams and leaving for good.
1 Oct. 2003
Home and Hosed
Ben's uncle Jasper and aunt Kate want to foster Tracy - but it means she will have to move to Scotland.

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